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For more information and tips on how to sparkle ships, see Morale/Fatigue.

Great Success is the advanced form of Success. It grants 50% additional resources, double (x2) the Admiral experience, double (x2) the ship experience, and if applicable, the great success item reward.

The Great Success chance is determined by the initial state of the fleet—ergo, even if none of your ships are sparkling when the expedition returns, you can still get a great success rating as long as they were sparkling when they left.

Great Success still requires Normal Success conditions to be met. The factors that affect its chances of occurring are also different dependent on the expedition type:

Regular ExpeditionEdit

  • The primary requirement for Great Success is that all ships in the expedition fleet should be sparkled (morale ≥ 50).
  • Great Success rate is increased by ~19% for every sparkled ship.
    • 5 sparkled ships are enough for (roughly) 95% Great Success rate. If the expedition requires 6 ships, you have to sparkle the 6th ship as well.
    • With 6 sparkled ships, you achieve a Great Success rate very close to 100%, but not 100%.

Drum Expedition (21, 24, 37, 38, 40)Edit

  • Unlike Regular expeditions, Great Success may occur even if not a single ship is sparkled.
  • The Great Success rate is increased by:
    • Carrying more Drum Canisters than required.
    • Sparkling your ships. The Great Success rate increases per sparkled ship.
      • With excess drums (1 extra for 21, 37, two extra for 38) and 4 sparkled ships, you achieve a Great Success rate very close to 100%.
  • Expeditions 24 and 40, uniquely, do not require drums to succeed but equipping drums still increases the Great Success rate.
    • It have been reported that both expedition 24 and 40 work with 4+ sparkle and 4+ drums for huge GS chance.
    • For expedition 24, there're reports that claim having the whole fleet level within the range of 200-205 can give a rather high rate GS rate. However no attempts had been made to explain, theorize or expand on it.

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