• Swordweaver

    St. Patrick's Office

    March 17, 2018 by Swordweaver
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  • HibikiLove

    Winter 2018

    March 10, 2018 by HibikiLove

    The Battle of Leyte Gulf (Part 2) is generally considered to be the largest naval battle of Kancolle Phase 1 and, by some criteria, possibly the largest shitfest in Kancolle history. 

    It was fought in waters in E1 to E7, from 17 February - 11 March 2018, between Kadokawa's Combined American and Australian Abyssal Forces, and the Grand Fleet. On 16 February, Kadokawa spammed the largest Abyssal Invasion Force ever known to Admiral-kind as part of a strategy aimed at preventing both bored Veteran and Newface 'Admirals' from qutting the game, and in particular stopping these disaffected 'Admirals' from switching to Azur Lane. 

    In response, nearly all major vessels within the naval base were mobilised as part of a Grand Fleet in an attempt to defea…

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  • Admiral Roman Reigns

    After Last Dance

    Abyssal Zuikaku out of rage, charges at Zuihou with her rustic samurai Abyssal sword. Zuikaku pushes Zuihou away and counters. Sword fight ensues

    • minutes later* Swords fly off,  Hand-to-hand. Then 
    • grabs sword* Ahhhh *stab* 

    Abyssal Zuikaku says her final sinking line while pulling out Zuikaku's sword. After her last word, gives it to her and faints on her...

    "You'd done enough...*cries*  It's can rest now..."

    "*last breath's*"

    Kaga and Shoukaku come close to Zuikaku and her Abyssal counterpart... Kaga picks up and gives Abyssal Zuikaku's sword and Zuikaku puts in on her chest while Abyssal Zui holds it..

    "*sees Kaga and Zuikaku*"

    "*still crying* yes..." All three hold Abyssal Zuikaku's hand "I'll protect…

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  • DC23A

    2018W E4E Levelling Objectives

    February 24, 2018 by DC23A

    Main fleet levelling complete. Page left as template for next run.

    Primary Candidates Level Goal Form Exp 5-4 Runs
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  • 四語千代柳沢


    February 23, 2018 by 四語千代柳沢
    Compilation of Intepred Hates

    Contains 60% complains instead of memes.

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  • Admiral Roman Reigns

    Honorary Member

    February 22, 2018 by Admiral Roman Reigns

    "For standing in for Yamato in the call of duty, and leading Kurita during the sorties in the fight againts the Escort Water Princess and rescue of Gambler Bay, with the grace of the members of the Kurita Fleet, I and Nagato, now bestow upon Iowa the White Headband of Kurita, declaring her, an Honorary member of the Kurita fleet..."

    "Congratulation Iowa...."

    The crowd of shipgirls cheered for a major victory rescuing Gambler, and reward given to Iowa for stepping up to lead Kurita fleet in the Abyssal Battle of Samar, when Yamato was currently not present....

    Iowa was in tears for the reward, but it was no different than rescuing Gambler Bay. Rescuing her was already enough for a reward....

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  • Admiral Roman Reigns

    Admiral Francis and Ooyodo read intel from other admirals on information about the map itself. From what it said, the Abyssal Princess hasn't been seen yet. They continue reading from Abyssal formations, to firepower present. 

    "Hmm, this is gonna be a tough one. From massive air raids, to the presence of Na-class destroyers."

    "Plus finding the Princess is another priority. It's suggested we send Nishimura Strike Force at the South to scout the Princess' location. Once we find her, we send Kurita fleet up north to destroy her..."

    "Instead of Nishimura, what about subs?... *gives more intel to Ooyodo* Saves us the trouble for our supplies and buckets."

    "I see why not. But we can only spare 6 as Hitomi has now went to E3."

    "That'll be enough for m…

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  • Admiral Roman Reigns

    Using Subs for E3 Medium shortcut

    What do you think Ooyodo? This bold plan admirals did to find the shortcut work?

    I see why not? Other Admirals did it, Admiral Usagi has accepted it. 

    Now it's a matter of which Sub to use...

    You think Hitomi (Lvl 57) is ready for this? Only SSV I could think off. Iyo is done after Nishimura.

