• Mystia Lore.

    Seems like my old guide is obsolete since Phase 2 happened. This is mainly for advanced players who have quite the stuff available (Daihatsus, Kai 2 ships, World 5 Expeditions unlock), but newer players can still try to follow it.

    - Free Time (A lot if you use Browser Version) to check Expeditions. Android Version can help a lot if you want to quickly check from time to time

    - All Expeditions unlock from 1 to 40 mainly, AX and BX are optionnal. Please refers to this page if you want to know how to unlock some Expeditions

    - Drum Canisters and Daihatsu Landing Craft (Normal, Type 89 and Toku Variant)

    - All Repair docks open and at least 1 Construction dock open

    - Extra slots for more shipgirls (Can do without but it might be a problem for some 100-…

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  • Arvin30p

    Kantai Collection events are the most anticipated (and most of the time, the most frustrating) time where we all of us Admirals challenge the limited time areas to get rare drops, better rewards and most of all, glory (and rescued heroines).

    Anyhow, before we started to head towards the enemy lair first... are you sure you are ready enough? Just to save a little bit of what little sanity you have, you need to adhere to the following guidelines.

    First of all, the most important thing to do first before you do the event is you need to have a mindset that you are going to do it. (Unless you don't really want to, it's fine)

    Why is it important?

    • Because, if you don't want to do the event... no one is forcing you... Yes. So, if you think you are not…

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  • Hansoo5

    This section is of help for especially newer players to decide what ships they shall prioritize in leveling. For the most part it will cover ships that are relatively easy to aquire and every player can get outside of events.

    Name Priority Explanation



    Yuudachi is by far the best combat destroyer in the game, must have

    Arare medium

    Arare has decent combat stats, decent armor, can equip daihatsus and on top has very high ASW stat, best allround destroyer fitting for almost every job.

    Kai Ni requires blueprint

    As alternative you can use Ooshio, Arashio, Asashio. All of them except Asashio require a blueprint.

    Kasumi medium Kasumi has high combat stats and high luck capable of using Torpedo-Cutin Setup. She can also equip Fleet Command Fa…

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  • Kappakaze

    Something on LBAS

    October 24, 2018 by Kappakaze

    Land Based Aerial Support (LBAS) is a mechanic currently limited to World 6 and Event Maps. LBAS, when set up to do so, helps on Combat Nodes with extra Aerial Combat phases, lowering Enemy Fighterpower and potentially sinking some Abyssal Ships.

    Someting to pay attention to is that when attacking Enemy Nodes their Recon Planes join in the LBAS Aerial Combat phase. This can mean multiple things. Depending on the achieved Air State (AS+ only) this means that Enemy Recon Planes can be entirely depleted, preventing Artillery Spotting Attacks. It also means that the Enemy Fighterpower is higher against your LBAS than it would be against your fleet. Enemy Recon Fighterpower is calculated with the same formula as any other plane.

    (about 0.5) …
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  • Crazy teitoku

    After a spat between the internal disputes within staff leading up to de-linking of KC wikia and KC wikia (public) Discord along with growing distrust between KC wikia members including myself. I want to convey that I am retiring from the scenes as described above, before I take my leave there are a few topics I want to address.

    First and foremost is that I thank you all for your cooperation with both myself and the KC wikia operations thus far and for spending your time with me. It has been a long journey and I intend to move onwards with my life.

    The topic I want to address most importantly with the collaboration between KC wikia, KC Reddit (Discord) as well as EN KC wiki (Discord). As you all have been aware of the frictions within KC wik…

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  • Kappakaze

    Something on Nelson Touch

    October 15, 2018 by Kappakaze

    Together with Nelson a new attack type was introduced, the Nelson Touch.

    For Nelson Touch to be able to trigger in the first place some conditions must be met:

    • Nelson is the Flagship (Main Fleet in Combined Fleet)
    • 3rd and 5th ship can not be Aircraft Carriers CV(L/B)
    • fleet contains no Submarines SS(V)
    • Formation must be Double Line (Cruising Formation 2 in Combined Fleet)
    • Nelson cant be Chuuha or Taiha
    • has not triggered yet in the current sortie
    • Fleet needs to contain 6 ships
    • cant trigger in PvP
    • Equip, Airstate, Detection and Day or Night Batlte do not matter.

