• Arvin30p

    I am Hatsushimo and I have a secret…

    I like the commander. He is the only person who would immediately compliment me whenever I do something. He is also the only man who have recognized me for who I am. However, He already have Mikazuki in his life and I know that in his heart, he cannot accommodate anyone anymore and that’s why, even if he praises me, messes my hair and talks with me; I know that I’ll never be happy since he belongs to someone else.

    “Hatsushimo, excellent work yesterday. Sorry if I haven’t said it.”
    “Anyways, what do you want this time? Hmm… A meal? Or something else?”
    “It’s fine commander, someone might misunderstand you.”
    “I already consulted this matter with Mikazuki.”
    “I don’t mean Mikazuki-san, but what about the…

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  • NPC01

    Preparation before Winter 2018

    December 14, 2017 by NPC01

    Hi Guys. Greetings. This is a blog to gather some suggestion for upcoming event. As I have been slack for nearly 5 months (less planning and expedition) i faced some issue. I did a quick review on my base and realize I am moderately unprepared. So, yeah, please refer to below. 

    Main objective for Winter 2018 event: Hard mode.

    Current intention: Optimize equipment.

    Equipment list

    Winter Fleet

    Ok. Here is the question part. This is a discussion blog, no right or wrong answer, and I appreciate all your comment. Don't need to answer all question, just give the suggestion in which you think you are confident in.

    1. In your opinion, after review my equipment list, what/which equipment should I focus on improving? The objective of improvement can be up…

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  • Arvin30p

    Arare likes winter ever since she is born into the world. Though she really don't show that at time, She knows that the coldness meant something for her. But of course only Arare loved the winter and thus made her a bit different from the rest.

    "Arare, can you close the window. It's freezing cold outside!" Kasumi complained as she woke up with her body fully covered with blankets as she confronts Arare who is standing near the windows.

    "Kasumi, can't you feel the cool air breezing inside the room?

    Arare knew that Kasumi hates being in the cold. Though Arare thought that if she became one with the cold winter air, she can finally convince Kasumi to like winter too.

    "Even though your name translates to hail, I see no reason for you to get attach…

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  • AiLoodee

    whoa tama kai ni wtf

    December 11, 2017 by AiLoodee


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  • Arvin30p

    I opened the door, what greeted me are sparkling lights that covered the whole room; which contrasts the darkness of my office for the past few hours since I haven’t seen them. I know that they were doing something, but they have done an excellent job of keeping everything a secret up to the last moment. I guess they have convinced Mikazuki not to spill the beans. Ah, I did celebrate this with everyone last year but this year; they threw a surprise one on me for whatever reasons they can make and I didn’t hate that. Afterall, it was such an overwhelming feeling of being surprised up to the very end.

    “Merry Christmas!”
    “All of you…”
    “Master, I know you are quite shocked about this, but… We intend to throw such a surprise to you and now, seeing…

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  • FubakiChan

    Event History

    December 2, 2017 by FubakiChan

    Asking for page deletion.


    Reason: Useless blog

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  • FubakiChan

    Ship List

    December 2, 2017 by FubakiChan

    Asking for page deletion.


    Reason: Page existed already


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  • FubakiChan

    FubakiChan Events-Status

    December 2, 2017 by FubakiChan

    Asking for page deletion.


    Reason: Useless Blog

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  • Arvin30p

    You Play KanColle? So what?

    It's quite infamous for making Uber hard events, Hard quest and some insane quests that will totally take your time in doing it. But nonetheless, some people still play the game. You? I have no idea if you are salting or not. But if you are salting enough... then, listen to steps on reducing your salt.

    When you say everything, I mean... EVERYTHING DEVS MIGHT THROW AT YOU!!!