    Look into the others just in case...


    Umm Admiral... do you think 1 sub will like me would be enough? Hitomi asked

    Admiral answered, I have faith in you. If Iyo can take all the depth charges from the DDs and Imps, I'm sure you can get through this first phase of Ozawa's redemption.

    Hitomi meekly added, but what if I took damage? Critical even, you may have wasted fuel and...

    Admiral interupted, it's ok, I'll handle thi…

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  • Admiral Roman Reigns

    A bit tired now, Ozawa mission starts tomorrow. Zuikaku (rubs temples due to headache) tell your group and the others about it... you'll be secretary ship tonight and the next day... once your done, get some rest. You'll need it. (Admiral)

    Thanks, and I will admiral..... (loudly mumbles)your doing well, keep it up... (Zuikaku)

    Nervous for tomorrow? (Admiral)

    I am.... I am also scared...(Zuikaku)

    I'll tell you this, get some rest once your done. Wake up in the morning, prep your team, gather them together at the docks. After some briefings and speech, I'll give you some words of wisdom to motivate you...(Admiral)

    Thanks.... umm...*breathe*.... good night (Zuikaku)

    Don't forget what I said before the start of the event... (Admiral)

    This is not WW2. …

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  • Admiral Roman Reigns

    Kurita's turn to open the way

    Nagato and company... this is basically a skirmish to find a short way to defeat the boss. All we just need, is intel on how to get pass to long ass path of Abyssals.... (Admiral)

    I hope so, I don't want this to be slllloooooowwww.... (Shimakaze)

    Agreed to this. Also, thank you for welcoming and giving me an opportunity to join in with Kurita fleet (Kiso)

    That's the thing. we need every firepower we have, and this is one way to counter mess with the Abyssal's tactics. (Admiral)

    You sure make the best plans Teitoku, I wanna hug you.... (rolling jump)...(Kongou)

    (Hugged and gripped by Kongou)

    Ok.... any questions.... no... good, sortie now... (Admiral)

    Get off Kongou, your sortieng now... Hiryuu is not gonna be happy (Z…

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  • Admiral Roman Reigns


    You know what to do girls, scout out Surigao and look for intel regarding taking down the Abyssals up North

    Another trip at Surigao..(Yamashiro)

    This time, we should be fortunate enough (Fusou)

    I'm sure after this, we could rest and let Kurita fleet handle the rest..(Mogami)

    You better reward me after this Admiral I'm now at a equal level to join the big battles.. (Michisio)

           "sigh* Another trip to be depth doing Orel (I-14)

           "light laughter*... (Shigure)

    Shigure? (Yamashiro)

    I'm just happy now... we're together, and doing this mission again, without fear and trauma from the past... (Shigure)

    I agree with that...if only Yamagumo and Asagumo we're with us (Fuso)

    Forgive me if I hadn't leveled Asagumo or saved a slot f…

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  • Admiral Roman Reigns's everyone.... tired, hungry (looks at Akagi), and exhausted. How many years has the war been? How many years since my arrival? How far have we gone? How relentless has the abyssals become?... 


    How many missions have we failed, how many shipgirls we rescued and how many times have we retreated...


    You could also ask, how many shipgirls I sunk out of greed or carelessness..

    (I can remember 2 or 3 from my count) - Akashi

    (It was expected of you too lose during your first event) - Kaga

    True, true. Though the suffering I and admirals who joined that year endured is nothing compared to the first admirals of the war who took them head on 2 years before my recruitment. 

    (Midway... that mission was the most brutal and many have lost their…

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  • Toxictangent

    Winter 2018 Progress Log

    February 18, 2018 by Toxictangent

    As of typing this missive, it's already been 3 days since the event started. I really did not expect this event to drop on the first day of Lunar New Year of all days, which meant that I had no time at all to be a Teitoku until well, now. However, I guess it's ok since the first few days are generally reserved for the frontliners to gather the information that we need for success. I'll begin a few sorties today, but I'm not sure how much headway I can make as I have a lot of family reunions to attend.