    Nelson Touch is a special shelling attack that can trigger whenever Nelson attacks and all conditions are met. Her attack gets replaced by 3 seperate attacks, the first one by Nelson, second on…

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  • Crazy teitoku

    This site contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorised by the copyright owner or owners. I/We am/are making such material available in my/our efforts to advance understanding of issues pertaining to language barrier as well as providing detailed analysis. I/We believe this constitutes a "fair use" of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C Section 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes. For more information go to: If you wish t…

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  • Zel-melon

    Note: The definition of new players in this case is full-on "all casual"

    To be honest, this event is actually one of the more well-designed event compared to the clusterfuck of previous events (*cough* Nishimura-6 *cough*). However, there are still new players who cannot clear the events and it made me think, "is the event still unfair to new players?" Short answer, relatively no. Long answer:


    • Required mechanic: ASW gears
    • Learning mechanic:Vanguard Position(ing)
    • Boss: Typical easy Submarine boss but a buffed version.
    • Pre-boss: The pre-boss is nothing special, but it is actually need when they put in PT-imp. New players will never experience PT-Imp before and it is a great place to place to before introducing them to the nightmare butt-rape P…
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  • Kappakaze

    While the Multipliers of Anti Installation Gear vary between targets, they share the general pattern of being weak to certain equipments. The best way to maximize damage output against Installations is to utilize said equipments while trying to achieve the highest possible multiplier. Double Attacks (DA) are the only attack type with more than one hit capable of targeting Installations. This is because Installations are immune to Torpedos, and when targeting them Torpedo Attacks such as a Torpedo Cutin (TCI) cannot trigger. Accordingly most Anti Installation Setups stack Anti Installation Gear and potentially a DA setup.

    There are some Hybrid Setups focusing on both Installations and Surface enemies. They make use of equipping 2 guns for a …

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  • Kappakaze

    In most cases there is no differenciation between a Carrier (CV) and an Armored Carrier (CVB), except for some Branching Rules. There is however one major difference, that being a CVBs ability to attack when Chuuha, while CV would be unable to. This means CVB are stronger than CV, but there are still some other Variables to consider on a case by case basis.

    In CVB form they gain Firepower, Armor, and their plane slots get re-arranged. More Armor means higher chance of survival, and more Firepower means higher damage in shelling attacks. The slots get changed from 3 medium and 1 small sized slots slot to 1 large, 1 medium and 2 small slots.
    Larger sized slots have two benefits:

    • they do more damage in Opening Airstrikes
    • they are less likely to g…

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  • Kappakaze

    When using a Surface Task Force (STF) or Carrier Task Force (CTF) there is the option to use a CVL in the escort fleet. Ships in the Escort Fleet dont always launch planes for the Aerial Combat Phase. They will only do so when encountering an Abyssal Combined Fleet.
    This means two things:

    • the Escort CVL will not lose any planes when encountering Single Fleets
    • one can get AS in cases where the main fleet alone doesnt provide enough fighterpower for it

    The next thing to consider when loading out a CVL in Escort Fleet is the type of shelling it is supposted to have. This is more important for CTF than it is for STF due to the Shelling Order against Single Fleets.
    In CTF the Escort Fleet will engage first, while in STF it will engage last. An Escor…

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  • Zel-melon

    A last minute question of "Shit, I didn't play KC Event till now. Is it worth doing?"

    This blog will talk about the worth of each map and where you should consider stopping. Everything here will be based mainly on Casual mode but with some comments on higher difficulties.

    TL;DR session will only explain about choosing between Casual and Easy.

    Possible reason for roadblock

    • No ASW gears
    • hates you


    • Do Easy if possible, is worth a lot.

    Is Easy/Medium/Hard Worth it

    Short answer, oh god yes. Long answer, this is relative to your access of Opening ASW and how many ship you have at your disposal that can perform this; additionally, Medium and Hard must consider ship lock. Why is it worth it?

