• Ar-cen-ciel
    • The IJN Reinforcement Fleet have defeated the E6 Boss and preparing for the E7 Boss.
    • Briefing of the situation from European Fleet

    • LBAS takes flight in massive droves
    • Shipgirls given a morale speech
    • Shipgirls begin sortieing

    • Scouting New Submarine Princess
    • Ends with Princess creeping the scouting fleet.
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  • Tadano Hitoshi

    (Warning, this entry this time contains some Gratituous Italian so please do not mind me)

    Buongiorno-- I believe this will be my actual first time being given a highlight to write about the current operation our base is undertaking right now. Italia, reporting. ... Even though I'm mostly in charge of directing support fire for our front-lining girls... But, but, I guess I'll get my turn later... Aquila is so lucky, the Admiral treats her so nicely. In fact, out of all of us in the foreign capital ships circle, she gets to be made secretary a lot. Even during times off operations, she gets to do work. I guess eating less while being a capital ship of all things does help one get noticed...

    A-anyway, I suppose I should start talking about the …

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  • ArcticaFrost

    Kancolle is bullshit

    August 16, 2017 by ArcticaFrost

    Kancolle is bullshit, RNG is a lie

    The Shipgirl you desired did not drop from the boss

    These are the curse that were written by Kadokawa

    They've caused salt, now play if you can

    Obviously a parody.

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  • Zel-melon
    • This shall be a test page before adding it into the E-1 page itself. The content in this page will be more detailed compared to the one that will be put in E-1 page.

    A method specifically for players who already cleared the E-1 on Hard and/or E-2 Hard, but the information will also be useful for people who cleared it on Easy/Medium: a way to deal with those pesky .

    • This method relies heavily on this information and it is crucial for everyone who wants to use it:
      • Equipping your DD/CL with will give your ship an accuracy boost toward . For your CL, both and are needed in your ship.
    • To put it simply, you must equip your DD with (e.g. , type doesn't seem to matter) and it is recommended to equip the other two slots with 2 (e.g. ) guns. For CL…

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  • Fujihita

    This blog contains strategies and compositions used in Summer 2017 Event. This road map will be updated as I progress further into the event.

    All maps are cleared on Hard mode without support expedition unless stated otherwise.

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  • Setakat

    (Work In progress)

    • The numbers in the following table are raw values only, ignoring improvement, proficiency and slot sizes.
    • The Reppuu and Type 0 Fighter Model 21 (Skilled) have been included for comparison, as these are commonly used in Land Bases for defensive and offensive use respectively when insufficient Interceptors are available. All highlights are respective to these.
      • The Type 0 Fighter Model 21 (Skilled) fighter is the most commonly used fighter for Land Based Attacks, sortie and range highlights are relative to this.

    Interceptor Stats Effective Fighter Power

    Sortie Defense
    Reppuu 10 0 0 5 10 10
    Type 0 Fighter Model 21 (Skilled) 8 0 0 7 8 8
    Type 0 Fighter Model 21 (Skilled) ★MAX 10 0 0 7 10 10
    Raiden 6 5 2 2 9 18
    Type 3 Fighter Hien 8 1 3…

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  • Pasta-machine006

    I started the event at 22:00 on August 12 (JST).

    ・Resource before sortie


    ・1st Sortie

    In the battle with the boss, Hyuuga was Taihaed, and Shouhou was Chuuha'ed by Nu-class Kai Elite.

    ・2nd sortie

    ・3rd sortie

    ・4th Sortie

    ・5th Sortie

    Total 5 sortie, then cleared E-1.

    ・Resource After Sortie


    Fuel: about 1,700

    Ammo: about 1,400

    Steel: about 700

    Baux: about 400

    As I saved the Support Expedition, I was able to prevent wasting resources.

    I decided to postpone the Farming route on the right side and proceed to E-2. Because I heard that Sagiri will also appear in E-2.

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  • Arvin30p

    I remember the time that I wrote a letter to Samidare to ask her about how things were, how was her life and a lot more. Even so, I have faithfully written them and send them at the post office hoping for Mr. Postman to deliver that letter to her. But ever since I have sneaked a peek inside the past that I have forgotten, I realized that the letters weren’t sent at all.

    And so, as I remember the letters that was send to Samidare; I remembered one letter that I intentionally didn’t send at all. But it was not for Samidare that the letter was addressed to. It was for someone else who means a lot to me. That person was my only emotional support until I managed to reconcile with the past.