    • Line abreast subs - putting one of your ships to red. (such nostalgia)
    • Night battle nodes - A den for RNG's machination, nothing worth mentioning asides the tears most people shed while doing that.
    • Random crits - It's fine if it was on the preboss node. But if it was on the easiest node of the map, I am sure how much rage you are building up…

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  • Shigurekt


    November 17, 2017 by Shigurekt
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  • FubakiChan


    November 17, 2017 by FubakiChan


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  • Ka-ri-su-ma

    • [[1]]
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  • Toxictangent

    Fall 2017 Progress Log

    November 11, 2017 by Toxictangent

    November 11th:

    Happy Single's Day, everyone. It's been a long while since I've but in a concerted effort into events- I have dipped into previous events, all except for Spring 2017, and made little noteworthy headway. I did clear E2 on Normal in Summer 2016, and more recently E1, 2, and 3 on Easy in Summer 2017. However, due to this my resources have taken quite a hit and are nowhere near my levels in the last progress log, for Spring 2016. Therefore, the real limiting factor will be my consumables as I am currently sitting on 146 buckets which is not a lot at all. This number is also after concerted efforts to hoard buckets over a series of weekends. I only have free time on the weekends to Teitoku, which is the other limiting factor for m…

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  • Arvin30p

    Side Story: Hail*

    November 10, 2017 by Arvin30p

    I woke up today only to find the sleeping face of Kasumi reflected on the mirror inside my room. While I do not mind seeing this every day, I wonder if she minds it if I tell her what she looks like when she is sleeping. Well, it’s not that she didn’t know that truth anyways; it’s just that maybe she hasn’t accepted it at all.

    Anyways, I immediately get out of the bed and measure Kasumi’s uniform to visualize myself wearing one because I am envious of them who got to wear it while I still retain my childish uniform that doesn’t make me anything special at all. Oh right, I haven’t introduced myself; I am Arare and I am the leader of the Expedition team.

    Unlike the main fleet who does it’s work by destroying enemies upon sight, the Expedition …

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  • Zel-melon

    Disclaimer: When I said Newbies, I mean people who are doing this as their first-ish event. As in, they're going ALL-EASY.....and maybe some Medium.....situation where you fluctuates between Easy/Medium/Hard to avoid ship-lock problem and can utilize the lower ship requirement to pass through.

    It is well known that Event likes to come with a historical fleet set-up that provides you with a better routing and/or buff. However, you must remember this one thing: Easy Mode bothers less with Historical Fleet

    What do I mean by this? First, the requirement is less. Second, it matters less that you have that ship for you to succeed.

    What matters more is how well-prepared a few core ships of yours are. Remember, Easy Mode HAS NO SHIP LOCK. You only need…

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  • Arvin30p

    Side Story: Murakumo

    November 9, 2017 by Arvin30p

    Murakumo first arrived at the naval base with a lot of expectation the Admiral which was posted here. But after she arrived, her expectations were all flushed out to the drain and she felt that it was pointless already at this point for her to struggle.

    And so, she voluntarily assigns herself as a member of the expedition crew which was led by Sendai as the Flagship, but Murakumo felt that Sendai wasn’t cut out to be the leader so, she tried to become one, but in the end, everyone followed Arare’s method and they all silently appointed Arare as the Expedition leader leaving Murakumo behind again.

    “Sigh. I never knew that silent Arare is actually good.”

    Eating with her is Isonami who is currently doing some errands outside the base, but today …

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  • Dieragon

    Battle of Leyte Gulf

    November 9, 2017 by Dieragon


    The battle of Leyte Gulf is considered one of the largest naval battles in history ... This page has little background, history and other data about the Battle of the Leyte Gulf including timelines, ships used in battles, the battles itself, operations, actors and other information for preparing novice admirals for the next Fall Event 2017 & Winter 2018. 

    Ending the "Battle of the Philippine Sea" (a.k.a. "The Great Marianas Turkey Shoot"... Zuikaku , Shoukaku and Taihou 's Nightmare) in June of 1944, and thanks to all the campaign the allies executed since 1942 on the IJN and IJA is that the Battle of the Leyte gulf comes to hand. During all this campaigns (Solomon Islands, Bismarck Archipelago, Admiralty Islands, New Guinea, Mars…

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  • Arvin30p

    Side Story: Hiro and Naka

    November 4, 2017 by Arvin30p

    I woke up one day and I find myself being in the presence of a girl that I haven’t spent much of my time with. It’s not because I didn’t like her or some sort. But it was due to the fact of the nature of her cover work. After all, she is an idol (wannabe) and she wanted to make it big someday.

    “Good Morning Hiro-san.”

