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Blu-ray & DVDEdit

Volume 1Edit

Part number KAXA-7221, JAN code 4988111903457
Part number KABA-10327, JAN code 4988111903518
Part number KABA-10333, JAN code 4988111903570

Volume 2Edit

Part number KAXA-7222, JAN code 4988111903464
Part number KABA-10328, JAN code 4988111903525
Part number KABA-10334, JAN code 4988111903587

Volume 3Edit

Part number KAXA-7221, JAN code 4988111903457
Part number KABA-10329, JAN code 4988111903532
Part number KABA-10335, JAN code 4988111903594

Volume 4Edit

Part number KAXA-7224, JAN code 4988111903488
Part number KABA-10330, JAN code 4988111903549
Part number KABA-10336, JAN code 4988111903600

Volume 5Edit

Part number KAXA-7225, JAN code 4988111903495
Part number KABA-10331, JAN code 4988111903556
Part number KABA-10337, JAN code 4988111903617

Volume 6Edit

Part number KAXA-7226, JAN code 4988111903501
Part number KABA-10338, JAN code 4988111903563
Part number KABA-10337, JAN code 4988111903624


Animate (all stores)
Gamers (all stores, including the online shop)
Sofmap (including anime Blu-ray & DVD dealer only-dot-com)
Toranoana (all stores: Akihabara A / C, Shinjuku B, except Kamata shop & mail order)
TSUTAYA RECORDS (except for some stores) & TSUTAYA online shopping
WonderGOO · Shinseido (except some stores)
Famizu-treasure So-ko
Getchu-ya (
EC site Ebiten
Rakuten Books
Four-chome, ion Ebetsu shop, ion Iwamizawa shop, ion Mall Kushiro Showa shop, ion Kitami shop, ion Mall Hassamu shop
Vanda record
Tokorozawa head office, Honkawagoe Pepe shop, Fukushima west road shop, cherry field Hirosaki shop
Koh Chang Four groups (Rira~iaburu)
Koh Chang Four Shinkawa street shops, Munich Ohashi shop, Utsukushigaoka shop, Asahikawa shop, shop Kushiro, Kitami shop, Wakabadai
M's record
M's EXPO Morioka shop, KORDER & BOOK ☆ WALKER
Heian-do Iida shop
Ami Ami
Animega-Bunkyodo (except for some stores)
Seven net
Secondhand book market / book Square
Tower Records (each store), TOWERmini (each store), Tower Records online

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