    • Easy: is a hard-to-obtain but great equipment to have for m…

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  • NicolaosGreene

    Sortable Seaplane Chart

    September 22, 2018 by NicolaosGreene

    I am working on this chart because I want a sortable table that does not look abominable like the base ones do.

    Plane Stats Build Status Recommended Use

    Buildable Improvable

    Type 0 Reconnaissance Seaplane 0 1 1 2 4 1 0 7 5 Yes Yes

    Type 0 Observation Seaplane 0 1 2 4 6 2 0 3 6 Yes Yes

    Type 98 Reconnaissance Seaplane (Night Recon) 0 0 0 1 3 1 0 6 8 No Yes

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  • Kappakaze

    If a ship takes damage higher than its current HP and it didnt enter the Node on Taiha, then overkill protection will apply. Because of how the overkill protection formula works there are some conditions that can make chances of going Taiha higher or lower.

    The formula consists of 2 parts. In the first part the ships current HP is divided by 2. In the second part a random value between 0 and the current HP - 1 is picked, multiplied by 0.3. These two parts combined, with the decimals cut off are the damage the ship will take.

    ) ends up being a 3n + 1 value

    • for more details on the formula visit Damage Calculation
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  • TenkouKuugen

    Replay Library v2

    August 25, 2018 by TenkouKuugen


    Some of you may be familiar with my Replay Library. Well, now that Phase-2 is in play and everyone gets to start from the beginning, I figure that it's a good idea to give the Library a new start too.

    To 1st time visitors: this is a collection of my sortie records. Everyone's welcomed to browse around, but please be aware:

    • Replays posted here are not intended as guides, they're just records.
    • Game mechanics are introduced once in a while and may not be available at time of recording.
    • Setups were often chosen based on convenience rather than "the best," so take them with a grain of salt.

    I wish you will use your best judgement and treat them as baseline scenarios, ie "If this quest can be cleared with this fleet/setups, I should have no pr…

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  • Headlessnewt

    Japanese is a very different language from any western tongue, and it has a number of interesting elements that are extremely hard to translate.  Often a lot of the more complex speech patterns are translated directly, a lazy solution which is nonetheless effective for forcing the reader to try to wrap their head around the difference in culture.  However, other elements are impossible to translate directly because they lack distinct meaning and are more of a matter of 'tone.'  Distinct from tone of voice or literal meaning of the words being said, these verbal cues give a significant amount of information about the speaker without actually meaning anything on their own:

    • The First Person pronoun:  In most western languages, there are very l…

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  • Kappakaze

    A Torpedo Cut-ins (TCI) damage is calculated by taking the total Yasen Stat and multiplying it by 1.5. The Yasen Stat consists of Firepower, Torpedo, Improvement Bonus and Night Recon Trigger. With this we can conclude that every 2 points of Yasen Stat add up to 3 TCI damage and every 0.666 Yasen Stat add up to 1 TCI damge.
    The only part of the Yasen Stat that actively makes use of the 0.666 breakpoints is the Improvement Bonus due to the other values being flat numbers with no decimals.
    What this means is that there are other breakpoints in improvements to consider than just the flat values reached at +1, +4 and +9.
    An interesting one to look at is the +10 one as it is the final improvement level:
    Eqiupping 3 Torpedos at +10 gives an Improvem…

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  • Zel-melon

    Compilation of "Bastard method" in playing KC. The definition of "bastard" is not an illegitimate child of a house but a method that is made just to taiha your ships. Also include other stupid ideas in between.

    We are only aiming mostly for A-rank (occasional S-rank). Since you no longer need CVL to reach boss. You can equip the ship that you want to sparkle with ASW gear and put her as Flagship. The other 3 DD/CL are just fodders that you used; they can sink halfway which will A rank harder but still possible.

    You all know this one. Carry on.

    Still, need more testing, but >1 SS seems to route middle path not matter what, which can route you to the resource nodes below. This allows you to obtain 1-3 of them before you face a surface fleet tha…

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  • Mayakita

    Kancolle Wikia

    August 5, 2018 by Mayakita

    Welp, I know I'm going to be screwed once Block-1 is implemented, but at least some of my shipgirls are ready. And now that I'm hearing about branching rules being used in the maps instead of that compass, I have some faith things may go along much smoother...hopefully.

