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Welcome to the Kantai Collection Wiki

Kantai Collection, also known as KanColle, is an online browser game in which one assumes the role of an admiral, assembles a fleet of kanmusu ('ship girls' based on World War II-era ships and submarines), & battles against fleets of unknown warships.

This wiki is a place to find English information about the game & tutorials on how to play even without knowledge of Japanese. Additionally, information regarding the expanded franchise may be found, including manga, anime, other games, music, & more.

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  • discussion page Talk:Recent Updates
    new comment by SlashZero 1 minute ago
    Comment: The old EO DD rewards of yore were a result of the difficulty scaling of old events.  Now that they have difficulty selection, making a BB/CV reward...
  • discussion page Talk:Recent Updates
    new comment by SlashZero 4 minutes ago
    Comment: Well, some people like the challenge.  Ya'll young'uns should be grateful we have difficulty selection now.  It used to be you got the same...
  • discussion page Talk:Spring 2015 Event
    new comment by SlashZero 8 minutes ago
    Comment: I've never had such terrible lag playing right after an event patch on Brunei. I do skirt around the Kadokawa floodgates with API link to get there...
  • discussion page Talk:Recent Updates
    edited comment by Nicky008 10 minutes ago diff
  • discussion page Talk:Spring 2015 Event
    edited comment by クッキー 12 minutes ago diff
  • discussion page Talk:Spring 2015 Event
    new comment by クッキー 12 minutes ago
    Comment: Disclaimer: Don't even try to get in the second the severs open, it's a waste of time. You won't get in for a couple of hours due to the huge traffic...
  • discussion page Talk:Recent Updates
    new comment by Vortex666 17 minutes ago
    Comment: yeah yeah i know vets like you, and the rest of us just newbie who want to play this game between our rutine daily work, i'm not neet so ... >"My...
  • discussion page Talk:Tutorial: How to Play
    new comment by SlashZero 17 minutes ago
    Comment: In addition to the above, you must do all text entry (player name input, fleet name changes) through the game website and not a third party extension...
  • discussion page Talk:Recent Updates
    new comment by A Wikia contributor 24 minutes ago
    Comment: > non-stop levelling Heh that only applies for you newer TTKs if you haven't been spreading your levelling to a variety of ships. It's called...
  • discussion page Talk:General Discussion
    edited comment by Nep-Nep 24 minutes ago diff


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