    February 18th:

    Off I go. I probably only have time to unlock the boss node for E-1. I'm going on Easy for this map to conserve resources in the long run, and I'm willing to forgo the extra 3 Irakoes that I stand a chance to get if I try on Medi…

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  • 12ThDoctorWhoYT
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  • Arvin30p

    “Happy Valentine’s day, senpai.”

    Akari gave a box of chocolate to me as she offers it to me. Since it was Valentine’s day and such; it’s common occurrence for me to get one from Akari even though she is quite busy at times too.

    “Anyways; Are you sure that this chocolate is already fit for human consumption?”
    “How rude Senpai. It always been fit for consumption anyways.”
    “Hmm… I can’t tell. Last time, I heard that there was a certain potion that can make someone say the truth no matter what they ask.”
    “well, in the end; it was proven to be a hoax and it was easily disregarded.”

    Despite her claims to be untrue; the real reason why the potion didn’t live for too long because Kino and I act by shutting down the said distributor. As members of the st…

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  • Kruss

    With the large-scale Winter 2018 Event approaching and all new admirals panicking because of their lack of ships/resources/experience, I am willing to share with everyone a protip I received directly from a wise veteran senpai I encountered on Discord:

    You can thank me later.

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  • Arvin30p

    Random Chatter

    January 25, 2018 by Arvin30p

    As the new year starts, the people at the naval base began to move once again and this time, they were all preparing for an upcoming large-scale operation.

    “It seems that we would have difficulties once again.”
    “Yeah. You looked too unmotivated… All you do for quite some time is play Visual Novels.”
    “Well, I am just kinda hooked with them. Of course, I don’t neglect my…”
    “Anyways, I guess it’s right to say that we are quite behind schedule if I must say.”
    “Well… we are always behind schedule. I got that already.”
    “Anyhow; are you having plans on moving to a different location after this? I mean, we will be fine anyways and you can just tell them that you have done everything in your power to save the world. We are grateful for everything.”

    As the…

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  • Nikudsk

    my dd kai schedule

    January 22, 2018 by Nikudsk

    my tofu is level 4x in this week.

    how chose i lvling her ?

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  • AdArill

    DISCLAIMER: I wrote this "guide" mainly to help and make clear to admirals (mostly new ones) how to get the most of the dailies while also getting the nice rewards that one might ignore/decide not to do since it might look at a first glance a waste of resources/a trade of resources for others (example, treating daily W2 bosses as an "ammo for buckets" deal). This guide tries to stablish the best ways to complete dailies safely and as fast as possible while also mantaining the resource cost as low as possible.

    In this guide, only Submarines (SS) were used, assuming the total resource cost of 10/20 each.

    • Bd1: 1 kill -  1SS, 1-1A
    Net gains: 48/46/0/0 + 1
    • Bd2: 1 flagship kill - 1SS, 1-1A
    Net gains: 48/46/50/50 + 1 1

    Those 2 are trivial, use SS for le…

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  • VuLinhAssassin


    Part 1: Initial meeting

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  • VuLinhAssassin

    This post demonstrates a page dedicated to seiyuu(s) (Japanese for voice actor) behind our dear girls in the game. Since this post is just a demo, it was created as a blog post, using pre-made template that could be easily made via Wikia infobox creator tool. Also, remember to use |image= |romaji=Ōtsubo Yuka |japanese=大坪由佳 (おおつぼ ゆか) }}
    Yuka Ootsubo (大坪由佳 - Ōtsubo Yuka) is a Japanese voice actress from Chiba Prefecture affiliated with Early Wing. In 2014, she started her career as a singer by joining the band SmileY inc. with Vocaloid musician Yuuyu-P.
    She voices several ship girls in the game (see below) and even features a video regarding KanColle Arcade, where she actually played a match using a preset fleet.

    • Kitakami
    • Ooi

    • Furutaka
    • Kako

    • Ise
    • Hyuu…

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  • 四語千代柳沢
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  • Arvin30p

    As the winter gets cold, some people find comfort while underneath the warmth of a kotatsu and some find it in the weirdest of places. Right now, the naval base is devoid of activity because the Admiral and some of the personnel went out for the holidays. Even though it was the first time they did such a thing, the rest understood that it also served them as a break for the upcoming large-scale operation this February.

