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  • Arvin30p

    Author's notes:

    Normally, this would have been pegged with a lot of side stories to fill the void. However, I decided this time to make it as few as possible (due to the fact that I am losing inspiration on what to write and the event is drawing near). Anyways, See you all in the next story.

    "Are you ready?"

    "Yes Master."

    As I move my hand towards her place, the girl in front of me can't hide her expression as if her insides were exploited in the worst way possible.


    "Oh yes."

    As I said those words, the girl who was in front of me can't shake of the feeling she is trying to hide. Though it was already too late since I have breached her defenseless base and I managed to penetrate through the faux barriers she had.

    Even so, despite calling me h…

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  • Tsubakura

    Last updated: 16-04-2017

    Branching rules are one of the most important core components in the game's strategy. They basically decide what ships you are allowed to bring into the map and whether the ship combination you are using gives you an optimized route. Everything from strategies to recommendations starts with branching rules, because without branching rules, you do not know what the optimal setups are to reach your goal. Reading a branching table is easy if it exists... but what if a new event happens and you actually have to chart one out by yourself with the data provided?

    This blog serves as an introduction to the different types of nodes, as well as the branching rules mechanics. Here, I will explain how branching tables are create…

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  • Mystia Lore.

    Whatever I will say here is from my personal experience with the game. I may say things that are not the most optimal way to do the things, I want to help a maximum of people !

    I have noticed on several pages on this Wiki, especially the Events pages, that a lot of people are worried about the fact that they will not have enough resources to do/farm the next Event. Rather than explaining each time how they could play the game to increase their resources, I'll explain everything here.

    It's important so please consider all of the followed things :

    - I have a lot of free time so I can send my expeditions almost whenever I want

    - I assume you can do Expeditions such as number 37 and 38 (Who requires to clear a lot of other ones before, even some long…

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  • Arvin30p

    Kino and I have been partners in crime for the longest of time. From the moment I met her when I was young, up to the moment when our friendship was on the line and even when the times when we have thought that the world would stay the same no matter what, Kino is always there for me.

    As a matter of fact, most of the times that I needed someone to comfort me, she was there to make sure I feel better. She is like an angel sent down to me and even though I have understood and acknowledge that she loves me, there is a part of me that can't accept it. After all, accepting her would mean the dissolution of the first promise I made with the girl of the sea. And so, all we can do is pretend until the wind of change take us somewhere.

    It all started…

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  • Arvin30p

    In the late years of High school, Kino and I managed to repair our once broken relationship that almost went to destroy the hard work we both poured for the past few years. Anyways, this time; Kino had really learned how to suppress her other self which meant trouble for most people and she indeed joined a club back then (which of course I got dragged to it too.)

    Anyways, Things such as easy life is always out of hand.


    It was autumn and there was a person I didn't know standing in front of our home.

    "Excuse me; is this Hana Raven's house?"

    The girl who had long black hair and has a very calm demeanor asks me as I exit the door. Luckily, Kino wasn't around to fetch me to school since we do this for the past few years.

    "Yes. And who might yo…

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  • Arvin30p

    Author's Commentary:

    This is a collection of the stories regarding to the Admiral Raven's Past and a certain nameless girl who has become an influence to his life. If you asked me who she is, maybe you might find out who she is when I finished this story.

    Sazanami and I currently walking through a path that leads us to the shore where the sun's view is perfect. For some reason I was reminded of this scene a few years prior meeting her.

    "Hiro-san, I love you..."

    I can still remember the time I spent with a girl whose name is something I can't remember. Though even though this fondness of the memory still remains inside of me, that past is something I can't return to.

    "Master, why are you spacing at this moment of time?"

    I realized Sazanami is sta…

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  • Minhfongboy

    Planning to put a map for each questline in kancolle so that people can easily look up and do the quests that they want

    Still working on so Stay tuned 

    There are MANY MANY quests in kancolle that give you different rewards, resources and materials. Just by looking at the number of the quests that kancolle currently has right now, some people might intend not to finish most of them because it's too long and boring.

    However, do note that there are some quests that will give you a VERY GOOD equipment/material that can help you in the game A LOT later on as a reward. These " rewards " are often given out after you finished a certain LONG and ANNOYING questline (Which consists of a lot of annoying quests). Therefore, I'm gonna explain those questlines …

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  • Arvin30p

    The Admiral is currently having a meeting with the members with DesDiv 4 along with Naka who happens to be there.

