Hiei 比叡
Seiyuu Touyama Nao (東山奈央) Availability Construction (Normal, LSC)
Artist Konishi (コニシ) Implemented on 2013-4-23



No.22 比叡

Kongou Class Fast Battleship

FBB Hiei 086 Card
Icon HP HP 63 (65) Icon Gun Firepower 63 (89)
Icon Armor Armor 52 (69) Icon Torpedo Torpedo 0
Icon Evasion Evasion 30 (59) Icon AA AA 24 (69)
Icon Aircraft Aircraft 9 Icon ASW ASW 0
Icon Speed Speed Fast Icon LOS LOS 13 (39)
Icon Range Range Long Icon Luck Luck 10 (49)
Resource Consumption
FuelKai Fuel 80 AmmoKai Ammo 110
Build Time Slots
04:00:00 (Normal, LSC) 3
Stock Equipment Space
RedGunHeavy 35.6cm Twin Gun Mount 3
YellowGun 15.2cm Single Gun Mount 3
GreenGunMG 7.7mm Machine Gun 3
- Locked - -
Extra Statistics
Modernization Bonus
Icon Gun+3 Icon AA+1 Icon Armor+3
Scrap Value
FuelKai 10 AmmoKai 14 SteelKai 33 BauxiteKai 3
Proto 46cm


Hiei Kai

No.22 比叡改

Kongou Class Fast Battleship

FBB Hiei Kai 210 Card
Icon HP HP 75 (77) Icon Gun Firepower 72 (94)
Icon Armor Armor 67 (89) Icon Torpedo Torpedo 0
Icon Evasion Evasion 35 (69) Icon AA AA 28 (79)
Icon Aircraft Aircraft 12 Icon ASW ASW 0
Icon Speed Speed Fast Icon LOS LOS 15 (49)
Icon Range Range Long Icon Luck Luck 12 (69)
Resource Consumption
FuelKai Fuel 90 AmmoKai Ammo 120
Remodel Level Slots
Level 25 4
Stock Equipment Space
RedGunHeavy 41cm Twin Gun Mount 3
YellowGun 15.5cm Triple Secondary Gun Mount 3
GreenGunDP 12.7cm Twin High-angle Gun Mount 3
Xx c - Unequipped - 3
Extra Statistics
Remodel Cost
AmmoKai 600 SteelKai 400
Modernization Bonus
Icon Gun+4 Icon AA+2 Icon Armor+3
Scrap Value
FuelKai 10 AmmoKai 14 SteelKai 33 BauxiteKai 3
Proto 46cm

Second Upgrade

Hiei Kai Ni

No.150 比叡改二

Kongou Class Fast Battleship

FBB Hiei Kai Ni 150 Card
Icon HP HP 83 (85) Icon Gun Firepower 76 (98)
Icon Armor Armor 72 (95) Icon Torpedo Torpedo 0
Icon Evasion Evasion 36 (72) Icon AA AA 30 (82)
Icon Aircraft Aircraft 12 Icon ASW ASW 0
Icon Speed Speed Fast Icon LOS LOS 16 (49)
Icon Range Range Long Icon Luck Luck 13 (79)
Resource Consumption
FuelKai Fuel 100 AmmoKai Ammo 125
Remodel Level Slots
Level 75 4
Stock Equipment Space
RedGunHeavy 41cm Twin Gun Mount 3
Radar Type 21 Air Radar 3
GreenAmmo Type 3 Shell 3
Xx c - Unequipped - 3
Extra Statistics
Remodel Cost
AmmoKai 2400 SteelKai 2400
Modernization Bonus
Icon Gun+4 Icon AA+2 Icon Armor+4
Scrap Value
FuelKai 10 AmmoKai 14 SteelKai 33 BauxiteKai 3
Proto 46cm


Event Japanese English Note
Play Introduction 金剛お姉さまの妹分、比叡です。経験を積んで、姉さまに少しでも近づきたいです。 I'm Hiei, Kongou Onee-sama's sister. I'm looking forward to gaining experience and getting closer to my sister's brilliance.
Play Library 井上提督も愛した巡洋戦艦、比叡です。
The battlecruiser that Admiral Inoue loved, it's Hiei.
Even though I'm a shiny Imperial ship, I'll work my hardest.
I was even the test-ship for the Yamato class, didn't you know?
Eh? The Battle of Guadalcanal? Yes, I fought hard.
ソロモン海戦 is literally "The Battle of the Solomon Islands", but in English, this is better known as the Battle of Guadalcanal - in the course of which Hiei and her sister ship Kirishima were sunk.