    Even so, one person never failed to train her body every day since she has nothing better to do.

    Kasumi: 1,2,3,4…

    Kasumi is currently running around on the track as she is accompanied by Musashi who like the idea of training underneath the cold winterish weather. Even so, Musashi who is usually dressed less in most occasion is …

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  • Arvin30p

    Once upon a time...
    there was a flightless crane...
    And that crane has smeared herself with mud for her to protect her little sister.
    And so, she learned how to become strong to protect those who are important to her.

    She once leads a group of flightless cranes to protect her little sister from harm...
    But, what she didn't know is that her little sister tries to learn how to fly.
    Because she is still young, she still can't fly and so, her sister told her that she can fly once she has achieved freedom
    But she didn't know what it meant.
    And so, the two only stayed at each other until one day...

    One day, their predator arrived and it challenged their daily lives.
    Soon, one by one... the flightless cranes tried to protect their leader.
    But one by one, th…

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  • Arvin30p

    Support – It’s a term that used to describe a person or an object that handles a part of your workload to make sure that a certain work or objective is fulfilled. In MMO terms, it’s a type of player that handles buffs, debuffs, even responsible in making all the grunt’s work before the main stars get their chance to shine. Essentially, Supports aren’t much necessary to be in a team, but Supports needed to be in a team for them to shine the most.

    And such role is being played by Sazanami as she silently does all the arduous work for the Admiral while he does a portion of it. But because of her intervention; they have a lot of time to laze around and eat something in between. But today, there was something role with Sazanami as she still lazes…

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  • Arvin30p

    I am Hatsushimo and I have a secret…

    I like the commander. He is the only person who would immediately compliment me whenever I do something. He is also the only man who have recognized me for who I am. However, He already have Mikazuki in his life and I know that in his heart, he cannot accommodate anyone anymore and that’s why, even if he praises me, messes my hair and talks with me; I know that I’ll never be happy since he belongs to someone else.

    “Hatsushimo, excellent work yesterday. Sorry if I haven’t said it.”
    “Anyways, what do you want this time? Hmm… A meal? Or something else?”
    “It’s fine commander, someone might misunderstand you.”
    “I already consulted this matter with Mikazuki.”
    “I don’t mean Mikazuki-san, but what about the…

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  • NPC01

    Preparation before Winter 2018

    December 14, 2017 by NPC01

    Hi Guys. Greetings. This is a blog to gather some suggestion for upcoming event. As I have been slack for nearly 5 months (less planning and expedition) i faced some issue. I did a quick review on my base and realize I am moderately unprepared. So, yeah, please refer to below. 

    Main objective for Winter 2018 event: Hard mode.

    Current intention: Optimize equipment.

    Equipment list

    Winter Fleet

    Ok. Here is the question part. This is a discussion blog, no right or wrong answer, and I appreciate all your comment. Don't need to answer all question, just give the suggestion in which you think you are confident in.

    1. In your opinion, after review my equipment list, what/which equipment should I focus on improving? The objective of improvement can be up…

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  • Arvin30p

    Arare likes winter ever since she is born into the world. Though she really don't show that at time, She knows that the coldness meant something for her. But of course only Arare loved the winter and thus made her a bit different from the rest.

    "Arare, can you close the window. It's freezing cold outside!" Kasumi complained as she woke up with her body fully covered with blankets as she confronts Arare who is standing near the windows.

    "Kasumi, can't you feel the cool air breezing inside the room?

    Arare knew that Kasumi hates being in the cold. Though Arare thought that if she became one with the cold winter air, she can finally convince Kasumi to like winter too.

    "Even though your name translates to hail, I see no reason for you to get attach…

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  • AiLoodee

    whoa tama kai ni wtf

    December 11, 2017 by AiLoodee


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  • Arvin30p

    I opened the door, what greeted me are sparkling lights that covered the whole room; which contrasts the darkness of my office for the past few hours since I haven’t seen them. I know that they were doing something, but they have done an excellent job of keeping everything a secret up to the last moment. I guess they have convinced Mikazuki not to spill the beans. Ah, I did celebrate this with everyone last year but this year; they threw a surprise one on me for whatever reasons they can make and I didn’t hate that. Afterall, it was such an overwhelming feeling of being surprised up to the very end.