    For some reason, the sweet sound of her voice resonated in my head as she said my name while lying on the bed with her. I really can’t recall much what transpired last night since we were a bit on an emotional roller coaster back then. But even so, Naka’s non-idol voice reminds me of a friend that has been out of contact back then. I wonder, why every time I look at her eyes; she reminds me of Honoka who have left on her own to…

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  • Aldonak111

    For Another Seasonal if another is coming


    |Fall2015_Note = Fuyutsuki in the future?

    |Christmas2015 = これがクリスマス!提督、いいですね、クリスマス!秋月姉もどんどん食べなよ!ほら、これとか! |Christmas2015_EN = So that is Christmas? Admiral, it is great, Christmas. Akizuki-nee is also eating a lot. Look look, like this. |Christmas2015_Clip = |Christmas2015_Note =

    |EndofYear2015 = 年末だぁ!大掃除の季節。うぅぅ、一年の埃って結構たまるぅ。ごほっ、ごほっ(a cough)、やだ提督、窓開けて窓! |EndofYear2015_EN = It's end of year! The season of cleaning. Uaah, a lot of dust has gathered this year.*Cough**Cough*, Admiral open the window! |EndofYear2015_Clip = |EndofYear2015_Note =

    |NewYear2016 = 提督。秋月姉。新年明けましておめでとうございます!今年も照月をよろしくね? |NewYear2016_EN = Admiral and Akizuki-nee, Happy New Year! Take care of me this year too, okay? |NewYea…

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  • Arvin30p

    Inazuma & Hoshi

    October 19, 2017 by Arvin30p

    It was 3 years ago when I first saw her face, back then there was only suffering in her eyes and soon after that a certain someone has saved her from the clutches of evil. Meanwhile, all I did in those times is to watch as that hero destroy every villain on his path. But even so, I wished that it was I who have saved her first. But, as of that moment; there was nothing I can do and I just hid behind the shadow of my friend who have first recognized me as who I am.

    “Commander? Where are we heading off?” Inazuma asks me as she walks behind me.
    “To the place where our future holds.” I answered as I held Inazuma’s delicate hands.

    But even so, even if I am not as good as Hiro when it comes to combat, not as influential as Princess Claire, not as w…

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  • Arvin30p

    The Girls’ Shenanigans

    October 18, 2017 by Arvin30p

    Author’s note: This is the wacky side stories that features the girls themselves minus the involvement of the admiral. Or sometimes, if the admiral is just involved, he is nothing more but a side character.

    Sazanami day starts when the alarm clock strikes 5:30 in the morning. It was early for most people, but for her, It’s the best time to wake her sleepy machineries that are still on slumber mode.
    “So cold…”
    Then, she gathered herself once more and get out of the bed to start the day.

    And so, after doing a lot of personal chores, Sazanami donned her uniform that looked like a hybrid between a serafuku and a maid dress. But even so, she claimed that it was due to the fact that it’s HQ’s intention to make her more distinct. However, what she di…

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  • Arvin30p

    Stories of Fall: Sakawa

    October 15, 2017 by Arvin30p

    Sakawa and I have reached an agreement. Even though I pretty much have understood her intentions, I didn’t understand her at all. It’s like she knows something, yet she decided not to use it at all in the most critical times. Sometimes… I wonder what is going on inside of her head.

    “Sakawa, are you sure about this?”

    Sakawa who had a smile in her face nodded to me. For some reason, I really didn’t understand her position at all, even though…

    “Yes. This should be the best for all parties.”
    “I don’t like it.”
    “I know you’ll say that but… what can I do? I am nothing more than just a dead weight to you. I don’t deserve any attention at all.”
    “Is that so?”
    “Sorry Admiral.”
    “But Sakawa, is that what your heart says right now?”

    And from here, I’ll hea…

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  • AdArill

    I decided to write this guide to help new admirals have better chances at clearing the event stages, or simply, events. One of the most frustrating things when starting in the game and facing your first event is realising your fleet sucks in many aspects, going from underleveled ships, unrepresented classes, low tier equipment, to incorrectly used resources, unoptimized grinding and hoarding, etc. This guide will cover what's recommended to face the event and defeat all the possible (standard) maps, going from an early game fleet to a robust one.