    Hiro: Listen here folks... Do you hear anything regarding to your Division?

    Arashi: None that I have heard

    Hagikaze: Indeed.

    Nowaki: Now that you mentioned it, the others were pretty much staring at us whenever we are passing by.

    Maikaze: Isn't that because we are famous?

    Naka: (I cannot even say why they are famous.)

    Hiro: Indeed. You 4 are quite famous... rather, you lots are quite infamous.

    Nowaki: Eh!? What does it mean?

    Maikaze: Could it be... that we are being recognized as a great division? (even though Arashi's level is still far behind)

    Hagikaze: Hmm... could it be that the senpais are afraid of us?

    Arashi: I can't see the reason…

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  • Swordweaver

    Tosa (fan)Lines

    March 24, 2017 by Swordweaver
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  • TenkouKuugen


    Today I'll briefly explain how to find drop information on Poi-Statistics.

    TTKs who can't read moonrunes have to ask for help on forums, but sometimes the reply doesn't come quick enough for the decision at hand. Wish you can find what you need right this moment? No worries! It's easier than you think.

    First we need to familiarise with the layout of the site.  By visiting you are greeted with a screen like this:

    The top row switches between different stats. A lot of people don't know that Poi also tracks crafting results and it is a good alternative to KanColleDB if you want a 2nd opinion.

    In the next section, the stats are arranged by Maps. Clicking on a World brings up individual maps for selection, from whic…

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  • Arvin30p

    Side Story: Suzuya

    March 21, 2017 by Arvin30p

    "Suzuya, from now on... I'll take care of you."

    As I hear these words that came out of his mouth, I knew that my days of pretending have ended...

    I wonder why I am still doing things that will warrant my death in the long run. Am I really that stupid or just a desperate person who wanted to leave this world already? As far as I can remember; all I do is to run and betray the people who have already placed their trust in me. But all of those acts were just orders in order for me to live another day... even though that I wanted to die.

    I wonder when I felt weak, I wonder when I felt so helpless. All I know is that everything changed after meeting that person.

    It was a summer when I was assigned into the infamous Raven Base to which my employer h…

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  • Tadano Hitoshi

    A few months has passed since the Pocky War happened, and it seems I spent the entire time that passed since then in and out of the base without having much time to dedicate towards documenting my activities during the last Fall and Winter operations. Not to mention I have missed out on several key events including Christmas, the New Year, Setsubun and as soon as I returned to office to prepare for this year's Winter operations I was greeted with a table full of chocolates. Haruna was not exactly happy I was out for so long and only appeared on random intervals just to check on missions and expeditions, Ooyodo and Kashima had their hands full in fleet management without me around I had to ask Graf to help them out, which she happily oblige…

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  • ToastSoul


    March 19, 2017 by ToastSoul


    ← Chapter 2: (re)start

    “Should be done around about now…”

    I lift the lid on my cup noodles to check their condition, releasing a burst of hot steam into the cold autumn’s night.

    “Looks good enough to me!” I very quietly exclaim, picking up my generic wooden chopsticks and miraculously splitting them perfectly in half. “Time to eat…”

    I gently guide the cheap noodles into my mouth with the chopsticks and quickly figure out that they are extremely hot and severely undercooked. Still, even the taste of mass manufactured food pleases my palate, especially after having not been exposed to much else other than poorly cooked fish for the past three days.


    As much as I thought it was necessary for her, it still feels bad…

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  • Fouryuu

    Drop Mechanics

    March 12, 2017 by Fouryuu

    Thanks to data mining, we now know the exact mechanics behind drops for the Vita version. Here we will see if they apply also to the browser version.

    tl;dr: they probably do

    KanColle Kai stores drop data in drop tables of exactly 100 rows each. Each map gets two tables, one for normal nodes and one for boss node. This means that there are 100 possible results shared by all normal nodes in a map, and 100 possible results for the boss node.

    Rows may be empty. Rows may have duplicate ships.

    Example drop table:

    KanColle Kai 1-1 Boss
    Number Ship




































































































    1. See if you get a…

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  • Jffgvzl

    Fleet Rep

    March 9, 2017 by Jffgvzl

    This is just a to-do list for my fleet, so I can visualize the growth of the girls I have for the next event. I´m doing it here so i can bookmark it for faster review. IF anyone is reading this, you can put your grain of salt in here (pun intended) Objective: Have enough leveled ships for I of each task force at the same time (IE with no repeated ships) so I can maybe tackle normal mode on some maps (even if I do most on easy). While having some niche ships on reserve. The level of those ships MUST be ideally at least 65-70 for fleet I on Carrier Fleet II and Surface Fleet I. (that do most of the fighting), 55-65 on Transport Fleet I, Carrier Fleet I and Surface Fleet II and 50-55 on Transport Fleet II and any reserves.