    “Merry Christmas!”
    “All of you…”
    “Master, I know you are quite shocked about this, but… We intend to throw such a surprise to you and now, seeing…

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  • 四語千代柳沢

    Ship List

    December 2, 2017 by 四語千代柳沢

    Asking for page deletion.


    Reason: Page existed already


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  • 四語千代柳沢

    Asking for page deletion.


    Reason: Useless Blog

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  • Arvin30p

    You Play KanColle? So what?

    It's quite infamous for making Uber hard events, Hard quest and some insane quests that will totally take your time in doing it. But nonetheless, some people still play the game. You? I have no idea if you are salting or not. But if you are salting enough... then, listen to steps on reducing your salt.

    When you say everything, I mean... EVERYTHING DEVS MIGHT THROW AT YOU!!!


    • Line abreast subs - putting one of your ships to red. (such nostalgia)
    • Night battle nodes - A den for RNG's machination, nothing worth mentioning asides the tears most people shed while doing that.
    • Random crits - It's fine if it was on the preboss node. But if it was on the easiest node of the map, I am sure how much rage you are building up…

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  • Shigurekt


    November 17, 2017 by Shigurekt
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  • 四語千代柳沢


    November 17, 2017 by 四語千代柳沢


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  • Ka-ri-su-ma

    • [[1]]
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  • Toxictangent

    Fall 2017 Progress Log

    November 11, 2017 by Toxictangent

    November 11th:

    Happy Single's Day, everyone. It's been a long while since I've but in a concerted effort into events- I have dipped into previous events, all except for Spring 2017, and made little noteworthy headway. I did clear E2 on Normal in Summer 2016, and more recently E1, 2, and 3 on Easy in Summer 2017. However, due to this my resources have taken quite a hit and are nowhere near my levels in the last progress log, for Spring 2016. Therefore, the real limiting factor will be my consumables as I am currently sitting on 146 buckets which is not a lot at all. This number is also after concerted efforts to hoard buckets over a series of weekends. I only have free time on the weekends to Teitoku, which is the other limiting factor for m…

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  • Arvin30p

    Side Story: Hail*

    November 10, 2017 by Arvin30p

    I woke up today only to find the sleeping face of Kasumi reflected on the mirror inside my room. While I do not mind seeing this every day, I wonder if she minds it if I tell her what she looks like when she is sleeping. Well, it’s not that she didn’t know that truth anyways; it’s just that maybe she hasn’t accepted it at all.

    Anyways, I immediately get out of the bed and measure Kasumi’s uniform to visualize myself wearing one because I am envious of them who got to wear it while I still retain my childish uniform that doesn’t make me anything special at all. Oh right, I haven’t introduced myself; I am Arare and I am the leader of the Expedition team.

    Unlike the main fleet who does it’s work by destroying enemies upon sight, the Expedition …

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  • Zel-melon

    Disclaimer: When I said Newbies, I mean people who are doing this as their first-ish event. As in, they're going ALL-EASY.....and maybe some Medium.....situation where you fluctuates between Easy/Medium/Hard to avoid ship-lock problem and can utilize the lower ship requirement to pass through.

    It is well known that Event likes to come with a historical fleet set-up that provides you with a better routing and/or buff. However, you must remember this one thing: Easy Mode bothers less with Historical Fleet

    What do I mean by this? First, the requirement is less. Second, it matters less that you have that ship for you to succeed.

    What matters more is how well-prepared a few core ships of yours are. Remember, Easy Mode HAS NO SHIP LOCK. You only need…

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  • Arvin30p

    Side Story: Murakumo

    November 9, 2017 by Arvin30p

    Murakumo first arrived at the naval base with a lot of expectation the Admiral which was posted here. But after she arrived, her expectations were all flushed out to the drain and she felt that it was pointless already at this point for her to struggle.