    First, it's necessary to understand some concepts of how events work:

    • Events will happen 4 times each year, each representing the corresponding season. This leaves us with an event every trimester.
    • E…

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  • Arvin30p

    Stories of fall – Ooi

    October 11, 2017 by Arvin30p

    I never liked the Admiral yet…
    I never wanted anyone else asides from Kitakami-san yet…

    Ooi never wanted to be with anyone else asides from Kitakami, however…

    “Ooi-cchi, I am sorry but I only see you as a friend.”
    “Kitakami-san, tell me who have your heart. Tell me!!!”
    “No one has my heart yet. But I want you to know that you need to give me some distance, I mean…”
    “I see… so it’s the damn Admiral afterall.”
    “Wait Ooi-cchi, please wait… I am not done talking yet.”

    But Kitakami forgot to restrain Ooi as Ooi rushes towards the Admiral’s office.

    The Admiral’s office is the official place where anyone can enter for as long as you know that the door isn’t lock. At times when it’s lock, you can either guess that the Admiral is out or he is just inside do…

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  • Arvin30p

    Side Story: Kinugasa

    October 7, 2017 by Arvin30p

    Kinugasa and I have been friends for the longest of time. She pretty much knew everything about me and I do know everything about her too. Despite our more than friends, more than lovers setting; she supports my relationship with Sazanami which is pretty helpful in itself. But I sometimes wonder if she wanted me to return a favor to her someday… I am not good at understanding her at times like these.

    But even so, Kinugasa is one of my most treasured friends I could ever wish for.

    “Hiro, what if one day; I disappeared. What will happen to you?”
    “Seriously… I think my life will be a mess if you are gone.”
    “I see…”
    “Please don’t pull off something like that.”
    “I won’t. Don’t worry…”

    But despite those words, I had a feeling that she’ll troll me for g…

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  • TenkouKuugen

    Hi Hi!

    This time I'll try to introduce the Air Power Calculator to TTKs who can't read Japanese. Hopefully this article will help you find what you need quicker and make the process not as intimidating as before. :)

    The Air Power Calculator (aka Air Supremacy Calculator) is a convenient online tool that calculates fleet air power without a viewer (or the game itself). It has been around for a long time, but a lot of TTKs are still missing out due to language barrier - the site is written in Japanese!

    Don't worry though, you don't need to learn Japaneses to use this tool. This article will cover the basics and allow you to learn where/what things are and, with some practice, you can go about business as usual just like how a lot of you navigat…

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  • AdmiralWhill

    How to use Ark Royal will be done making while i was finding a way to upload How to use Fubuki without changing anything

    so vote for the song title for Ark Royal Torpedobeats montaged on comment.

    Matt Land - City Lover City Rider

    Gone (from MLAaP Vol.2) by Odyssey

    I like you how you are – Valentina

    Leslie Parrish - Save Me Read more >
  • Arvin30p

    Kamikaze and the Admiral are currently walking all around the base to check for supplies to see if there is a miss on the inventory count or if someone has been stealing stuff from the supplies, but as far as the Admiral is concerned, there are just few people who would actually do that while he is not looking.

    Kamikaze: Anyways, is there a reason for us to look around?
    Hiro: Nothing really. But you know, I haven’t heard much from you. So, I decided to tag you along to know something.
    Kamikaze: I see…

    Kamikaze’s red face was apparent as she hasn’t spoken that much to the Admiral, now that she has a reason to speak with him, she didn’t know what to say.

    Hiro: Kamikaze, do you have a fever or something?
    Kamikaze: no Admiral… it’s just that… It’s b…

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  • Arvin30p

    Stories of Fall: Kazagumo

    October 3, 2017 by Arvin30p

    [Akigumo’s POV]
    “…and so, by the end of fall; the two have finally met one another.”
    I close the small booklet which I have written in accordance to my client’s demand. Though this client of mine is not much a hassle do deal with.
    An artist is a person who records important parts of a story, no matter how ugly it is or no matter how unsightly that chapter is. But even so, most of the time; the models get too emotional whenever they got involved into my creative process.

    “Akigumo. Sorry if I make you write something like this. I know it’s not your forte but…”
    “Don’t worry. I’ll do it since it’s you who requested it.”