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  • Headlessnewt

    "Tsundere" translates to literally 'mean-shy', and is associated with a broad variety of personality types most of which revolve around emotional dishonesty, at its core: being mean to the person you like to hide your feelings, possibly from them or even from yourself.  There are a number of characters in KanColle that show this behavior pattern, here I examine the destroyers that show it and analyze the reasons behind it a bit more deeply.

    Proud Type.  Extremely self-confident, so she is rarely embarassed.  Doesn't think you're good enough for her, but likes that you're trying.  Despite her self-assuredness, she does get lonely and appreciates attention and pampering; she convinces herself that she deserves it.  Gets meaner when she makes …

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  • Headlessnewt

    TTK:  ok kawakaze

    Kwkz:  sup boss

    TTK:  were gonna get u to k2

    Kwkz:  sick im stoked

    TTK:  so ur flagship and here's asw stuff.

    Kwkz:  yah

    TTK:  so go to 5-1 D and kill subs with Shiratsuyu and the Asashio class k and u get mvp

    Kwkz:  kk boss

    TTK:  no

    TTK:  come back

    Kwkz:  lol oops

    TTK:  ok

    TTK:  5-1 D ok kawakaze

    Kwkz:  ya sry

    TTK:  with the subs

    Kwkz:  ya

    TTK:  ok.  ur a good shipgirl do ur best

    TTK:  kjawakaze no

    TTK:  stop

    TTK:  dammit girl

    Kwkz:  lol sry its the compass

    TTK:  i no

    Kwkz:  :)

    TTK:  ok rest up and try again u can do it

    Kwkz:  kk

    TTK: ...

    Kwkz:  lolllllllllllll

    Kwkz:  TTK im bored let's do something


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  • Kappakaze

    Assuming one has many of one eqiupment to improve what is the best way to go about it? As an example 10 10cm+AAFD guns on +0 with the end goal to have all on +9.

    The first question to consider would be how many of the equipment will be used at once. In a fleet every DD is set up with most 2 guns. Its very frequent to use 1-2 DDs in one fleet, meanwhile using 3-5 DDs all equipped with guns in one fleet is very rare.
    This concludes that first focusing on a small core set of guns is beneficial. With this in mind it makes sense to have the first set of guns on a higher improvement level than the second set, the second set better than the third etc.

    Next comes the question of where the breakpoints are for one gun/set of guns to be better than the …

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  • Headlessnewt

    Sorry, I quit for... well, for three years after I got tired of the Summer 2015 event on Medium being harder than I was expecting it to be for my otherwise well-levelled and equipped fleet.  Salty TTK was salty.  Anyway, back now apparently, and things have changed a bit.  Nearly all of the ships I mentioned in the previous post have been dealt with:  The Kamikazes are here, the Akizukis are here, Uranami's here, Isokaze's here, and in terms of the WW2 timeline we've now passed the point where the IJN was a coherent and capable fighting force (Leyte).  The only significant operations left to rewrite the history for are Operations Kita and Ten-go, and maybe Overlord and Crossroads, depending on where they want to to go with it.  But we're n…

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  • XMikoto

    Since I was a child, I loved night time (and Anime). Then, back in 2014 or so, I found out that there is actually a character in a game who loves night time/night battle, and that's one out of many reasons why this character woke my interest. Originally, I was planning on looking for the name of the game, but I couldn't search properly since I didn't have a mobile or laptop back then, so I had to drop it first.

    When I got a new laptop in 2016, I decided to look for it again, and around December 2016, I finally found out the name of the game, and so I began looking into it (watching YouTube videos, reading through the wikia pages etc). After I've read enough I actually wanted to play it too, but after I saw that the game is restricted to Jap…

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  • Zel-melon

    Regarding everything after the 'Quote' section where stuff is extremely muddy. What should be there? Possible clarification and sorting in the future. From this point onward, their historical ship counterpart will be called 'ship' while our waifu will be called 'shipgirl'.

