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Light novelsEdit

Kagerou, Setting Sail!Edit

Lightnovel kagerou

Kagerou, Setting Sail! vol.1

艦これ: 陽炎、抜錨します! (KanColle: Kagerou, Batsubyou Shi Masu!)

1st Carrier Division, Heading Off!Edit

KanColle Ikkōsen, De masu!

1st Carrier Division, Heading Off! vol.1

艦これ: 一航戦、出ます! (KanColle: Ikkousen, De Masu!)

Bonds of the Wings of CranesEdit

Kakuyoku no Kizuna

Bonds of the Wings of Cranes vol.1

艦これ: 鶴翼の絆 (KanColle: Kakuyoku no Kizuna)

  • Author: Uchida Hiroki
  • Illustrations: Matarō ( Pixiv / Twitter )
  • on Fujimi Fantasia Bunko
  • Serialize on Dragon Magazine
  • Volume 1 release: February 2, 2014
  • Volume 2 release: June 20, 2014
  • Volume 3 release: October 18, 2014
  • Volume 4 release: February 20, 2015
  • Volume 5 release:
  • Volume 6 release:
  • Spin off short story release on Dragon Magazine:
    • 島風の如く : March and May 20, 2014, May and July 2014 Volume of Dragon Magazine
    • 一〇〇二番目の願い事 : July and September 2014, September and November 2014 Volume of Dragon Magazine
    • 大淀の2月14日 : November 20, 2014 and January 20, 2015, January and March 2015 Volume of Dragon Magazine
    • A story with Shoukaku and Zuikaku as main and detail not published on web : March 20, 2014, May 2015 Volume of Dragon Magazibe
    • Serialization is still continuing
    • Roughly 12 pages per magazine volume
    • All of these have not been compile into volume.
  • The official novelization from Zuikaku's perspective. (parsed machine translation)
  • Break the fate trapped by histories and enjoy the second life as kanmusus.
  • Series completed.

Day at a Certain Naval BaseEdit

To Aru Chinjufu no Ichinichi

Day at a Certain Naval Base vol.1

艦これ: とある鎮守府の一日 (KanColle - To Aru Chinjufu no Ichinichi)

Zui no Umi, Ootori no SoraEdit

Zui no Umi Ootori no Sora-vol1-cover

Zui no Umi, Ootori no Sora vol.1

艦これ: 瑞の海、鳳の空 (KanColle - Zui no Umi, Ootori no Sora)

  • Author: Murasaki Yukiya
  • Illustrations: Aruga Satoru ( Pixiv )
  • Volume 1 release: January 31, 2015
  • Volume 2 release:
  • Volume 3 release:
  • The story focus on the romance relationship between Zuihou and Teitoku.
  • Series completed.

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