    And so, she voluntarily assigns herself as a member of the expedition crew which was led by Sendai as the Flagship, but Murakumo felt that Sendai wasn’t cut out to be the leader so, she tried to become one, but in the end, everyone followed Arare’s method and they all silently appointed Arare as the Expedition leader leaving Murakumo behind again.

    “Sigh. I never knew that silent Arare is actually good.”

    Eating with her is Isonami who is currently doing some errands outside the base, but today …

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  • Dieragon

    Battle of Leyte Gulf

    November 9, 2017 by Dieragon


    The battle of Leyte Gulf is considered one of the largest naval battles in history ... This page has little background, history and other data about the Battle of the Leyte Gulf including timelines, ships used in battles, the battles itself, operations, actors and other information for preparing novice admirals for the next Fall Event 2017 & Winter 2018. 

    Ending the "Battle of the Philippine Sea" (a.k.a. "The Great Marianas Turkey Shoot"... Zuikaku , Shoukaku and Taihou 's Nightmare) in June of 1944, and thanks to all the campaign the allies executed since 1942 on the IJN and IJA is that the Battle of the Leyte gulf comes to hand. During all this campaigns (Solomon Islands, Bismarck Archipelago, Admiralty Islands, New Guinea, Mars…

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  • Arvin30p

    Side Story: Hiro and Naka

    November 4, 2017 by Arvin30p

    I woke up one day and I find myself being in the presence of a girl that I haven’t spent much of my time with. It’s not because I didn’t like her or some sort. But it was due to the fact of the nature of her cover work. After all, she is an idol (wannabe) and she wanted to make it big someday.

    “Good Morning Hiro-san.”

    For some reason, the sweet sound of her voice resonated in my head as she said my name while lying on the bed with her. I really can’t recall much what transpired last night since we were a bit on an emotional roller coaster back then. But even so, Naka’s non-idol voice reminds me of a friend that has been out of contact back then. I wonder, why every time I look at her eyes; she reminds me of Honoka who have left on her own to…

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  • Aldonak111

    For Another Seasonal if another is coming


    |Fall2015_Note = Fuyutsuki in the future?

    |Christmas2015 = これがクリスマス!提督、いいですね、クリスマス!秋月姉もどんどん食べなよ!ほら、これとか! |Christmas2015_EN = So that is Christmas? Admiral, it is great, Christmas. Akizuki-nee is also eating a lot. Look look, like this. |Christmas2015_Clip = |Christmas2015_Note =

    |EndofYear2015 = 年末だぁ!大掃除の季節。うぅぅ、一年の埃って結構たまるぅ。ごほっ、ごほっ(a cough)、やだ提督、窓開けて窓! |EndofYear2015_EN = It's end of year! The season of cleaning. Uaah, a lot of dust has gathered this year.*Cough**Cough*, Admiral open the window! |EndofYear2015_Clip = |EndofYear2015_Note =

    |NewYear2016 = 提督。秋月姉。新年明けましておめでとうございます!今年も照月をよろしくね? |NewYear2016_EN = Admiral and Akizuki-nee, Happy New Year! Take care of me this year too, okay? |NewYea…

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  • Arvin30p

    Inazuma & Hoshi

    October 19, 2017 by Arvin30p

    It was 3 years ago when I first saw her face, back then there was only suffering in her eyes and soon after that a certain someone has saved her from the clutches of evil. Meanwhile, all I did in those times is to watch as that hero destroy every villain on his path. But even so, I wished that it was I who have saved her first. But, as of that moment; there was nothing I can do and I just hid behind the shadow of my friend who have first recognized me as who I am.

    “Commander? Where are we heading off?” Inazuma asks me as she walks behind me.
    “To the place where our future holds.” I answered as I held Inazuma’s delicate hands.

    But even so, even if I am not as good as Hiro when it comes to combat, not as influential as Princess Claire, not as w…

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  • Arvin30p

    The Girls’ Shenanigans

    October 18, 2017 by Arvin30p

    Author’s note: This is the wacky side stories that features the girls themselves minus the involvement of the admiral. Or sometimes, if the admiral is just involved, he is nothing more but a side character.