    My Friend, Kazagumo; is a worry-wart. She worries a lot about things and she fusses on it. Though it was because she was chosen too…

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  • Arvin30p


    As Haruhiko went out to catch up with Karen, Haruhiko’s mother who looked like Sazanami-san when she gets a bit older served me some tea. Soon, the door opens and Haruhiko’s dad enters along with a woman who looked like me when I get older.
    “Is this Haru’s Mikazuki?”
    “Yes Hiro-san.”
    “Good. Yoru, guard the doors for now. Don’t let Haru enter.”
    “Yes Hiro-san.”

    The girl named Yoru went out and she closes the door.
    “Oh right, gotta make it sure the sound doesn’t leak…”

    As Haruhiko-san said those words, a woman with long blue hair entered the scene and started to chant something in words I am not familiar with.

    “As the representative of the sea, give me the powers not to leak sound from the inside. [Soundproof]”

    Soon, the room felt that i…

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  • AnomyAsw210

    Trolling RNG

    October 2, 2017 by AnomyAsw210



    experiment 1: Saury event + Bw1
    location: W1-1 (node B/C) 

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  • Arvin30p

    I remember a time when my dad introduced me to Kumano-san’s daughter. She was a pretty girl with a different attitude. Rather, she acts too old for her age as if she knows everything right from the start.

    “Is this a marriage meeting?” The girls asked Kumano-san as she looks displeased.
    “You figured it out? You sure are too clever for your age.” Kumano-san replied gently as she looks at her daughter.
    “Ma, I am only 10 and you already selling me for marriage with some kid?”
    “But he is not an ordinary kid. He is the Raven’s kid.”
    “The Raven’s chick? I never thought he looked too… lame.”

    For some reason, I am being insulted and humiliated by the girl who was standing right in front of me. But even so, I decided to ignore her comments.

    “It seems that …

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  • Arvin30p

    Stories of fall: Kumano

    September 27, 2017 by Arvin30p

    Kumano stares at the ring that the Admiral has given to her back in Europe. It was the most precious thing she has received from the said Admiral. After all, there was no one left who can give her something and the Admiral has taken upon to himself to take care of Kumano, no matter how long time passes by.

    As such, Kumano is no stranger in the term of love. After all, the Admiral is her first love and she still loves him despite the challenges that surrounds the two. Rather, for Kumano; her love is just one-sided and she doesn’t really hope that the Admiral will totally marry her when the war comes to an end.

    Soon, there was a knock in the door and a voice echoed through the room.

    “Kumano, It’s me Suzuya. The Admiral is looking for you.”

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  • Arvin30p

    Sagiri and Hiro: Short story

    September 21, 2017 by Arvin30p

    Sagiri: Admiral, Can I ask you about something?
    Hiro: Another question? Every time we meet, you always have something to ask of me. Anyways, what is it?

    Sagiri fidgets as she slowly closes her distance to the admiral

    Sagiri: I want to spend the night with…
    Hiro: Hold it right there! The Answer is no.
    Sagiri: Eh~!
    Hiro: Of course, you won’t be spending the night with me. I’ll be killed later.
    Sagiri: I see…
    Hiro: Good for you that you under…
    Sagiri: Instead of tonight, spend some time with me today? Please…

    Hiro has his face mixed with no and yes due to the fact that he is still at the middle of work. However, he did want to spend some time with Sagiri since he is fond of her.

    Hiro: I guess it’s fine. But you need to wait. Alright?
    Sagiri: Yes ♪

    And Hir…

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  • Martirsadota

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  • Arvin30p

    Side Story: Sagiri

    September 11, 2017 by Arvin30p

    All I can see in battle is lives being lost one after the other. As far as I can remember, war is something that would make us shine the most. Since we are machines made by man with the purpose of war, all of our objectives in the end is to make our masters, our creators and our country proud. But even so, even after such valiant acts of what we believed in is right, I was in the end sunk into the bottom of the abyss.

    All I can say as I see water rushing up inside me is…
    What did I do?
    Why did I deserve to sink?
    I am doing the best that I can do?
    Why is this happening to me?
    Did I really have to sink here?

    All alone into the dark sea floor I sunk and sunk and sunk until I landed into the oceanic plate that separates the living world and the hidde…

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  • EchoHolic

    Hi everyone, I'm the famous procrastinator and vaporware developer, Echo. Recently I've ringed my 74th 77th ship in the game, and will probably ring many more in the months to come. Its a great feeling, knowing my wallet hates me for spending so much on 2D illustrations and the fact that I'm a giant fucking weeb. And my wallet doesn't even actually have feelings! But I digress.