Referring to the Yamato class, Hiei is the only battleship in Kongou class to have her superstructure mast upgraded to a prototype to be used on the Yamato-class.

Play Secretary 1 あ、はぁい、お呼びになりましたでしょうか Ah, yes. Did you call for me?
Play Secretary 2 いつでも準備!出来てます! I'm always prepared! And ready!
Play Secretary 3 ぅぅん、ハッ、何ですか?寝てません、寝てませんってば Unnnngh... Ah..!! What is it? I wasn't sleeping! I swear I wasn't!
Play Idle (Kai) 気合!入れて!…いるんだけどなぁ~?あれ~?あれぇ~? Oh yeah! I'm feelin' psyched! ...or so I felt? huh what?... whattt...?
Play Secretary Married 比叡もまだまだ戦えます。司令、一緒に頑張りましょう! Hiei can still fight some more. Commander, let's do our best together!
Play Wedding 司令のご好意は有難いです…で、でも…私の心は…お姉様にっ! え? そういう話じゃないの!? あ…あぁ…そう? は、恥ずかしい~…! Thank you for your favour, commander... B-but... my heart... belongs to oneesama! Eh? It's not that kind of talk!? O-oh.. I see... I-I'm so embarrassed~!
Play Looking At Scores 司令にお知らせみたいです Seems like there's a notice for the Admiral.
Play Joining A Fleet 気合!入れて!行きます! Off I go! With all my spirit! Held high!
Play Equipment 1 はい!力が湧いてくるようです! Yes! I can feel the power surging!
Play Equipment 2 少しはお姉さまに近づけたかな? I wonder if I got closer to Onee-sama? As in terms of power, in comparison to Kongou
Play Equipment 3 さっすがですね~! As expected~!
Play Kai Ni まっかせてー! Leave it to me-!
 ⇧ shared with expedition selection, resource collection, instant repair and development
Play Supply はい、力が湧いてくるようです! Yeah, my strength is surging up!
Play Kai よし!これで!いけます! Alright! With this, I'm good to go!
Play Docking Minor こんなの、かすり傷程度なんだけど…。 These injuries, are just scratches though...
Play Docking Major お姉様の夢を見て、お休みしますっ。 While dreaming of Onee-sama, I'll rest.
Play Docking Complete 修理が完了したみたいです。 The repair is completed.
Play Construction 新しい妹…もしくはお姉さまが、いらっしゃるみたいですよ Looks like a new younger sister... or perhaps an older sister, has arrived. Most likely a younger sister. As for now, only Gangut and Kongou are older than Hiei.
Play Returning From Sortie 作戦が完了!艦隊帰投しました Operation complete! The fleet has returned to base.
Play Starting A Sortie 司令には、恋も、戦いも!負けません! I won't lose to Commander, in love or in battle!
Play Battle Start 打ちます!当たって! I'm firing! Please hit!
Play Attack 主砲!斉射!当たってぇ!or主砲!斉射!撃ちます!or主砲!斉射!始め! All guns! Fire! Hit it! or Guns! Firing! or All guns! Commence firing!
 ⇧ shared with day/night special attacks, support expedition team arrival
Play Night Battle お姉様を邪魔する人は許さない! I will not forgive anyone who gets in the way of Onee-sama!
Play Night Attack 私、頑張るから、見捨てないでぇぇ! I, will do my best, so don't abandon me! Hiei was abandoned after receiving mistaken report about flooded boiler rooms and loss of all power. She was bound to be scuttled, but orders came from Yamamoto that she is to be left afloat and serve as diversion for next day's transport run. After few hours of floating around her, Vice Admiral Hiroaki Abe ordered a retreat. It was the last time Hiei was seen, the wreckage, despite weak currents in the area, remains uncovered. Abe was relieved of command on the same day.
Play MVP 私の活躍見ていてくれました?そう!なら、頑張った甲斐がありました! Did you see me in action? Right! Then, giving my best was worth it!
Play Minor Damage 1 きゃあっ! Kyaa!
Play Minor Damage 2 ひえー! Eeek! (Hie!~) Sounds similar to "Hiei", sort of lousy joke
Play Major Damage お姉さま譲りの装備をこんなに……くっ、許さないんだからぁー! To do such things to the equipment handed over from Onee-sama... I-I can't forgive this!
Play Sunk 金剛お姉さまは…無事か、な…。だったら…いい…かな… Is Kongou Onee-sama... safe? Then, it's... alright... Hiei was sunk in 1942, while Kongou was sunk in 1944.