    Carrier Task Force: …

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  • Hideo Kanzaki

    Naval Log 2

    February 28, 2017 by Hideo Kanzaki

    Holy shit i've played this game for almost 2 year

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  • Zel-melon

    It is a well known function for casual users of KC3Kai, one of the Kancolle Add-ons that provide users with easier KC-life (there's KCV users and those hippies but that's not the focus), that there is a web-link that allows you to upload and share your replay with others:

    Replay's URL:

    Commonly, the method that people used to share their replays are either:

    1. Upload the picture of their replay that they downloaded from KC3Kai and let others save it and upload it.
    2. Upload the picture of their replay and give them the link that they can post in the URL section.

    However, there's a third method. I am not saying this works everytime. Unfortunately, there are moments where the trick doesn't work.…

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  • Subyss

    This is a personal Reflection of my experience with the Autumn 2016 Event.

    At this point I'm four events deep (psst, check out my other blog posts for my Autumn and Spring reflections, I try to keep it entertaining), so I tried to go for no Easy clears. E-3 killed that dream without mercy.

    E2: Couldn't do on Hard, but not too bad overall.
    E3: fuggg :DDD

    173699  53606  175471  92744  968 

    135630  31875  155767  70035  817 

    [I-26 Kai, I-19 Kai, I-401 Kai, I-168 Kai, I-58 Kai, RO-500]

    [Iowa Kai, Hiryuu Kai Ni, Akagi Kai, Saratoga Kai, Ryuujou Kai Ni, Suzuya Kai]

    [Kuma Kai, Akizuki Kai, Furutaka Kai Ni, Kasumi Kai Ni, Kako Kai Ni, Kiso Kai Ni]

    [I-26 Kai, I-19 Kai, I-401 Kai, I-168 Kai, I-58 Kai, RO-500]

    [Kongou Kai Ni, Haru…

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  • Tsubakura

    Last updated: 17-03-2017

    Countless times, I've seen people use setups which makes me raise my eyebrows. When I questioned them as to why they chose such setups, they replied to me with either that they thought this was the meta, it looks cool, or they simply felt that it performed better. The people who knows me will obviously predict my endless flaming and lecturing to what they're doing wrong.

    This blog is a collection of my encounters with such occurrences, and it serves as a reminder to people that they should not be fooled by false meta or meme setups that have no scientific explanation backing them up as to why they are good. The subject will be listed here and I will offer you my insight on why it's either good or bad and what you cou…

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  • TiberiusInferno

    It's come to me that I haven't posted since October of last year. Definitely the biggest gap in information I've had, and for that I'm sorry. I'm sorry to the 2 people that read these. What can I say. I've become stronger? No, cause that doesn't really make sense for a browser gane. I've become better? No, because in the end it's all RNG. I've played more. Yes.  That is the only statement that holds water in this situation. I have so much to say, yet I feel as if it's impossible to put all into one page. I've remodeled countless girls, crafted for some one-of-a-kind equipment in the game, experienced bitter defeat and sweet victory. Brought home girls from some of the most BS events the devs have thrown at us. Obtained my first A-class med…

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  • Zel-melon

    I feel like I need to vent this out. As the event passed by, people have already noticed that "submarine" makes this event a lot easier.

    A well-prepared base with submarine fleet will save you a lot of time. This is the case for E-1, where you can sub-cheese (submarine-only fleet) through the map as the map is similar to a combination of 2-3 and 1-6. It also allows you to farm E-1 for submarines (albeit the RNG) as the map is really easy even without a submarine fleet.

    For E-2, it's a simple transportation map. The map itself is tedious, yet it isn't horrible to the point of unbeatable. The node itself makes up for most of the map's difficulty, being difficult to reach the boss through Transport, Surface, or Carrier Combined Fleet and is hor…

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  • Setakat

    Winter 2017 Event Record

    February 13, 2017 by Setakat

    1. Clear E1 Normal - Complete!
    2. Clear E2 Normal - Complete!
    3. Clear E3 Normal - Complete!
    4. Find I-13 - Complete!