    And so, While I remembered that unsent letter of mine. I …

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  • Xac Dinh


    August 10, 2017 by Xac Dinh

    Swordfish Mk.III (Skilled) Carrier-based Torpedo Bomber

    38cm Quadruple Gun Mount Large Caliber Main Gun

    38cm Quadruple Gun Mount Kai Large Caliber Main Gun

    15.2cm Triple Gun Mount Secondary Gun

    Skua Carrier-based Dive Bomber

    Fulmar Carrier-based Fighter Aircraft

    Spitfire Mk.I Interceptor Fighter

    Spitfire Mk.V Interceptor Fighter

    Seafire LF.Mk.III Carrier-based Fighter Aircraft

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  • Arvin30p

    I love Samidare, she is the reason why I am here at the first place. She was the reason why I strived so hard to arrive at this current moment I am in. She was my raison d être for making it this far. And, the reason why I have delayed my answer to my closest friend of all times, Kino (Kinugasa). But as of late, Samidare is not saying much of what she wanted to say. She just supports everyone who have sincere feelings towards me, but haven’t supported her own love. Even so, a part of is simply my fault for falling for someone else. But…

    “Master, you must be sincere at all times.”  That what would Sazanami would say to me every time I felt something is wrong.
    “Hiro, you must always have to be aware of someone’s feelings.” Kino would say this …

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  • Arvin30p

    “Agano-nee, how many times I tell you to tidy up the place. For goodness sake, we are not kids anymore.” Noshiro complained as she sweeps the floor while Agano is eating chips.
    “Don’t worry! I’ll do that later.” Agano replied as she muches down her regular junk food.
    “Agano-nee!” Noshiro replied as she saw Agano eating again.

    Thus, it was the norm that is happening inside the Agano’s room in the Cruiser dorms, While they are quite annoying at times, the worse ones always happens in the darkness of the night where certain idiots keep shouting ‘night battle’ until someone puts a lid on to their mouths. But they are not related to this at all.

    And so, Agano who was quite used to being scolded by Noshiro have come up a plan in order for her to hav…

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  • Arvin30p

    “Commander, I think it’s time for you to take me to somewhere…”
    It was Isonami who is currently messing up with the Admiral as she sits on the Admiral’s lap.

    Isonami who is normally out of the naval base due to the Admiral’s errands usually spends her time at the office harassing the Admiral due to the fact that her assignment always takes up a month or two and whenever she returns, she was immediately send back to her work.

    “Even though I have always love you… why do you have to send me to those faraway places? Do you hate me so much? Even though I have pledge my loyalty to you…“ Isonami continues to plead as she harasses the admiral who was still doing his work.

    Sazanami who was also in the room felt irritated due to the fact that the most a…

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  • Arvin30p

    “Sigh, what a misfortune.” Yamashiro sighs as she reads the letter on her room.

    The letter came from Fusou who is currently out and is doing some chores outside the base. Right now, Yamashiro felt that her sister Fusou is avoiding her for quite some time.
    Yamashiro opens the letter and she saw its contents which surprised her.

    “Have a date with the Admiral?”

    Bewildered, she immediately tore the letter and she tosses it into the garbage bin.
    Yamashiro didn’t understand why did Fusou wanted her and the Admiral to have a date.
    And so, Yamashiro decided to visit Fusou who seem to have arrived.

    Fusou is went to the office to report to the Admiral about her other obligations.

    “I have returned.” Fusou spoke as she places the items on the floor.

    “Thanks, h…

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  • Tsubakura

    The Wikia Side Rail (sidebar, whatever you want to call it) has been there a long time since the Oasis skin became a thing, but it sadly came with an annoying price to pay (the fact that it shrinks your actual content on the article page and wikia uses it to display ads). We had thought about simply getting rid of it to allow people to utilize more space in an article, except it was against the wikia's ToS. We had even contacted the wikia staff in a way to get rid of it, but their excuse is apparently that they don't want us to utilize the extra space, due to it not displaying properly on mobile devices.

    Putting aside that wikia had always looked like shit for mobile users and that their own ToS effectively prevents our admin team from fixi…

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  • Arvin30p

    “I haven’t heard much from Maikaze but…”

    The Admiral is currently stacking up the finished reports. Currently, he is talking with Nowaki who is relaying Maikaze’s invitation to the Admiral.