Hourly Notifications (Kai Ni)Edit

Time Japanese English Note
Play 00:00 午前0時です ひぇ~おやすみなさーい It's 0 A.M. Hiei's go~ing to be~d.
Play 01:00 午前1時です…比叡は睡眠中です It's 1 A.M... Hiei is fast asleep.
Play 02:00 午前2時 司令は眠くないんですか? 2 A.M. Admiral, aren't you sleepy?
Play 03:00 午前3時 なんだか私まで目が冴えちゃいましたよ 3 A.M. Now I am getting wide awake.
Play 04:00 午前4時 寝れない、何故か寝れない!どう責任とってくれるんですかー! 4 A.M. Can't sleep, why can't I sleep! This is your fault, you know!
Play 05:00 午前5時 ひぇ~!ほぼ貫徹じゃないですかー 5 A.M. Hie~i! This turned out to be pretty much an all-nighter!
Play 06:00 午前6時 むくんでる お姉さまにこんな顔見せられなーい! 6 A.M. I'm all swollen... I can't let Onee-sama see my face like thiiiis!
Play 07:00 午前7時 んぁーちょっと寝不足ですね~気合!入れて!いきます! 7 A.M. Hmmm... I didn't get enough sleep, you know~ Off I go! With all my spirit! Held high!
Play 08:00 午前8時 戦艦としては色々と朝の装備の手入れが大変なんですてっば~! 8 A.M. Battleships have such a lot of maintenance to do in the morning, it's quite a strain, you know!
Play 09:00 午前9時 んん!これでいつでも準備万端ね! 9 A.M. Yeah! The prep work will be always be ready now!
Play 10:00 午前10時です テレビでも見て待機してま~す ほほぉほぉほぉ 10 A.M. I'm gonna watch TV while on standby, 'ka~y? Japanese TV usually broadcasts local soap operas during late mornings to afternoons where the target audience consist of largely of housewives.
Play 11:00 午前11時です 司令?嫁姑問題ってなんですか? 11 A.M. Chief? What's this 'Wife and Mother-in-law' problem? A typical dramatic trope in soap operas.
Play 12:00 12時~お昼のこの番組何気に好きなんですよ~ え?今度収録連れてってくれるの?ウキウキだなー 12 midday~ I've taken a liking to this midday program~ Eh? You'll take me to the recording? I'm fired up now!
Play 13:00 13時です ふぁ~お昼休み楽しかったー It's 13 o'clock. Whew~ Lunch breaks sure are fun~
Play 14:00 14時になりました てっあれ?お昼食べるの忘れてましたーどっどうします? It's 14 o'clock now. H-huh? Oh no, we forgot to eat lunch! Wha-what should we do?
Play 15:00 15時 あっ司令、あそこのお店まだランチやってるって 15 o'clock. Ah Commander, that store over there is still doing lunch.
Play 16:00 16時 ふぇー今日は司令と外出も堪能しちゃったなーえ?ダメなの? 16 o'clock. Ah, today I got to enjoy an outing with the Commander. Eh? That's a bad thing?
Play 17:00 日が陰ってきたー 17時です 司令、今日は鎮守府も穏やかでよかった The day's gotten dark~ It's 17 o'clock. I'm glad the base was quiet today, Commander.
Play 18:00 18時 さーて比叡夕食準備するよー! 18 o'clock. Oka~y, Hiei's dinner prep!
Play 19:00 19時 出来たー!自慢のレシピ比叡カレーだよ さぁ食べて 19 o'clock. Done~! My famous recipe—Hiei Curry! Go on, eat it up!
Play 20:00 20時 どうでした?比叡カレーの感想は?感想…感想きかせてよー! 20 o'clock. How is it? Your impression of Hiei's curry? Your impressions...I wanna hear your impressions! It seems the Admiral has been sunk by Hiei's curry...
Play 21:00 21時です 司令が逃げまわって一時間 なぜ比叡から逃げるのですかー!? It's 21 o'clock. It's been an hour since the Commander ran away... Why do you run from Hiei?! Running away from Hiei as he is afraid to say the taste of her curry
Play 22:00 22時になりました しょぼーん司令は逃げ切ったようです It's now 22 o'clock. *sulk* Looks like the Commander got away...
Play 23:00 23時 仕方ない 姉さまのところに行こう おねぇ…司令なんでここに!? 23 o'clock. Oh well, I guess I'll go to Onee-sama's room... Onee-... Commander! Why are you here?!