    Fleet compositions coming soon...

    TP Phase





    I-26 was equipped with 2 61cm Quintuple (Oxygen) Torpedo Mounts for the debuff runs

    Remaining fleet compositions coming soon...

    E1: I think there was a map here, I'm not too sure. I know I used my LBAS on something.
    Cleared on normal as there was nothing good for the hard mode rewards. The real rewards are I-13 and I-14.

    E2: Opted for Historical TCF. Kamikaze reached level 50 in time, and Asakaze was leveled to 22 in 4-3. Drained 88TP per run (126 S rank) and took 5 runs to reach last dance (4As).
    Dropped the 4DDs from the main fleet for 4CVs and ran CTF for final kill, draining 23TP…

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  • SydneyFFG03

    Shioi furniture

    February 12, 2017 by SydneyFFG03
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  • Yong YP

    Winter 2017

    February 12, 2017 by Yong YP

    Got Takanami, Matsukaze,I-13,I-14 in this Event

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  • Yong YP
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  • Zel-melon

    Zel-melon Winter 2017 Event

    February 10, 2017 by Zel-melon

    We all live in the yellow submarine!

    This event is brought to you by:

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  • MorganGodFreman

    Update 002.10-02-17

    February 10, 2017 by MorganGodFreman

    Pre-Event Update:

    Fuel - 107k

    Ammo - 105k

    Steel - 218k

    Boxite - 41k

    Buckets - 322

    Preperations for the Winter 2017 event are nearly complete as I wait for the remaining hours to tick by until the maintenance. I have succeeded in leveling a great many ships including Choukai, Maya, Shoukaku & Zuikaku, Abukuma, ect. to their desired level before the start of the event. However I managed to do this without sacrificing to many resources in the process. I will most lively be completing E-3 of this event on normal, but non-the-less will attempt my first full Hard clear. My only hope from this event is to see a great many foreign ships to be drops, since I am still yet to have Graf, either Pasta BB's,Warspite, or Iowa. Other hopefuls are Akatsushima, A…

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  • Lightbaron

    Some days ago someone I know from another game who started with KanColle asked which girls are good to have and to level. Most of the guides I've read up to now are quite long or only focus on the important ships while ignoring the less important but still decent ships.

    My answer to that question was a .txt file with notes to many ships, which I put together in ~3 hours. This is a reworked version of those notes. I tried to keep it as short and on point as possible for each ship I chose to include. Therefore it is nothing as fancy as a leveling guide but simply a help for deciding which ships to level next.

    I took most of the Kai Ni ships, strong Kai ships, unique ships and ships which require blueprints and put them into 3 groups for most s…

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  • Zel-melon

    WARNING: The shit done here is performed be a professional. Do not do this outside. People don't usually play Kancolle twice?

    Follow meh as I journey through my 2nd playthrough of Can't Correct. See if I'm a newbie luck bastard or not.


    Most of us probably never realize this because we cannot read moonrunes, but the game told you about "Ship Taiha" since the start (aka, don't fucking continue your ship if their HP is red). Just a good heads up.

    Git Gud

    You will be taught about RNG since 1-1, but you will not experience the real pain of it until 1-3. 1-2 is in-between as you already know if you get it or not since the start. 1-3 will tease you. You will have no problem at all with 1-1 and 1-2 aside from the RNG. As long as yo…

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  • Arvin30p

    In a certain space on a certain time, there was a pair who is currently overlooking a device that can see the past.

    Sazanami: Master, what is this?

    Sazanami pointed out on the said device in question for she has no inkling about it at all.

    Hiro: Hmm... I have no idea what is this at all.

    The two continued to look at the said device and they look at it.

    At the said device, they saw the memories they have made in the past 2 years.

    Sazanami: It's quite nostalgic to see these. Master, I guess this is device that shows our recorded memories.

    Hiro: Maybe. But somehow, that thing looks ominous... It's like it totally reflects what was imprinted on our souls.

    Sazanami: Master, you can drop the difficult talks here. I am pretty sure no one understands that…

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  • XSauriaNx

    So yeah. As you can notice in the title, Chrome as a browser is too much of a resource hogging software and completely slows down my totally old Acer Travelmate laptop.

    So I had a question, "Why not try playing KC with KC3 Kai in another browser?"