    “Maikaze wants to have a date with you this time. Last time, she decided to let others get that spot and somehow managed to hold herself, but now… I don’t think she can’t hold it in anymore.”

    Nowaki looked troubled as she express her worries towards to her old friend.

    “You made it sound that Maikaze is doing something lewd.” The Admiral retorted using a snarky comment.
    Nowaki’s face reddens as the Admiral replied and to her, it was indeed a miss on her part to mince the words she needs to say. She swear deep in her heart that she will be careful on the words…

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  • Arvin30p

    Volume 1 :  Fixing a broken base.

    History has told that heroes comes out in times of great danger. And to what basis does it stand, well look at the legendary helper who have saved the nation once, and the ever so mysterious bunch of Admiral Hiro Raven and his legion of shipgirls who seemed to be very capable on their own have managed to destroy the abyssal fleet and also reformed the world on how they view on shipgirls.

    Of course that history is about to repeat soon, but not in my time… after all, it’s a great time of peace and naval bases were reduced in order to reduce the cost of maintaining one thus limiting the defenses around the border. Its fine according to what my dad would always say since there are few who will abuse their powers…

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  • WakeWintergale

    So then one day I was browsing through Akashi’s shop hoping to buy some slots as I brought a wallet that only had a Tanaka-brand salt sachet inside. (;-;).

    And before leaving, I found something that hopefully NOBODY has ever thought about buying with DMM points…“100 pieces of bauxite = 100 DMM points”

    So, meaning...

    1 DMM point ¥1, yeah?

    Then that made me wonder... what if I could exchange that bauxite for REAL MONEY instead? (which is impossible DUH) :/ Soon after that, I immediately grabbed a calculator and started crunching on those numbers.

    So then let’s say that I reached the hard-cap of 300K bauxite and turned it all into cash. And what came out was:

    • 300K bauxite = ¥300,000.00 OR $2707.00

    BUT, that’s not the end of it! I told myself why include F…

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  • Fujihita

    This will be my last blog post as an administrator of this wiki.

    I informed relevant parties at least three months ago that I would return to active duty only till the end of the second drill. The time has come for me to retire. Reflecting on the time I spent as an administrator, I have done little to maintain the wiki and I have focused solely on advancing the visual and content aspects. This means my retirement will not hinder wiki operation in any ways, though technical supports for my existing templates and layouts will no longer be provided.

    Among the "unfinished business" I'll leave behind for future generations are the problem of page clusters and the problem of mobile compatibility. The former is the elephant in the room and the latt…

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  • Kruss

    Coastal Defense ships have been proven to be able to replace Destroyers for special requirements (Transport Task force) or for branching rules (world 1-6) but the question of whether they can replace DD for expeditions has never been really answered.
    By looking around the comment section of the Expedition page, it has been stated that using 1DD 3DE allows to clear expedition 4,5 and 9 by ignoring the original requirements

    • All requirements aside from the number of Destroyers (DD), who were replaced by Coastal Defense Ships (DE), were respected.
    • No overdrumming (carrying more than required) or Sparkling were used in order to avoid any possible Great Success.
    • Only a maximum of 2 Coastal Defense ships were used for testing but note that 4 of ar…

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  • Arvin30p

    On a certain place in a certain time…

    “Hiro-san, Please accept these feelings of mine!”

    A young girl is offering her tanzaku to the young Hiro as she confess her feelings to her. Despite the heavy competition and the harshness of reality that she will be rejected, the girl gave her best to deliver her sincere feelings towards to her first love.

    “Sorry, I cannot accept it. I already love someone else.”

    Despite the young Hiro’s rejection, that girl smiled and she didn’t asked him to return the paper back to her and run towards the crowd. The girl know that she has failed but what she didn’t know that this confession will be her last.

    There was once a girl who is nothing more but an ordinary person from the crowd, she has not much distinct feature…

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  • ToastSoul

    Dialogues: Niishiro 2

    July 14, 2017 by ToastSoul

    there's gotta be a better way of doing this

    ← Dialogues: Niishiro 1


    Rain patters against the only window in the room, currently hidden behind its curtains. The room is bathed in a warm orange light by the cheap-looking ceiling lighting.