    • Character - Kai/Kai-ni can be separated
      • Seasonal CGs should be omitted; if it is something meme/joke-worthy (e.g. Lost Gamby) then put it in 'Trivia'
      • Appearance - Regarding her character design. Her costume design and possible explanations (e.g. why Yamato's thigh-highs have different lengths). Reference to the source is recommended (e.g. Why Akizuki's panty is red [1], really). It should explain their costume, but not what you believe they look like (e.g. 'Asashio-clas…

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  • Jasperchua99

    Ill put this information down as important as it is in regards to the story, Most of the story is held on site rather then the game in real time and it does have real products involved in the story.Tho, it should be noted that this is how i started playing as well

    Some of you may have heard part my story in conversations.But ill make a point to leave it in a story format for you all to see. Enjoy the article.

    Jasperchua99 Content Moderator 07:45, June 25, 2018 (UTC)

    • If you have not seen the movie, Kantai Collection: The Movie (劇場版「艦隊これくしょん」) turn away now or you will be spoiled.
    • Everything is in GMT +8

    Chapter 1:Introduction Let's be real here, I was playing World of Warship as XhacKX before i start hearing anything related to Kancolle and due to…

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  • Arvin30p

    In the dark corners of the naval base, there are two shadows discussing while they are trying to hide their presence to their surroundings.

    “It’s the time of the year again, what should we do?”
    “I was given permission by Sazanami-chan to do whatever we want. I wonder what can make the Admiral happy?”
    “Happy… I guess we can throw some surprise birthday party for him this year.”
    “Will that work?”
    “Maybe… Knowing him, he might be able to sniff something if we work in secret; last year; he almost caught our secret so we need to exercise extra caution this time around.”

    The two have indeed know that they really need to step up their hiding methods if they want to make this surprise party worthwhile.

    “Anyhow, on that day; the Admiral will have to go ba…

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  • DC23A

    Note: All level 7-10★ upgrades assume the use of the slider and not all helper ships are listed.

    Equipment Level Helper Ship Days Equipment Consumed

    12cm Single Gun Mount 0-6★
    All week long, baby. 1 x 12cm Single Gun Mount 1
    12cm Single Gun Mount 7-10★
    All week long, baby. 2 x 12cm Single Gun Mount 2
    ^Evolves into: 12cm Single Gun Mount Kai 2 0★
    All week long, baby. 1 x Type 22 Surface Radar 6

    20.3cm (No.3) Twin Gun Mount 0-6★
    Tuesday, Wednesday N/A 2
    20.3cm (No.3) Twin Gun Mount 7-10★
    Tuesday, Wednesday 1 x 20.3cm (No.3) Twin Gun Mount 5

    35.6cm Twin Gun Mount 0-6★
    Sunday, Friday, Saturday N/A 1
    35.6cm Twin Gun Mount 7-10★
    Sunday, Friday, Saturday 1 x 35.6cm Twin Gun Mount 4
    ^Evolves into: Prototype 35.6cm Triple Gun Mount 0★
    Sunday, Friday…

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  • Crazy teitoku
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  • Arvin30p

    I am weak, that’s why I am always cautious… also, that is why I always cry a lot. Because, I know that I can’t do anything at all. That’s why…

    “Gambi, don’t lose heart…”
    “You see, there are some people whose purpose in life is still not defined, and that’s why it’ll be fine.”
    “But, I am not good at all. I can’t cook, I get lost at times, I have lesser utility than the rest of the carriers, I am weak and lastly, I am not beautiful at all.”
    “Listen Gambi, first thing’s first; you should always have confidence on your beauty as a lady. That is a fundamental step to build confidence, a lot of people don’t know that but, if you think about it; you should always say that you are a beautiful lady, because that’s the truth and also…”

    The Admi…

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  • Adm.SilverGhost

    Tragicomic phenomenon is ongoing; In these days, I see people leaving "Kantai Collection" and jumping into new mobile game called "Azur Lane", "Girls Frontline", or "Warship Girls". It's such a sadness to see people walking away from KC.