Seasonal QuotesEdit

Event Japanese English Note
Christmas 2013
Christmas 2014
Christmas 2014
End of Year 2014
New Year 2015
Setsubun 2015
Valentines Day 2015
手作りチョコ、よし。気合十分、よし。この季節は、恋も戦いも、負けませんっ! Homemade chocolates: check. Spirit: pumped. At Valentine's, I won't lose in love or war!
Valentines Day 2015
ひえ~! 徹甲弾とチョコ、間違えて装填しそうに……っ! ひえっ、ひえ~! Hieee~! I mistook the choco for an AP shell & loaded it in...! Hiee~ hiee~! (Attack line) Apparently her chocolate is lethal enough to penetrate the Abyssal ship's armor...
White Day 2015
司令、お姉さま見ませんでした?…せっかくクッキー焼いたのに…あの、味見します? Commander, have you seen Onee-sama? ....I even went through the trouble of baking these cookies.... Um, would you like to try some?
Second Anniversary 2015
比叡、恋も、二周年も、気合、入れて、いきます、はーい! Hiei, with both love and second anniversary, going in full spirit! Yes!
Second Anniversary 2015
Rainy Season 2015
Early Summer 2015
Early Summer 2015
Early Summer 2015
Early Summer 2015
Early Summer 2015
Mid-Summer 2015
Mid-Summer 2015
Mid-Summer 2015
Mid-Summer 2015
Mid-Summer 2015
Fall 2015
Fall 2015
Fall 2015
Fall 2015
Fall 2015
Halloween 2015
Fall Event 2015
Fall Event 2015
Christmas 2015
はい!司令!艦隊、クリスマスを迎える用意、完了です!クリスマスケーキも今年もこの比叡が気合、入れて、作りました!楽しみにしててくださいね。 Yes, Commander! The fleet is prepared to enter Christmas! For this year, I made the Christmas cake again, with all my spirits, held high! Please look forward to it. Impending Doom
Christmas 2015
Christmas 2015
End of Year 2015
はい司令、大掃除ですね、お任せ下さい!比叡、雑巾がけも、気合、入れて、行きます!とーりゃー!それ反転、とーりゃー!!よし、綺麗。 Yes, commander. Spring cleaning? Leave it to me! I, Hiei, with a cloth on her hand, and her spirit held high, off I go! Rrraaaaagh-!! One more lap! Rrraaaaagh-!! Nice, squeaky clean!
New Year 2016
司令、明けましておめでとうございます!今年もこの比叡、気合入れてぇぇぇ参ります!あ、司令、髪の毛に糸くずが・・・うわ、うわあ、あああ、司令、大丈夫ですか? Commander, Happy New Year! This year, I'll still be moving forward, With all my spirit... held high! Ah, Commander. there's something on your hair... Uh, Whoa! Ahh... Commander, you okay?
New Year 2016
Setsubun 2016
はい、金剛お姉様!比叡、節分も、全力で気合、入れて、行きます!今年の鬼役は…妙高と川内…ふむ。さぁ、行きます! Yes, Kongou Onee-sama! Off I go for Setsubun, with my spirit, held high! This year's demon role will be... Myoukou and Sendai... Yep. Right, let's do this!
Valentines Day 2016
Valentines Day 2016
Hinamatsuri 2016
Hinamatsuri 2016
White Day 2016
Spring 2016
Third Anniversary 2016
比叡、恋も、三周年も、気合!入れて!いきまぁす!! はぁい! はぁ、はぁ… I, Hiei, in both love and this third anniversary, will keep on going! With my spirits! Held high!! Yeah! *pant pant*
Third Anniversary 2016
Rainy Season 2016
Rainy Season 2016
Early Summer 2016
Mid-Summer 2016
Fall 2016
Fall 2016
Sanma 2016
Christmas 2016
New Year 2017
New Year 2017
Setsubun 2017
Valentines Day 2017
Valentines Day 2017
Hinamatsuri 2016
Hinamatsuri 2017
White Day 2017
Spring 2017
Fourth Anniversary 2017
比叡!恋も!四周年もぉ!気合ぃぃ!入れてぇぇっ!いきまぁぁすッ!!ハァァァーーイッッ!!!…だはぁ、はぁーっ… I, Hiei, in both love and this fourth anniversary, will keep on going...! ...with my spirits...! ...held high!! YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! *pant* *pant* *pant*
Rainy Season 2017
Rainy Season 2017
Early Summer 2017
Late Fall 2017
For new seasonal lines that may be missing here, check Seasonal