    AKEMU NIISHIRO lies on the bottom bunk of the bunkbed, sniffling as she reads a thick manga magazine held above her head. On the lower, wooden-floored section of the room, her clumsy secretary, SAMIDARE, flusteredly cleans up a tea spill.

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  • Shadow27X

    A model for an Artillery Spotting formula, which is based on data taken from KanColle Kai.

    First, a fleetwide variable for LoS is calculated. This takes into account all ships in the fleet, not just the ship performing Artillery Spotting. Note that Seaplanes and Seaplane Bombers are the only pieces of equipment that are considered for this calculation, and the bonus is proportional to the square root of the slot size as well.

    If the ship fulfills multiple Artillery Spotting conditions, the system will check (and "roll") the spotting chances of each applicable Artillery Spotting type, in descending order of priority according to the breakdown of Type Factors above. For example, a Battleship equipping two Main Guns, a Seaplane and an AP Shell…

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  • Arvin30p

    Akitsushima is considered as an unneeded person inside the base. Though her remodel yields a large flying boat, outside of that she is useless. Her stats is bad, her plane distribution is terrible and can only carry upto 3 planes, she can’t equip a mini-sub and before, she can’t carry Daihatsu for transport purposes (which was later on clarified that she can now carry those things). Overall, all the naval base knows that Akitsushima is useless in every aspect of operations, and everyone knows that she will just stay this way until the war has concluded. But even so, why does she stays despite her uselessness? The Admiral normally has the choice to scrap her gear and let her be a normal citizen after that, but what makes her stay?

    M-z--o: Ak…

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  • Pasta-machine006

    From Wiki Quest B102 Page , B102 requies "Sortie Ise and Hyuuga both above level 50 as flagship and 2nd ship with 1 Light Cruiser, 2 Destroyers, 1 additional ship".

    So I chose DD as an additional.

    I chose Ooyodo Kai as CL to raise the score of LoS, but once I calculated it I knew that the other CL was enough. So I regretted that I have to confirm 33 Formula properly. However, it is a premise that you have Shiun.

    DDs chose a strong three at Night Battle.


    Ise Kai and Hyuuga Kai put the prototype guns as far as possible with emphasis on fit and accuracy, like 3-5.

    Ooyodo Kai was equipped with Shiun for LoS score and Starshell for NightBattle in Node D.

    DDs also equipped Type 33 Surface Radar for LoS.


    A total of 2 sorties, retreat node D f…

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  • Pasta-machine006

    From Wiki Quest B102 Page , B102 requies "Sortie Ise and Hyuuga both above level 50 as flagship and 2nd ship with 1 Light Cruiser, 2 Destroyers, 1 additional ship".

    So I chose SSV as additional ship.

    To choice SSV I-14 Kai is as a decoy to enemy DDs, CLs, Hoppo and her Escort Fortresses.

    DDs, at first I chose Hatsuzuki Kai  and Yuudachi Kai Ni , but as node E was a fleet containing 2 Subs, our damage increased, then replaced Yuudachi with Asashio Kai Ni D .

    And CL as Sakawa Kai because she is capable of both firepower and powerful OASW. However, this may have been substituted by Yahagi Kai or Naka-chan Kai Ni .


    Ise Kai and Hyuuga Kai put the prototype gun as far as possible with emphasis on fit and accuracy. Zuiun did not do much work even if I upgr…

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  • Pasta-machine006

    B103 repuires Yura Kai Ni as flagship, along with at least 2 of the following ships: Murasame , Yuudachi , Harusame , Samidare , Akizuki , up to 3 additional ships (reference Quests page ). So I chose 2DD as Yuudachi and Akizuki , and 3 additional ships as Haguro , Ashigara , and Taihou . (2CA+1 CVB).

    I chose two ships out of five simply because the level was high, I think that there is not much difference among the five ships regarding this quest.Necessary is enough level(about 60+?).

    2CAs because I fix the route of 5-1(Start to A, H to I(Boss)), I think that it is OK if 2CAVs. Since BB appears in both maps, chose a ship with sufficient firepower. However, since the boss is not strong enough to require night battle even at 5-1, i…

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  • Arvin30p

    Rain gently falls over the roof of the naval base. And such, it signifies that the rainy season has started. Even so, no one is stopping some girls to go out and play.


    But even so, the Admiral can only watch in silence as the girls play in the rain.