    4 years ago, there were friends around me who started playing KC with me. But in these days, most of those friends just moved to recently arising games. Maybe such movement's moderate beginning was, I think, probably from the appearance of "Girls Frontline". I didn't worry this much because my friends used to play KC and GF both, not totally quit the KC away. However, things got worse in these days and makes me worry about it; for previous 2 months, I observed my friends quit(or just clearly neglect) the KC…

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  • Nplayer1

    Pre plano mo ba gamitin baon/sahod mo para sa mga ship girls mo? You can now do it using only a cellphone number, a smartphone and burning desire to give your ships the love they deserve!  Your eyes are now set on the most comprehensive guide in this wikia for this specific subject.

    Thanks to the prevalence of Online Prepaid Credit Cards, namely Paymaya and GCash, purchasing DMM Points is easier than ever in the Philippines. This guide aims walk you through the process of purchasing DMM points from scratch, assuming you have already created an account in PayMaya. This will serve as your walkthrough to purchasing DMM points from the website using both the Paypal and direct payment method.

    On which to use, personally, I recommend that you use …

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  • Re.lolucina

    It's event season again, and if you guys don't mind, could you please give some tips on my ship list? I'm trying to K2 my DDs and CAs. I don't really try to run things above Easy because I scream and cry easily. Maybe, if there's a good ship you can get on the higher levels I might shoot for it, but seeing as most of my ships are somewhat leveled, I usually don't.

    About the equiment: I also have a special onigiri(SHRIMPLESS!), a few drums,  and a Shiden Model 11(LBAS). I'm trying to build more LBAS planes, but are there any ships & equipment I should try to build/get? Thanks!

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  • Jasperchua99

    This blog is a continuation of The admins of KanColle English Wikia as it pays tribute to the past, gives a brief history of KanColle English Wikia and provides information on the admins from Seventh Generation onwards

    The Sixth generation(Correction)
    Technically, Shinhwalee is suppose to be the only Sixth generation admin in The admins of KanColle English Wikia but due to miscommunication, Shinhwalee is officially the only Sixth generation admin while Zel-melon and Chocolatecravinghobo are the new seventh generation Admins
    The Seventh generation
    This Generation oversees the transfer of the wiki bureaucrat from CDRW to がか. and oversees the promotion of 3 admin and 2 content moderators
    Generation Eight

    Due to internal setting set by Fandom, Eigh…

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  • Adm.SilverGhost

    As our game that we playing is names as "Kantai(Fleet) Collection", one of the main contents is to collecting the shipgirls with extraordinary appearances and personalities.

    I do love it, so I always try to keep my dicipline of playstyle that way.

    But there was one big moster standing on my way; My naive mind.

    This got me in for too long that made me to bear big wound since 2 years ago.

    For example, last event of [Winter 2018 Event], I got Iowa the battleship as dissolving my 21-month-old desire. This one is a bit tricky and dramatic...

    Actually I missed her 2 years ago. When I was at the [Spring 2016 Event], which was so soaring incident to me because I couldn't clear all stages and get Iowa.

    Now I recall of it, I was way too naive and unprepar…

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  • Adm.SilverGhost

    In the year of 2015, I married Kongo as my only sweetheart and been through the both good and harsh times.

    Actually there were long histories about this occurance.

    Exactly the day that I started KC, I got her as the 1st of my battleships and also the 6th of the commissioned shipgirls.

    As the Kongo became one of my lovely shipgirls, I was totally addicted to her lovely sides.

    1. Kongo always says "Burning Love!!!" whenever she is on sorties.

    Even listening of when she got hit by enemy fires, she shouts "Teitoku!!!"  and relies on me.

    2. Great firepower to get rid of any obstacles on my way.

    Of course I got Yamato and Musashi later, but I was totally newbie when I got her so that she was only the battleship that I could sortie with.

    3. Loves "Tea ti…

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  • SpFire

    LBAS Enemy Air Raid

    May 1, 2018 by SpFire

    How can we effectively reduce the damage caused by Enemy Raid? Here is the first step 

    In short: Land-based fighters stationed in slot X intercept the enemy airplanes equipped in slot X. 

    This was actually an unexpected discovery. I can explain why I collected data under this condition but it would be quite long story and such a background history is not necessary for understanding a clear conclusion deduced from the data.