    KC3 Kai has been an important thing for me to use when playing KC. I used to play KC with KCViewer but kinda got dissatisfied with it at some point so I switched... xD

    Then I started my with my experiment with other browser. Of course you can play in another browser but there'll be some "drawbacks" I think.

    This blog post will be an updating diary of mine in to know what browsers:

    Week 1:

    Will keep on observing for any anomaly that might occur... xD

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  • Arvin30p

    "I remembered during those harsh days of summer which seems to never end... I remember of those girls that I have left behind. More so, in the world of sword and sorcery; in the world where everything was possible, the option of returning home has been subjected to harsh trials... But even so, even I didn't go on this journey alone... Because some of them came to my aid and helped me overcome this madness which spanned for two months in that world... But with all that was said and done... After we gave our farewells to our allies, we have arrived back to the place where we belong."

    Sazanami: Master, looks like we have safely returned back to home.

    Hiro: Indeed. Anyways, what do you want for dinner tonight?

    Samidare: Anything you make is fine,…

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  • MorganGodFreman

    Update 001.20-01-17

    January 20, 2017 by MorganGodFreman

    I have never done a blog before and I'm sure that very few will ever read this. However, I was looking at my prfile and it was incredibly dull. So I'm going to overveiw my progress in Kancolle in these updates as well as progress in saving the girls we have sworn to protect. First off at the time of this post my HQ is 102 and I hold the rank of Vice-Admiral. At this time I am hording supplies to bulk up for the next event. Meanwhile in an attempt to bulster my ship girls to higher levels, I have been training my girls to certain levels based off their type (with a few exceptions). 

    BB - 90

    CV - 90

    CVL - 80

    CA - 85

    CAV - 90

    CL - 90

    DD - (first of all I'm doing general training for most) 85

    LHA (not AO, don't have her yet...) - is lvl 14 atm, but wi…

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  • Shinobu Oshina

    A bit of a research on new speed mechanic.

    Using my 3 super engines I tried to speed every ship I have to maximum to see how fast they can go.

    As you know, to speed up the ship you need to equip turbine and boiler, but turbine can be placed at expansion slot.

    Test was conducted without using expansion slots on any ship, except Kaga (which didn't give a result).

    All kanmusus had their last remodels (Kais, KaiNis, Dreis, etc.)

    There is a basic formula, which works for most ships:

    normal boiler - speed +1

    3 normal boilers or 2 super boilers - speed +2

    I couldn't test it, but 4 super boilers may be giving speed +3 (which means going from slow to fastest). If someone has 4 super boilers and slow ship with expansion slot, please test it for us.  

    Ships, …

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  • NotRealLife


    January 13, 2017 by NotRealLife
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  • DNGunpla

    Author's Note: Before I present to you Chapter 2 of The Forsaken Admiral Series, I want to apologise beforehand on the long delay for the release as I was busy with my School stuff and procrastination [>w

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  • Zel-melon

    Please note, Quest is probably a time-limited and will be gone soon. Better do it now

    Tl;Dr: Pick Shiun if you don't have it yet. If you have it, you can decide between OSU2 or Shiun (I'd still go for another Shiun).

    Decision making is hard and I understand that. Therefore, I made this so that I can just throw it to people who wants to know why you should choose what but don't really understand the importance of the plane. So the third quest for New Year gave you this:

    boss node 3 times.

    |Rewards_RSC = 0/ 0/ 2017/ 0 |Rewards_Items =

    X 3

    Furniture Fairy

    |Note = Requires: B90 }} }}

    Let's get the first one out of the way first: Ro.43. This one is craftable, unlike the other two. Therefore, no reason to get it.

    Now the question comes to, OS2U or Shiun:


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  • Arvin30p


    Hiro Raven is not an ordinary Admiral you can speak of... Rather, he is so special that he felt cursed with his blessings rather than feeling happy about it. Anyways, Despite his very special qualities, he is a lovable person and capable of compassion.


    An ordinary day for him will always start with him waking up in his room with two girls holding each of his arms as if they have claimed it for themselves... however; he is not appalled by it. He welcomed such development.


    But, he is worried is that he won't be able to work once the two girls cling on him as a pillow. So he decided not to disturb their sleep since they were quite wild the night before.




    The Admiral and the two girls woke up and decided to change for their work, sin…

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  • Lici Ui

    Guide for cheap kuso teitoku

    December 28, 2016 by Lici Ui

    Wanting to spend not even a single money? To be a real and completely ‘Free’ to play player here? But is it possible?