    Samidare who was seated beside him has been watching the girls play in the rain too.


    Samidare: Admiral, are you remembering something?


    It was true that the admiral was on a process of remembering, however...


    Hiro: Actually, I am reminiscing the dirty story accompanied by it. (lol)


    Samidare: Eh!?


    Hiro: Just kidding. Now that you asked me that question, I remember our first meeting under the rain.


    Samidare: I see... (So he still remembers that time.)


    And so, stare outside as the rain continues to…

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  • Tennousu

    "Or more like, why did we try to make her join our non-existent fleet, anyway?"


    "'s a good thing we are still eligible to perform those grand operations, but ever since eight months ago, we're not on active duty anymore. We even missed two of those operations. As you witnessed last month--"

    "--that we were, and are, a mess."

    "Then why did you give that idea? Everyone was shocked. You were just being selfish." -sigh


    " know, he won't return."


    "No, I'm not saying he is dead, but returning here? Heh, it's a miracle if he even sends a letter asking how everybody's been doing."

    "I was hoping that he'd send me--us a letter if he caught the news of us participating and bringing back a shipgirl..."

    "And no letter until now. Hope crush…

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  • Fujihita

    On June 13th, 2017, the outgoing third and fourth generation wiki staffs organized a mock-up KanColle event known as "Event Panic" Drill. The event was part of a training program we provided to foster the next generation of capable editors who can handle the intensity of a real KanColle event.

    The exercise caused some confusions among our patrons; as of writing this, we have at least eight instances of wiki users mistaking the exercise for a real KanColle event. In hindsight, I do consider this fact a compliment. It is a testimony that we have successfully pulled off a very realistic emulation of the panic, the confusion and the stress involved wiki contributors would have to face in delivering the event content as timely as possible.

    The or…

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  • TenkouKuugen


    I will try to share some tips regarding LBAS operation this time. As usual, this article was written with newer TTK in mind, so the maths have been kept to a minimum.

    Very often during events, I notice some TTK using LBAS setup that is obviously copy-pasted from somewhere without giving thoughts to the situation on hand. It's not surprisingly to hear complaints like "my LBAS did NOTHING!" or "I'm bleeding bauxite like crazy halp!"

    Although this is still a game of RNG, a TTK should ask if he/she has given their fairies the best chance to succeed or just trying to get a lucky shot and be done with it.

    In this article I will share some of my experience with LBAS management and hopefully make your (and your fairy's) life easier in the next h…

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  • Pasta-machine006

    Musashi came.

    Then I completed all Kanmusu except to Ryuuhou. But I have lv.45 Taigei, so I'll complete them soon. (need to BP...)

    Equipments, I have too many 10cm HA-guns and 61cm quad (oxy) torps.

    And quad torps and 20.3cm twin guns (No.2 and No.3) are needed to implove.

    I need more screws...

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  • TheXAir

    m(_ _)m*respect

    TheXAir notes:

    just want to share one of my favorite lyrics song to everyone here.. (≧ロ≦)

    i don't know if this is the right place..? (´-`).。oO( ... ) (sorry for the inconvenience if i made a mistake on this case..)

    all credits belong to the rightful owner, i'm just manage it to my personal taste.. (´∀`)

    The Original /Romaji lyrics sources from this links..

    The Original Video i watch: 

    ps: feel free to terminate this if in case i made a mistake, you can give me a notice at my wall so i know about it.. thank you.. (`-´)>*Salute..

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  • Failnaught

    The Objective of this blog is to translate Kancolle-calc Deck Builder

    Some Observations:

    • I don't know Japanese, so this translation is all based on Google Translation and deduction, so use it at your discretion
    • Red Text are those that are very likely correct
    • Green Text are those that are probably correct, that is, i am not very confident on the translation as the red text
    • I only translated what i could, some things i have no idea what it mean, if you know please comment it
    • I haven't translated "LOS" and "Damage on Enemy" tabs because i think they aren't very important 
    • if i made some mistake on the translations, please let me know

    The easiest way to use Deck Builder is to export it from KC3

    For it just click on the export feature on your KC3 as it …

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  • Tadano Hitoshi

    Hibi--Verniy reporting. After two seasons of operations the Commander decided to open up event reports for us to write again (the last being his wi--Haruna writing the operation logs), citing his ever growing list of errands outside the naval base as the reason he missed reporting about the two last major operations we have been in. ... Somehow for this time around I got the task of doing it. Well by the time I wrote this we were mostly done with our portion of the operations and are training the two new intakes from this operation - Taiyou and Okt--now that reminds me, she must've been the reason I got the task. Despite not participating the party for the final battle when I should have though.