    Following is my explanation. 

    Please look at the first ten rows of the table (
    In these rows, the air state is Air Supremacy, the used Interceptor is Raiden and stationed in slot 2. The number of shot down is not important in…

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  • Arvin30p

    Dislaimer: This Blog post purpose is to make others think, not to force them to move away from Hashirajima Anchorage because ot toxic rankings...

    Anyhow, Since Kancolle has celebrated it's 5th year anniversary, they now give you the chance to change servers...

    So, what's the point in that? Simple, they want to make sure that you'll have an easier time on the server you wanted to transfer in case you are feeling toxic due to ranking.


    It's not for ranking purposes that devs asks you to change servers (sadly, not all will be transferred at all.), well...

    I must say, changing servers do serve some purpose other than for ranking (Because Hashirajima's ranking wars is terrible).

    • First of all, you can actually got out of ranking hell... or any he…

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  • Arvin30p

    “Somehow, this scenery here isn’t bad at all…”
    “Indeed. But you know; you tend to be quite sentimental at times like these. Did something happen in the Flower Garden?”
    “Nothing much, I was just a bit ecstatic that someone strong joined our band of weaklings.”
    “Weaklings… you don’t seem too confident yourself.”
    “Well, we aren’t much of a major fighting force. But I’d love to become one someday. So yeah; I better pray that stronger people joined us so that we can do more missions and eat better food.”

    Pola interrupted the conversation as she arrives with Zara.

    “Admiral, the preparations are now complete.”
    “Thank you, Zara. Sazanami, it’s time for us to go.”

    As Zara and Pola made their exit, the two of us looked at one …

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  • Arvin30p

    Occasionally, champions needed rest too when things get tougher. It happens at times and no one can prevent those things from happening. But even so; one must always know the limits of breaks when one is taking.

    Even so, this story isn’t really about a champion taking a break. They always take one even when they aren’t required. This story is about a girl whose most of her task were just so menial that she has already forgotten how to take a break and have a breath of fresh air outside of work. In short, it is a story of a girl really taking her break because someone ask her too. Afterall, she is an important someone to that person’s life.

    “Aoba-san, what the heck are you even saying?”
    “Akigumo, I was just narrating the scenario I am seeing r…

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  • Sebsmith

    'cat conversion chart

    April 15, 2018 by Sebsmith

    This page is intended as a resource to supplement places like akashi-list, since it is not always clear which Saratoga can do which improvement. In particular, it makes it clear that fully remodeling Saratoga into a CVB as soon as possible is not necessarily the best plan. Hopefully the game will give Intrepid or Gambier Bay the ability to improve F4F-3 and F4F-4 soon and eliminate this roadblock.

    in your inventory. Have a ★max and equipped in the first slot of the secretary ship, scrap two and two

    ※Equipment must be unlocked.
    ※Consumes all the resources and equipment. |Rewards_RSC = 0 / 100 / 0 / 0 |Rewards_Items = |Note = Requires: A80, F8 }}

    in your inventory. Have a ★max and equipped in the first slot of the secretary ship, scrap two …

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  • Arvin30p

    40 years in the past, Smith Raven visited a laboratory when he and Hana was staying over Britain, his discovery was purely an accident and for somehow; his arrival meant that things will start to move for the allies… even so; things will just start after the world has learned Smith and Hana released what they know to the world.

    Smith: Anyhow, looks like Hana will be mad at me if I don’t make it back in time…

    As soon as he stumbles on the gate, he found a young girl looking at him.

    Smith: Hello.
    Xxx: Hello Mister…
    Smith: Anyhow, where am I?

    Smith looks around and all he sees is an abandoned large house that looked like a castle.

    Xxx: I can’t tell you what’s this place is but… people like you aren’t supposed to be here.
    Smith: This is a bit troublin…

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  • TenkouKuugen

    This is a short article on when to apply Akashi Slider during Improvements. This is for my personal references rather than a guide, therefore some concepts may not be explained in detail and may contain my subjective views on the matter. Feedbacks are welcomed as usual though :)

    Equipments can be improved via Akashi's Improvement Arsenal by spending Improvement Material (aka Screws), Development Materials (DevMats) and fodders. Notably, there is a chance of failure depending on the level of improvement.