    In many communities there are people who often say that Level 99 ships can get the job done as well as Level 165 ships, and I generally agree (Despite marrying this many). However, in Kancolle, there are certain ships, that when married, have some interesting properties as a result of certain game mechanics added over the years. Some also have very fun things that are po…

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  • Arvin30p

    Summer hasn’t ended yet. And even so… I don’t plan on ending this one without doing something important to the girl who worked hard to reach the limits of her abilities. But even so, she still wants to grow stronger day by day; but due to implied limiters. She can’t go beyond what her body can handle. And so, on this day… I should release those restraints and let her do whatever she wants for as long as she performs well on top of those things.

    But even so, even though it’s not yet autumn, I feel that my eyes can’t help but to look at her intently. As if she was hypnotizing me at my waking moments. I wonder if this what I feel is love… or something love-like.

    “Hiro-sama, I will be waiting then.” The girl spoke as she lets go of my hand.


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  • SlashZero

    Last updated 09/08/2016 @ 8:55am (UTC)

    Notable drops on S-rank (drop rates from poi-statistics):

    • Teruzuki (2%)
    • I-401 (1.5%)
    • Maruyu (1%)
    • Commandant Teste (2%)
    • Mizuho (1.5%)
    • Kazagumo, Takanami, and Okinami (1.5% each)

    (No notable drops on A rank)

    With the proper set up, this node can be consistently S-ranked.  My best setup so far has a 100% S rank rate.

    Also, transport kills for daily/weekly missions.

    There's only one reasonable route to this node (DJKL), and the routing rules restrict us to 4 battleships + carriers (CVL included), while requiring 1 CLT to route to L instead of towards the boss directly.  Also, make sure you're not bringing too many European ships to avoid routing directly to M from K.

    Node D is some relatively non-threatening Yo-class…

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  • Fujihita

    This blog is a mathematical comparison between Kitakami / Ooi's two possible equipment setups. In other words, to torpedo cut-in (TCI) or to double attack (DA), that is the question.

    There are three factors to consider:

    1. Trigger rate: 99% for DA. Luck-based for TCI, default is at 43% without yasen bonus for KTKM
    2. Likelihood of non-scratch hits: calculated based on boss's armor and ship's output.
    3. Likelihood of moderate damage: guessimate based on map analysis / sortie experiences

    But first, let's cover the root of TCI vs. DA argument.

    To see how deep the rabbit hole goes, see Damage Calculation.
    But, who does that? It's MATH! Just read on for a simpler explanation.

    All attacks are capped by a certain value depending on the type of damage and phase of…

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  • Takaizu91

    Under development and testing, results appear here may vary so take it with a grain of salt

    This blog is intended to house a speculation on whether a few equipments and/or setup can increase hit rate to an extremely mobile PT Imp Pack. I'm currently doing this on my free time and I may or may not update this blog on time.

    I have little knowledge on keeping this blog with better layout/edit so anyone can give me advice on how to improve this like giving visuals of equipment when highlighted and so on. Help is appreciated.

    • Skilled Lookouts
    • Type 3 Shell (Sanshiki)
    • Type 1/91 Armor Piercing Shell
    • 10cm Twin High-angle Gun mount
    • 10cm Twin High-angle Gun mount + Anti Aircraft Fire Director
    • WG42 (Wurfgerät 42)
    • Searchlight

    - will update later on-

    Results poste…

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  • Pasta-machine006

    1FBB + 2DD + 2CV + 1CVL, all Fast ships.

    Since it's vs. installation, equip T3 shell and Daihatsu series.And Torp bomber also.

    1FBB + 2CL + 1DD + 1CV + 1CVL, all Fast ships.

    The positions of CLs and DD were changed several times, but there was no big difference.

    Since there is no ship who can TCI, equipment for Night Battle is T98 recon only.

    1st sortie for debuff, and was needs 7 times to beat the boss.