    After a relatively painless encounter with th…

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  • Arvin30p

    I am currently looking at the list that Sazanami gave me, her eyes were slightly teary and her hair was undone for some reason.


    I noticed that her lips were slightly redder that it was a few hours ago suggest that she have put some lipstick on just to make her lips redder for that instance. However, something really feels off about her today that warrants me the right to ask, yet no words comes out of my mouth as of this moment.

    That is because before I knew it, her lips were touching mine and she tried to switch gears this early.

    Before I know it, I was caught up with her pace and started returning back the love she is giving me at that moment.

    But as I am slowly letting down my defenses, I felt a presence nearby.

    Sazanami and I notic…

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  • ChromaMyriad


    May 19, 2017 by ChromaMyriad

    Ignore this

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  • Arvin30p

    There was such a time when Kaga and Akagi felt that they were parents despite not having any kid of such. But it is indeed a very life changing topic for the two of them since meeting that certain person. Under those eyes, they saw a girl that they wanted to nurture and protect. They saw a kid whose eyes make them want to watch her grow as the years go by.

    And so, even for just a day; the admiral decided to let the hungry duo take care of that one fledgling that is still learning how to fly.

    "Are you sure this is going to be alright?"

    Sazanami, the Admiral's secretary is currently serving the Admiral a cup of hot chocolate as she asks him a question worth of concern.

    "Yes. I think they are going to cut it close. But it's alright; it’ll help th…

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  • Pasta-machine006

    • Freet and Equipments

    Freet : before LD

    Equipments :

    •  Hyuuga Kai : for aim to surface enemies.
    •  Nagara Kai, Libeccio Kai, Asashimo Kai, Asashio Kai Ni D and Naka-chan Kai Ni : OASW setting.

    Fleet : LD

    Equipments :

    •  Hyuuga Kai : for aim surface enemies.
    •  Nagara Kai, Libeccio Kai, Asashimo Kai and Asashio Kai Ni D : OASW setting.
    •  Naka-chan Kai Ni : OASW and  for increase LoS, replace one T3 SONAR to Type 0 Observation Seaplane.

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  • ArcticaFrost

    I'm not even joking, this is the second ping pong battle. This is a BLOODY ping pong battle, yes a BATTLE. People is using their dick to swing against the ball and some other is throwing their balls into the battle. What a time to be alive! Meanwhile i'm going to get a blowjob. If everyone could get a blowjob, world would be a better place to live. Amen.

    No, this is not meant to be serious.

    Falukorv out!

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  • ToastSoul

    how the hell does the mobile formatting on this thing even work

    ← Chapter 1: in retrospect


    Rain falls from the grey, clouded sky, making an audible pitter-pattering sound as it strikes the leaves above and the ground below.

    Plodding through the undergrowth, HIRYUU shields her eyes from the rain with her right arm, looking rather joyless. Leading the way ahead of her is AKEMU NIISHIRO, an easily distracted 19-year-old girl currently in the middle of her month-long trial period at a nearby naval base.

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  • Stymphalian ID.27

    Guide. For newer human. Short. Help event. 1 place.

    Right: worst case cost for event.

    The equipment setup part of each map will be refering to here.

    • BB+CA: Standard equipment: Gun-Gun-Seaplane-Wildcard
      • The Wildcard can be a radar, green shell, red shell, machine guns or night battle equipment. Usually will be radar or Red shell.
      • In the case of BBV/CAV, the seaplane will of course be a bomber, and the wildcard can be another seaplane bomber.
      • Support expedition: Gun-Gun-Radar-Radar
    • CL:
      • ASW: Sonar-Sonar-Depth Charge
      • Surface: Gun-Gun-Wildcard
        • the wildcard can be seaplane, Star_Shell or radar.
    • DD:
      • ASW: Sonar-Sonar-Depth Charge
      • AACI: 10cm_Twin_High-angle_Gun_Mount_+_Anti-Aircraft_Fire_Director x2-Air Radar
      • Torpedos Cut-in: Torp-Torp-Wildcard
        • the wildcard can b…

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  • Zel-melon

    These thing here existed only for salting people who are still farming or took long ass time to farm those ships:

    Farming Status: 0 (All ships obtained while clearing)

    4th Run E2TP

    1st Run E3TP

    3rd Run and 4th Run E4


    • x 2
    • x 2
    • x 1
    • x 1
    • x 1
    • x Lulz

    EVENT Cleared

    MVP This event


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  • Yong YP

    Spring 2017 Events

    May 3, 2017 by Yong YP
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  • Arvin30p

    On a certain naval base...

