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Welcome to the Kantai Collection Wiki

Kantai Collection, also known as Kancolle, is a online browser game in which one assumes the role of an admiral, assembles a fleet of kanmusu ("ship girl", girls based on World War II era Japanese ships and submarines) and battles against fleets of alien enemy warships. This wiki is a place to find English information about the game and tutorials on how to play even if you don't know Japanese.

Fall 2014 Event
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  • discussion page Talk:Fall 2014 Event
    new comment by TheHitsusen 4 minutes ago
    Comment: Sorry for sounding confusing >.<' I used the composition on the picture, but I suggested using Haguro and Myoukou instead of Aoba and Kinugasa,...
    Added photo:
  • discussion page Talk:Fall 2014 Event
    new comment by A Wikia contributor 13 minutes ago
    Comment: Almost forgot to thank the almighty RNG sama for showing mercy to me and my girls.
  • discussion page Talk:Fall 2014 Event
    new comment by Vz-Rei 19 minutes ago
    Comment: Thx for the encouragement :> My 2nd fleet isn't that week, so I'm not sure why they would get wrecked so easily... Low on resources, so I...
  • discussion page Talk:World 6: 中部海域
    new comment by Saihamaru 19 minutes ago
    Comment: low chance of pattern 1, low chance of drop, and even lower chance to get shioi this is going to be a looooooooong hunt
  • discussion page Talk:Fall 2014 Event
    new comment by A Wikia contributor 22 minutes ago
    Comment: Finally clear E-4, it was one hell of a challenge with that CV hime keep shoting my ship to red after i got the boss low enough for the kill. More...
  • edit Fall 2014 Event
    edited by A Wikia contributor 22 minutes ago diff
    Summary: E-2: 第二次渾作戦:
  • discussion page Talk:Fall 2014 Event
    new comment by Whizzbam 23 minutes ago
    Comment: Glad that you're having success after a frustrating amount of runs! For me, I cleared it with Combined Surface Fleet as well.  It really depends on...
  • discussion page Talk:Development
    new comment by A Wikia contributor 25 minutes ago
    Comment: In my case, Saiun crafting gives me Reppuu alot more than the Reppuu crafting. I actually got 5 Reppuus in about 50 tries. Aside from 5 reppuus, I...
  • discussion page Talk:Nowaki
    new comment by A Wikia contributor 27 minutes ago
    Comment: Anyone else thinks that Nowaki looks like Maki Nishikino from Love Live! ? It might be pure obsession..but i do think her stare looks like...
  • discussion page Talk:World 3: 北方海域
    new comment by A Wikia contributor 27 minutes ago
    Comment: 1. Avoiding air superiority loss at Nu-class pattern(but you need 12 AS - 2 type12-zuiun needed) 2. Small chance of killing enemy destroyers Doesn't...

New character/remodel in 2014 Fall event

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