Anime hiei


  • She has short brown hair swept to the sides.
  • Like her sisters, she wears a modified miko uniform with differently colored skirts and thigh highs. She also wears the same signature winged hairband.


  • Very boisterous, especially when compared to her sisters Haruna and Kirishima. She is notorious for her terrible cooking skills.
  • She adores her class' nameship, Kongou.
  • She lets out a "Hieee" when surprised or hit. This particular way of reacting is based on her name.


  • Hiei was the only one of the Kongou sisters to have her superstructure mast reconstructed into a similar prototype to be used on the Yamato class.
  • Named after Mount Hiei
  • Received her Kai Ni on 20/11/2013.
  • She was extensively damaged during the first Naval Battle of Guadalcanal, after which she was found and sunk by an aircraft from USS Enterprise on November 14 1942, making her the first battleship lost by the IJN during WWII.
    • During her last hours Hiei's crew was fighting with all their might to keep the vessel operational, despite constant attacks by American aircraft, losing and regaining power multiple times.
    • Her captain, Nishida Masao stubbornly refused to abandon and scuttle her multiple times, despite direct orders from Vice Admiral Abe.
    • When the report about the last boiler being flooded came and abandonment orders were finally given, it's said that Captain Nishida watched over the evacuation sitting in his favourite chair atop one of Hiei's turrets and did not move even during American aircraft strafing run. Later he was forcibly removed from the ship.
  • Wreck possibly found by Dr. Robert Ballard in 1993. There is discussion whether or not the wreck is her or Kirishima...[1]
  • Served as the emperor's transport mid-1930