    Success can be guaranteed by investing more screws/devmats via the Slider function. This article explores the sweet-spot/threshold for applying the Slider while avoiding excessive spending.

    Improvement Success rates can be found on wikia and…

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  • Phuc04524


    March 31, 2018 by Phuc04524
                • template

    Resourse -before and after

    Medal showcase

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  • Niccorin

    Kancolle Hacks!

    March 30, 2018 by Niccorin


    Hiya! I'm Nicole and this is my first blog post. I'm going to tell you guys about some Kancolle hacks (No, not hacking the game system or what, but more like tips and tricks thingy.) that I know / I got from my friends! 

    Suggestion are accepted! Feel free to correct any mistakes to make this article good-looking!

    1. No screws!
    Bloody hell, I waste my screws! Now I don't have screws, and I'm too lazy to do a quest for screws! OMG HALP!!1!1 *screams loudly like lost Gambier Bay
    You have Naganami (Normal/Kai/K2) and Agano (Normal/Kai)? They can upgrade combat rations! 
    (*Naganami works to upgrade combat rations everyday, while Agano upgrades it on some days)
    See that combat ration tab? Click it!
    (It costs one combat ration to u…

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  • 小林八城

    Some useless note!

    March 27, 2018 by 小林八城


    This is my note history! I will record the science that has been given by the experts here.

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  • DC23A

    Updated for Phase 2

    Waifu # Level Goal
    2 43 99

    Stock Gear FEs & Dupes # of Ships Goal Equipment
    2 30 T3 Sonar
    3 30 T3 Sonar
    3 45 T3 Sonar
    2 30 Skilled Lookouts
    2 20 Boiler + T3 Sonar
    2 45 12.7cm B K2
    3 40 Recon Plane
    4 37 Delicious Modfod
    3 37 Delicious Modfod
    3 40 Delicious Modfod
    2 37 Delicious Modfod
    2 47 Delicious Modfod

    Combat and Utility Application # Level Goal Form
    1 1 50 K2
    2 1 50 K2
    3 33 60 K2
    4 1 40 Kai
    5 34 68 B Kai
    6 7 70 K2
    7 66 70 K2
    8 6 Tomorrow Kai
    9 25 70 K2
    10 20 80 Kai
    11 35 70 Kai Read more >
  • Mystia Lore.

    So in the end, I failed to... Drop the last Shimushu I needed in order to give Shiratsuyu +2HP.

    This Event was... Weird. This is my PERSONAL opinion about it.

    - E-1 was the regular E-1 when it involves Submarines. The Preboss could be a real pain in the back (Looking at you Tsu Elite !) but it was very doable, even on Hard. Having a LBAS help a lot, especially if you have the Toukai 901 from the Previous Event.

    - So... What was the point of E-2 again ? Nishimura fleet doing exactly the same thing as they done TWICE in Fall 17 E-4, then it's like Z6 again, but on day battle... Devs could REALLY draw a new sprite for those Nu-class Kai variants.

    - E-3 was... The same as the previous E-3 but only the last phase right ? It was almost the same Boss b…

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  • Swordweaver

    St. Patrick's Office

    March 17, 2018 by Swordweaver
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  • HibikiLove

    Winter 2018

    March 10, 2018 by HibikiLove

    The Battle of Leyte Gulf (Part 2) is generally considered to be the largest naval battle of Kancolle Phase 1 and, by some criteria, possibly the largest shitfest in Kancolle history. 

    It was fought in waters in E1 to E7, from 17 February - 11 March 2018, between Kadokawa's Combined American and Australian Abyssal Forces, and the Grand Fleet. On 16 February, Kadokawa spammed the largest Abyssal Invasion Force ever known to Admiral-kind as part of a strategy aimed at preventing both bored Veteran and Newface 'Admirals' from qutting the game, and in particular stopping these disaffected 'Admirals' from switching to Azur Lane. 

    In response, nearly all major vessels within the naval base were mobilised as part of a Grand Fleet in an attempt to defea…

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