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  • Ar-cen-ciel

    • The IJN Reinforcement Fleet have defeated the E6 Boss and preparing for the E7 Boss.
    • Briefing of the situation from European Fleet
    • great Dinner before the battle (underestimated consumption)

    • LBAS takes flight in massive droves
    • Shipgirls given a morale speech
    • Shipgirls begin sortieing

    • Scouting New Submarine Princess
    • Ends with Princess creeping the scouting fleet.
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  • Tadano Hitoshi

    (Warning, this entry this time contains some Gratituous Italian so please do not mind me)

    Buongiorno-- I believe this will be my actual first time being given a highlight to write about the current operation our base is undertaking right now. Italia, reporting. ... Even though I'm mostly in charge of directing support fire for our front-lining girls... But, but, I guess I'll get my turn later... Aquila is so lucky, the Admiral treats her so nicely. In fact, out of all of us in the foreign capital ships circle, she gets to be made secretary a lot. Even during times off operations, she gets to do work. I guess eating less while being a capital ship of all things does help one get noticed...

    A-anyway, I suppose I should start talking about the …

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  • ArcticaFrost

    Kancolle is bullshit

    August 16, 2017 by ArcticaFrost

    Kancolle is bullshit, RNG is a lie

    The Shipgirl you desired did not drop from the boss

    These are the curse that were written by Kadokawa

    They've caused salt, now play if you can

    Obviously a parody.

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  • Zel-melon
    • This shall be a test page before adding it into the E-1 page itself. The content in this page will be more detailed compared to the one that will be put in E-1 page.

    A method specifically for players who already cleared the E-1 on Hard and/or E-2 Hard, but the information will also be useful for people who cleared it on Easy/Medium: a way to deal with those pesky .

    • This method relies heavily on this information and it is crucial for everyone who wants to use it:
      • Equipping your DD/CL with will give your ship an accuracy boost toward . For your CL, both and are needed in your ship.
    • To put it simply, you must equip your DD with (e.g. , type doesn't seem to matter) and it is recommended to equip the other two slots with 2 (e.g. ) guns. For CL…

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  • Fujihita

    This blog contains strategies and compositions used in Summer 2017 Event. This road map will be updated as I progress further into the event.

    All maps are cleared on Hard mode without support expedition unless stated otherwise.

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  • Setakat

    (Work In progress)

    • The numbers in the following table are raw values only, ignoring improvement (unless specified), proficiency and slot sizes.
    • The Reppuu and Type 0 Fighter Model 21 (Skilled) have been included for comparison, as these are commonly used in Land Bases for defensive and offensive use respectively when insufficient Interceptors are available. All highlights are respective to these.
    • Effective Fighter Power (EFP) is the planes final Fighter Power after calculations
    • Bauxite Efficiency (BE) is used to refer to how much Effective Fighter Power (EFP) a plane gives per unit of bauxite. Higher values means better efficiency. If you are running low on Bauxite, or simply wish to make your Bauxite last longer, you can use these values to o…

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  • Pasta-machine006

    I started the event at 22:00 on August 12 (JST).

    ・Resource before sortie


    ・1st Sortie

    In the battle with the boss, Hyuuga was Taihaed, and Shouhou was Chuuha'ed by Nu-class Kai Elite.

    ・2nd sortie

    ・3rd sortie

    ・4th Sortie

    ・5th Sortie

    Total 5 sortie, then cleared E-1.

    ・Resource After Sortie


    Fuel: about 1,700

    Ammo: about 1,400

    Steel: about 700

    Baux: about 400

    As I saved the Support Expedition, I was able to prevent wasting resources.

    I decided to postpone the Farming route on the right side and proceed to E-2. Because I heard that Sagiri will also appear in E-2.

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  • Arvin30p

    I remember the time that I wrote a letter to Samidare to ask her about how things were, how was her life and a lot more. Even so, I have faithfully written them and send them at the post office hoping for Mr. Postman to deliver that letter to her. But ever since I have sneaked a peek inside the past that I have forgotten, I realized that the letters weren’t sent at all.

    And so, as I remember the letters that was send to Samidare; I remembered one letter that I intentionally didn’t send at all. But it was not for Samidare that the letter was addressed to. It was for someone else who means a lot to me. That person was my only emotional support until I managed to reconcile with the past.

    And so, While I remembered that unsent letter of mine. I …

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