    Sazanami day starts when the alarm clock strikes 5:30 in the morning. It was early for most people, but for her, It’s the best time to wake her sleepy machineries that are still on slumber mode.
    “So cold…”
    Then, she gathered herself once more and get out of the bed to start the day.

    And so, after doing a lot of personal chores, Sazanami donned her uniform that looked like a hybrid between a serafuku and a maid dress. But even so, she claimed that it was due to the fact that it’s HQ’s intention to make her more distinct. However, what she di…

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  • Arvin30p

    Stories of Fall: Sakawa

    October 15, 2017 by Arvin30p

    Sakawa and I have reached an agreement. Even though I pretty much have understood her intentions, I didn’t understand her at all. It’s like she knows something, yet she decided not to use it at all in the most critical times. Sometimes… I wonder what is going on inside of her head.

    “Sakawa, are you sure about this?”

    Sakawa who had a smile in her face nodded to me. For some reason, I really didn’t understand her position at all, even though…

    “Yes. This should be the best for all parties.”
    “I don’t like it.”
    “I know you’ll say that but… what can I do? I am nothing more than just a dead weight to you. I don’t deserve any attention at all.”
    “Is that so?”
    “Sorry Admiral.”
    “But Sakawa, is that what your heart says right now?”

    And from here, I’ll hea…

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  • AdArill

    I decided to write this guide to help new admirals have better chances at clearing the event stages, or simply, events. One of the most frustrating things when starting in the game and facing your first event is realising your fleet sucks in many aspects, going from underleveled ships, unrepresented classes, low tier equipment, to incorrectly used resources, unoptimized grinding and hoarding, etc. This guide will cover what's recommended to face the event and defeat all the possible (standard) maps, going from an early game fleet to a robust one.

    First, it's necessary to understand some concepts of how events work:

    • Events will happen 4 times each year, each representing the corresponding season. This leaves us with an event every trimester.
    • E…

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  • Arvin30p

    Stories of fall – Ooi

    October 11, 2017 by Arvin30p

    I never liked the Admiral yet…
    I never wanted anyone else asides from Kitakami-san yet…

    Ooi never wanted to be with anyone else asides from Kitakami, however…

    “Ooi-cchi, I am sorry but I only see you as a friend.”
    “Kitakami-san, tell me who have your heart. Tell me!!!”
    “No one has my heart yet. But I want you to know that you need to give me some distance, I mean…”
    “I see… so it’s the damn Admiral afterall.”
    “Wait Ooi-cchi, please wait… I am not done talking yet.”

    But Kitakami forgot to restrain Ooi as Ooi rushes towards the Admiral’s office.

    The Admiral’s office is the official place where anyone can enter for as long as you know that the door isn’t lock. At times when it’s lock, you can either guess that the Admiral is out or he is just inside do…

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  • Arvin30p

    Side Story: Kinugasa

    October 7, 2017 by Arvin30p

    Kinugasa and I have been friends for the longest of time. She pretty much knew everything about me and I do know everything about her too. Despite our more than friends, more than lovers setting; she supports my relationship with Sazanami which is pretty helpful in itself. But I sometimes wonder if she wanted me to return a favor to her someday… I am not good at understanding her at times like these.

    But even so, Kinugasa is one of my most treasured friends I could ever wish for.

    “Hiro, what if one day; I disappeared. What will happen to you?”
    “Seriously… I think my life will be a mess if you are gone.”
    “I see…”
    “Please don’t pull off something like that.”
    “I won’t. Don’t worry…”

    But despite those words, I had a feeling that she’ll troll me for g…

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  • TenkouKuugen

    Hi Hi!

    This time I'll try to introduce the Air Power Calculator to TTKs who can't read Japanese. Hopefully this article will help you find what you need quicker and make the process not as intimidating as before. :)

    The Air Power Calculator (aka Air Supremacy Calculator) is a convenient online tool that calculates fleet air power without a viewer (or the game itself). It has been around for a long time, but a lot of TTKs are still missing out due to language barrier - the site is written in Japanese!

    Don't worry though, you don't need to learn Japaneses to use this tool. This article will cover the basics and allow you to learn where/what things are and, with some practice, you can go about business as usual just like how a lot of you navigat…

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