    Yes, it is possible, and here are some tips to do so.

    Only the best of 95 ships are permitted to stay in your fleet until the next event or kai ni update. Once a stronger candidate appear, scrap the weaker one to make way for them. In a nutshell, Ability and states > Art design and emotion.

    The table below shows the list of recommended ship and numbers of type to keep and max up as your 95 end game ships for now. The ranking of each class and its specialization are shown here are based not only on its states strength but also with general consideration such as other state, jack-of-all-trade role, other ability and as well as h…

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  • とうま242

    Hi just a small guid for powerleveling a ca with dd's or cl's as secondary's.

    This guid is for world 4-2, 2 or 3 nodes and every run free steel.

    It is less moral intensive and less boring then 3-2A at the cost of very few buckets.

    You have to max mordernise the firepower for the CA (have it kai'd) and have your dd's at least at lvl 25~30 (also kai'd) and mordernised. It is recommended to stop after node H, so it will cost you almost no buckets. You can however continue for rare drops at the bos node but you will have most likely 2~3 taihai'd ships.(and you can even turn on the weekly Bw1  sorty to boss quest, if you wish to continue). 

    If you don't have at least one strong 20.3 cm gun for the CA change the BBV gun to 15cm red main gun.

    Note: If…

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  • Qunow

    Note: This blogpost is an off topic post that is not related to the theme of this site (kancolle). The reason why this post appear on this site is because currently I don't have a better page to host this page.

    Recently, Google's Android Pay have launched in Japan with support of a contactless IC card named as Rakuten Edy card, for Android phones that support the "osaifu-keitai" function (NFC Type F, and the FeliCa Secure Element) and have an android version above 4.4.

    The contactless IC card Rakuten Edy function like those value-storing contactless payment card commonly seen in transport system around the world, like suica in Japan, which you can load/store some money into the card, then use it to make payment in places where readers are se…

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  • Fujihita

    Whenever you encounter a fancy element in an article, a comment, or another user's personal page, chances are, that fancy element is the result of a template. Templates are the most used, most powerful and also most sophisticated tools in a wiki. They reduce the amount of copy-pasting editors have to do. They make things simple and allow new editors to produce strongly visual elements whose back-end code would burn anyone's eyeballs out.

    But, even the simplified version of the back-end code can be too much at times. And to make matters worse, many templates don't come with a user manual or they do come with one but it's incomplete and incomprehensible to the end-users. In this blog, I'll show you how to find the (missing) user manual and ho…

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  • Zel-melon

    This will be an expansion to Mikado's Dumbshit Guide to 2-5 as I believe the guide is a bit out-dated. Therefore, this blog will covered most of the stuffs you need to know for Bm7 along with the current tools you can use to tackle this monster. A summarized version of this is already in the World 2 page under "Sortie Quest"

    Disclaimer: This blog will not give you a sure-fire composition to clear Bm7. Let's get this out of the way first, Bm7 is one of the nightmare quest and there is no way to ignore that. This quest tests your ability to manage your fleet down to the bare minimum. Now that we got that out of the way.

    World 2-5 is the 2nd Extra Operation you will face after you cleared 2-4. The difficulty of this map varies depending on your …

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  • Hikoujou


    December 12, 2016 by Hikoujou

    |style= text-align:center;|'

    ' |style= text-align:center;|' |style= text-align:center;|'
    |style= text-align:center;|' |style= text-align:center;|' |style= text-align:center;|' |style= text-align:center;|' |style= text-align:center;|' |style= text-align:center;|' | style="text-align:center;" |' | style="text-align:center;" |' |style= text-align:center;|'

    List of music tracks played through Kantai Collection
    2016 Winter Event
    No. - Japanese Romanization English
    1 ' 「-」 - Map Screen
    2 ' 「-」 - Battle E-1,2
    3 ' 「-」 - Boss
    4 ' 「-」 - Battle E-3
    2016 Spring Event
    No. - Japanese Romanization English
    1 ' 「-」 - Map Screen
    2 ' 「戦場海域」 Senjyō kaiiki Battlewaters
    3 ' 「水底から」 Minasoko kara From Bottom of the Water
    4 ' 「-」 - Extra Ops Map Screen
    5 ' 「-」 - Battle E-4
    6 ' 「-」 - Battle E-6,E-7
    7 ' 「-」 - Boss E-4,E-5 …

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  • Zel-melon

    Disclamer: I have no Maruyu to abuse because I modfod her to ABKM during event so Ro-chan will have to do her job.