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CA Tone 071 Battle
 · Chikuma
CA Chikuma 072 Battle
Admiral Hipper Prinz Eugen
CA Prinz Eugen 176 Battle
Zara Zara
CA Zara 448 Battle
 · Pola
CA Pola 449 Battle
Aviation Cruiser Mogami Mogami
CA Mogami 070 Battle
 · Mikuma
CA Mikuma 120 Battle
 · Suzuya
CA Suzuya 124 Battle
 · Kumano
CA Kumano 125 Battle
Tone Tone
CA Tone 071 Battle
 · Chikuma
CA Chikuma 072 Battle
Battleship Fast Battleship Kongou Kongou
FBB Kongou 078 Battle
 · Hiei
FBB Hiei 086 Battle
 · Kirishima
FBB Kirishima 085 Battle
 · Haruna
FBB Haruna 079 Battle
Bismarck Bismarck
FBB Bismarck 171 Battle
Vittorio Veneto Littorio/Italia
FBB Littorio 441 Battle
FBB Italia 446 Battle
 · Roma
FBB Roma 442 Battle
Iowa Iowa
FBB Iowa 440 Battle
Gangut Gangut/Oktyabrskaya Revolyutsiya
FBB Gangut 511 Battle
FBB Oktyabrskaya Revolyutsiya 512 Battle
Richelieu Richelieu
FBB Richelieu 492 Battle
Battleship Fusou Fusou
BB Fusou 026 Battle
 · Yamashiro
BB Yamashiro 027 Battle
Ise Ise
BB Ise 077 Battle
 · Hyuuga
BB Hyuuga 087 Battle
Nagato Nagato
BB Nagato 080 Battle
 · Mutsu
BB Mutsu 081 Battle
Yamato Yamato
BB Yamato 131 Battle
 · Musashi
BB Musashi 143 Battle
Queen Elizabeth Warspite
BB Warspite 439 Battle
Aviation Battleship Fusou Fusou
BB Fusou 026 Battle
 · Yamashiro
BB Yamashiro 027 Battle
Ise Ise
BB Ise 077 Battle
 · Hyuuga
BB Hyuuga 087 Battle
Carrier Light Carrier Houshou Houshou
CVL Houshou 089 Battle
Ryuujou Ryuujou
CVL Ryuujou 076 Battle
Kasuga Maru Kasuga Maru
CVL Kasuga Maru 521 Battle
Taiyou Kasuga Maru
CVL Kasuga Maru 521 Battle
CVL Taiyou 526 Battle
Shouhou Shouhou
CVL Shouhou 074 Battle
 · Zuihou
CVL Zuihou 116 Battle
Hiyou Hiyou
CVL Hiyou 075 Battle
 · Junyou
CVL Junyou 092 Battle
Ryuuhou Taigei
AS Taigei 184 Battle
CVL Ryuuhou 185 Battle
Chitose Chitose
AV Chitose 102 Battle
 · Chiyoda
AV Chiyoda 103 Battle
Mogami Suzuya
CA Suzuya 124 Battle
 · Kumano
CA Kumano 125 Battle
Standard Carrier Akagi Akagi
CV Akagi 083 Battle
Kaga Kaga
CV Kaga 084 Battle
Souryuu Souryuu
CV Souryuu 090 Battle
Hiryuu Hiryuu
CV Hiryuu 091 Battle
Shoukaku Shoukaku
CV Shoukaku 110 Battle
 · Zuikaku
CV Zuikaku 111 Battle
Unryuu Unryuu
CV Unryuu 404 Battle
 · Amagi
CV Amagi 331 Battle
 · Katsuragi
CV Katsuragi 332 Battle
Graf Zeppelin Graf Zeppelin
CV Graf Zeppelin 432 Battle
Aquila Aquila
CV Aquila 444 Battle
Lexington Saratoga
CV Saratoga 433 Battle
Ark Royal Ark Royal
CV Ark Royal 515 Battle
Armored Carrier Shoukaku Shoukaku
CV Shoukaku 110 Battle
 · Zuikaku
CV Zuikaku 111 Battle
Taihou Taihou
CVB Taihou 153 Battle
Submarine Kaidai VI I-168
SS I-168 126 Battle
Junsen 3 I-8
SS I-8 128 Battle
Junsen Type A Kai Ni I-13
SSV I-13 494 Battle
 · I-14
SSV I-14 495 Battle
Junsen Type B I-19
SS I-19 191 Battle
 · I-26
SS I-26 483 Battle
Junsen Type B Kai Ni I-58
SS I-58 127 Battle
Sentoku I-400
SSV I-400 493 Battle
 · I-401
SSV I-401 155 Battle
Type 3 S.T.V. Maruyu
SS Maruyu 163 Battle
Type IXC U-boat U-511
SS U-511 431 Battle
Ro-series Ro-500
SS Ro-500 436 Battle
Guglielmo Marconi Luigi Torelli/UIT-25/I-504
SS Luigi Torelli 535 Battle
SS UIT-25 539 Battle
SS I-504 530 Battle
Seaplane Tender Kamoi Kamoi
AO Kamoi 162 Battle
Chitose Chitose
AV Chitose 102 Battle
 · Chiyoda
AV Chiyoda 103 Battle
Mizuho Mizuho
AV Mizuho 451 Battle
Akitsushima Akitsushima
AV Akitsushima 445 Battle
Commandant Teste Commandant Teste
AV Commandant Teste 491 Battle
Auxiliary Ship Training Cruiser Katori Katori
CT Katori 154 Battle
 · Kashima
CT Kashima 465 Battle
Amphibious Assault Ship Hei Akitsu Maru
LHA Akitsu Maru 161 Battle
Submarine Tender Taigei Taigei
AS Taigei 184 Battle
Repair Ship Akashi Akashi
AR Akashi 182 Battle
Fleet Oiler Kamoi Kamoi
AO Kamoi 162 Battle
Revised Kazahaya Hayasui
AO Hayasui 460 Battle
Fleet of Fog Playable Iona · Takao · Haruna
Enemy Nagara Class · Takao · Maya · Kirishima · Haruna · Kongou