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Harbour Princess

No.573 港湾棲姫

Abyssal Class Airfield

Icon HP HP 380 Icon Gun Firepower 100
Icon Armor Armor 135 Icon Torpedo Torpedo 0
Icon Evasion Evasion 1 Icon AA AA 150
Icon Aircraft Aircraft 320 Icon ASW ASW 0
Icon Speed Speed N/A Icon LOS LOS 100
Icon Range Range Medium Icon Luck Luck 20
Build Time Slot
unbuildable 4
Stock Equipment Icon AircraftSpace
Abyssal Fighter Mk.III 80
Abyssal Dive Bomber Mk.II 80
Abyssal Torpedo Bomber Mk.II 80
Abyssal Torpedo Bomber Mk.II 80


Event Japanese English Note
Introduction クルナ…ト……イッテイル…ノニ…… I told you... not to come... any... closer...
Attacking ナニモ…ナニモ…ワカッテイナイ… You don't understand... anything... at all...
Under attack None
Sunk イツカハ…ワタシタチモ…カエル… Someday... we too.. will come back...


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