    As the title said, this will be my record on a stupid challenge I will be doing just for the lulz. The rule is simple:

    1. Bring Ro-chan to every map and clear it (S-rank if possible)
    2. Any map that resulted in dead-end if a sub was brought will be ignored (e.g. 3-2)
    3. Ro-chan will be in the FS position because she's on a tour.
    4. Only Ro-chan will be on the tour as a SS unless it is required to bring other SS with her (e.g. 6-1)
    5. Ro-chan will be on a tour with escorts because she's the pimp-queen and the pimp needs her bitches.

    I am doing it for the lulz. 

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  • Fujihita

    This blog pays tribute to the past, gives a brief history of KanColle English Wikia and provides information on the admins: their specialties, their responsibilities and their current status.

    The aim is to

    1. Guide editors whom they should seek help from (albeit when in doubt, go ahead and drop a message on Crazy teitoku's wall. Don't tell him I said that)
    2. Provide new staff members a general guideline on what they're expected to do. For starters, here's an excellent article on best practices for admins which also describes the attitude all staff members should have.

    In future blogs, I'll dwell deeper into advance editing techniques: how to manage updates and how to work with some of the most useful yet difficult templates/layouts/modules in this …

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  • TenkouKuugen


    This time I'm sharing some tips in the form of browser tweaks/extensions for boosting productivities.  Some of you may already be aware of the methodologies but still I hope that some people will find this article useful for their daily TTK duties.

    Note that although these tips were aimed at Google Chrome users, they may also work on Chrome based browsers like Opera.  Additional extensions may be required.

    Half way through reading an article, don't you sometimes get the urge to look up certain equipments/shipgirls or some external sites for cross comparisons?

    What do you normally do?  I used to visit KanColle wiki's front page, click on Ship List then Ctrl+F and type in the first few characters of the girl I wanna look up.  This may be t…

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  • Subyss

    This is a personal Reflection of my experience with the Autumn 2016 Event.

    This is my 3rd event I've participated in, and the first time I've cleared a map on a difficulty other than easy (which was only the first map, the rest I was too lazy and did on easy).

    E1: Farming for ducks
    E2: Could have been easier with a different fleet comp
    E3: Pretty easy
    E4: Pain in the ass
    E5: Didn't even get debuff off

    Initial resources:

    121729 , 50797 , 147037 , 69885 , 905 

    Post E1 clear resources:

    119795 , 56506 , 156639 , 77197 , 888 

    Post E2 clear resources:

    118555 , 51913 , 156952 , 75604 , 884 

    Post E3 clear resources:

    119714 , 51252 , 158631 , 75122 , 889 

    Post E4 clear resources:

    121777 , 51490 , 156004 , 73071 , 843 

    Post E5 clear resources:

    111846 , 46897 , 151351…

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  • Fujihita

    For a long time I have been indulging myself in the luxury of aircraft proficiency and LBAS. The period between the implementation of the aforementioned mechanics and Fall 2016 Event saw few intense aerial battles where a change of plane or a change of slot can determine the air status.

    Then, the storm of E-4 makes landfall and I'm thrown back to the old time, to the time when having Reppuu Kai on Kaga's biggest slot made the difference. Suddenly, I was back to the classic and, like many other admirals, found myself making meticulous tweaks to get that tiny extra bit of fighter power necessary for AS; something we haven't done since 2014.

    Such was the background and motivation of writing this blog. I hope it can empower admirals out there wi…

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  • Kuras

    Fall Event 2016 E-5

    November 28, 2016 by Kuras

          Back to top    Contents



          Map Selection

          Summary    Information    Replay


          Hidden Starting Point    Main Fleet (Hidden Start Unlock)


       Escort Fleet (Hidden Start Unlock)


       LBAS (Hidden Start Unlock)

          Weakening Mechanism    Main Fleet (Weakening)

          Escort Fleet (Weakening)

          Fleet Composition    Main Fleet (Pre-final kill)


       Escort Fleet (Pre-final kill)


       Main Fleet (Final kill)


       Escort Fleet (Final kill)


       Alternative Main Fleet (Node M Skip)


       Alternative Escort Fleet (Node M Skip)

          Support Expeditions    Normal Node Support


       Boss Support

          Land-Based Aerial Support

          Notable Drops


          Bonus Screenshots


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