    There was an admiral who is currently doing something... bizarre.

    Sazanami: Master, what are you doing?

    Hiro: You see, I heard it over the internet. If you make an offering to the RNG, you might get a boost on the drop rates and might as well get the ship that I wanted to get.

    Sazanami: Oh that. But Master, it's pointless.

    Hiro: Why?

    Sazanami: because it's a fraudulent scheme made by those salty folks who can't even get what they wanted. That is why they blamed the system so that they can be pleased by it.

    Hiro: You sure know that term well. Anyways, what should we do then? I mean, isn't it quite pointless to stop at all.

    Sazanami: Master, just stop your chanting and come and eat with us. I mean, its high noon and Samida…

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  • CultClassic
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  • Arvin30p

    Author's notes:

    Normally, this would have been pegged with a lot of side stories to fill the void. However, I decided this time to make it as few as possible (due to the fact that I am losing inspiration on what to write and the event is drawing near). Anyways, See you all in the next story.

    "Are you ready?"

    "Yes Master."

    As I move my hand towards her place, the girl in front of me can't hide her expression as if her insides were exploited in the worst way possible.


    "Oh yes."

    As I said those words, the girl who was in front of me can't shake of the feeling she is trying to hide. Though it was already too late since I have breached her defenseless base and I managed to penetrate through the faux barriers she had.

    Even so, despite calling me h…

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  • Tsubakura

    Last updated: 16-04-2017

    Branching rules are one of the most important core components in the game's strategy. They basically decide what ships you are allowed to bring into the map and whether the ship combination you are using gives you an optimized route. Everything from strategies to recommendations starts with branching rules, because without branching rules, you do not know what the optimal setups are to reach your goal. Reading a branching table is easy if it exists... but what if a new event happens and you actually have to chart one out by yourself with the data provided?

    This blog serves as an introduction to the different types of nodes, as well as the branching rules mechanics. Here, I will explain how branching tables are create…

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  • Mystia Lore.

    Whatever I will say here is from my personal experience with the game. I may say things that are not the most optimal way to do the things, I want to help a maximum of people !

    I have noticed on several pages on this Wiki, especially the Events pages, that a lot of people are worried about the fact that they will not have enough resources to do/farm the next Event. Rather than explaining each time how they could play the game to increase their resources, I'll explain everything here.

    It's important so please consider all of the followed things :

    - I have a lot of free time so I can send my expeditions almost whenever I want

    - I assume you can do Expeditions such as number 37 and 38 (Who requires to clear a lot of other ones before, even some long…

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  • Arvin30p

    Kino and I have been partners in crime for the longest of time. From the moment I met her when I was young, up to the moment when our friendship was on the line and even when the times when we have thought that the world would stay the same no matter what, Kino is always there for me.

    As a matter of fact, most of the times that I needed someone to comfort me, she was there to make sure I feel better. She is like an angel sent down to me and even though I have understood and acknowledge that she loves me, there is a part of me that can't accept it. After all, accepting her would mean the dissolution of the first promise I made with the girl of the sea. And so, all we can do is pretend until the wind of change take us somewhere.

    It all started…

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  • Arvin30p

    In the late years of High school, Kino and I managed to repair our once broken relationship that almost went to destroy the hard work we both poured for the past few years. Anyways, this time; Kino had really learned how to suppress her other self which meant trouble for most people and she indeed joined a club back then (which of course I got dragged to it too.)

    Anyways, Things such as easy life is always out of hand.


    It was autumn and there was a person I didn't know standing in front of our home.

    "Excuse me; is this Hana Raven's house?"

    The girl who had long black hair and has a very calm demeanor asks me as I exit the door. Luckily, Kino wasn't around to fetch me to school since we do this for the past few years.

    "Yes. And who might yo…

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