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Welcome to the Kantai Collection Wiki

Kantai Collection, also known as Kancolle, is a online browser game in which one assumes the role of an admiral, assembles a fleet of kanmusu ("ship girl", girls based on World War II era Japanese ships and submarines) and battles against fleets of alien enemy warships. This wiki is a place to find English information about the game and tutorials on how to play even if you don't know Japanese.

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A page where KanColle players can discuss anything

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Last Update: 2014 October 24

Last event: 2014 Summer AL/MI Operation
Upcoming: Fall 2014 Event

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  • discussion page Talk:Akashi's Improvement Arsenal
    new comment by Hilos 35 seconds ago
    Comment: The sanskrit of "akasha" is space Space Factory!
  • discussion page Talk:Fusou
    new comment by A Wikia contributor 1 minute ago
    Comment: Sure, she has Kongou-class Kai2's FP, but with 15 higher ammo consumption. Her survivalbility is mostly the same; armor, hp and evasion are (still)...
  • discussion page Talk:World 6: 中部海域
    new comment by Funkyz 2 minutes ago
    Comment: What composition did you use? Cleared it in one run with Taigei, 2 DDs, 3 SSVs but it's really not reliable towards a S Rank at the boss.  Went to...
  • edit Print media
    edited by Arteria 4 minutes ago diff
    Summary: readability tweak to the OST section
  • edit Print media
    edited by Arteria 7 minutes ago diff
    Summary: Cross-referenced with Removed erronous listings & added a couple missing ones. Added information that require translations. Added Kadokawa links for those available. Edited many listings. Major reformatting.
    Added photos:
  • discussion page WebMoney IV: Fall 2014 Entries
    created by Trados teitoku 8 minutes ago


    They said it's a small event....Well I guess +2675 then 

    Trados teitoku

    Trados teitoku

    yeah and they said AL is noob friendly 

  • discussion page Talk:Fall 2014 Event
    edited comment by ArcticaFrost 15 minutes ago diff
  • discussion page Talk:Fall 2014 Event
    new comment by ArcticaFrost 16 minutes ago
    Comment: 41cm will be enough for the event, do you have any Type 3 Shells? 
  • discussion page Talk:Akashi
    new comment by Augt00f 18 minutes ago
    Comment: my Junyou kai ni with 2 choppers, Type 97 (tomonaga) and saiun can sometimes sink the flagship of the boss node. But ofc all i hear is "Naka-chan...
  • discussion page Talk:Fusou
    edited comment by Tyakomou 20 minutes ago diff

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