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  • I was wondering if there is any real benefit to using data modules instead of templates with the data inside them, I am just starting to explore using modules on my own wiki and I found your wiki when searching. I am really impressed with this entire site, it is so well designed and has a visible community present in it too.

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    • If that data can be used by (required for) n pages (clients), then for n > 1 data modules are better, as the data is not just separated (from the rendering code, be it in templates or in Lua modules), but also centralized. If you want to add another client, you just add it without touching (duplicating) the data, or if the data is changed, you change it without touching (updating duplicated data) all clients.

      The core system was implemented by Ckwng somewhen in 2015. The idea is to map game objects' data into data modules, so it can be used by arbitrary number of clients, like there can be pages with infoboxes (categories, etc.) for each object, or pages with tables that compare different objects, or generated categories, etc.

      Another method is to store data in pages and have a way (like DPL extension) to get that data into Lua from those pages directly, for other clients to use it that way.

      Yet another method is to use external tools to generate and update pages (that is, to move data and rendering code outside, to some extent). Or at least use external tools to generate data modules (from pages or not).

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  • Yo, just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas to you and all your beloved ones, wish you all the best in health, love and career.

    Christmas wishes from Cirno
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  • Hey there! I'm Jamie from FANDOM's Community Development team! Not sure if we never asked you if you are interested in turning on the Discussions feature for this community, and migrating the Threaded Forums across as well.

    In case you are unaware of the feature, Discussions was introduced last year to help communities engage with users and fans. It lives in its own space on the wiki and allows users to interact with other members of the community. It is also mobile friendly and gives mobile users a chance to contribute and engage with the community, and possibly turn them into wiki editors as well. Discussions also links with our FANDOM Apps, which this community has and it allows app users to easily take part in Discussions as well. You can read more about Discussions here.

    For more information on migrating forums to Discussions, you can check out this blog over on Community Central that explains everything in detail.

    If you have some concerns, Discussions, and Forums can exist side-by-side in case you do not want to migrate just yet. However, eventually all Forums will be migrated over to Discussions and Forums will be sunsetted as a feature, so getting ahead of the curve is never a bad idea.

    Feel free to have an open discussion with your community about this, and I'm available for any questions you might have. Have a good one!

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    • Well, wiki-style forums are nothing like Forums, using them won't solve anything here (and they can't be used as a replacement for Board:Game Updates/etc. anyway, the point is to have an okay discussion platform, full wikitext support is an existing feature, we use it in Forums because it is supported, same way it is supported in page comments, etc.).

      Looking at the last thread from Board:Game Updates, Thread:621228, the main post is just this, in Discussions we can just link to a main namespace page instead ([1], [2], etc.), assuming there will be some formatting for comments (something as powerful as markdown, for example, sans HTML, plus nested quoting, plus highlighting, plus presentation not just for mobile devices, but for desktops also, as in this wiki we mainly target desktop users).

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    • Hi, I'd like to chime in on this discussion for two reasons:

      1. It creates an unified discussion instead of having to bounce ideas back and fourth between both our message walls.
      2. My reasons are virtually no different to がか as some of these were discussed with other admins of this wikia.

      With that said, I would like to start off with all these response are of my own personal opinion.

      Without a suitable wikitext/code replacement functionality is a huge blow to our needs. To push forth a feature that has no code support isn't an ideal way forward when considering that mobile devices themselves are also advancing at an alarming rate. KC (KanColle) the game is also available for mobile devices and it too has a certain requirement that would enable near desktop-like features. In fact, they're moving towards HTML5 adoption which enables even more rich content. On Fandom side, the pushing for Discussions without any suitable form of code support is a huge drawback in terms of what it can actually provide.

      I'd like to see the ability to highlight + pin discussions implemented globally before it is tried on this part of wikia. We have ongoing limited-time functions known as events, etc and with the way Discussions work it will only push the more crucial Discussions down. Not to mention that it is possible for older Discussions to be reignited again come years ahead in time after it has been adopted. On Forums, these are better known as "necroposting", and would only push it towards the top of the list considering how Discussions operates. Without a feature to disable necroposting would require involvement from local (KC wikia) staff.

      Last but not least, on a personal note I like to point out that we have had issues with spammers. It is not acceptable (personally) to have Discussions be littered with spam content and only to have either local staff or VSTF to deal with the matter come seasonal events for instance. Currently, we're using AbuseFilter extension which automatically deals with the spam content well before it gets to be seen on the actual site itself. Spam content is not the only issue we have and again without a way for AbuseFilter (or some other suitable replacement other than manual intervention) is personally unacceptable.

      I want to also point out that what I stated here are really just some of the few issues with this overall adoption progress. Whether it be migration or to just simply have it enabled.

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  • HIJ
    Hello, 'zere. Sorry for taking few seconds of your life.

    What cause this thing to pop out when I wanted to post something? Tried to do what it says in the picture but it never worked.

    Granted it's not happening everytime. Is it my internet?

    Thanks for your attn.

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    • Ah, OK, thanks much.

      I guess Ctrl+F5 will be my best friend if that thing shows up again (in which it will).

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    • Those sessions data also stored on wikia database, they may be corrupted and affected your session, logging in again may help

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  • Hello there, I'm wondering if you could help me with something if you can/want?

    I was trying to edit Arashio's seasonal quotes, more precisely the one from Late Fall 2017 (as I did with her other 2017 quotes). However, when I edit the section, the table doesn't add the quote, it's as if the "Late Fall" season didn't exist or something. Is there something I can do about this?

    Thanks in advance, and I apologize for any inconvenience. 

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  • Content...

    Tab content 1

    Tab content 2

    Tab content 3

    Tab content 4

    Tab content 5

    Tab content 6

    Tab content 7

    Tab content 8

    Tab content 9

    Tab content 10



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  • OK, I started trying this on my loli waifu like this...

    What do you think? Also as I say before...we need a tabber css for the rail to delete the lines of that tabber.

    If its ok, I'll continue using the -ShipGraphicKai- for the Gallery/Tabber

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  • Hello, I wanted to convert the Shipquote template in Hibiki's page (and others, if I'm procrastinating hard enough) to the newer ShipQuote template but I noticed /Kai Ni doesn't work for Hibiki. I assumed it's because the audio file is named as either Верный or Verniy and, after referring to Taiyou's page, seems to be something that can only be done by modifying the Module:Quotes. Hence, I'm here to request for the addition of Верный/Verniy to the module.

    And, while I'm at it, is it safe to remove all ShipMetaKai and ShipInfoKai and replace them with ShipPageHeader? Same goes for ShipCategoriesKai; I noticed most of the newer ships don't have it and so I'm not sure if it's required.

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    • I notice that the script will remove all 改, regardless of whether it's in () or not. So if a JP sentence has, say, the word 改良 in it, then it'll end up being 良 after parsing. I got kinda lazy so I didn't play all audio to check each Kanji unless it's a ship page with 2 quote tables :v.

      Imo the only (kinda) urgent fixing that need to be done is the Chitose-class since all their Carrier lines are offline at the moment. The other missing audio is only 1~2 in each page so it's not that big a deal.

      The ship hourly is still functional albeit they're using non-standard naming scheme.

      The possible dups are kinda annoying but it's still functional. I kept the dups in the table to highlight rogue audios that can be removed from wikia. Having only legit audio makes it easier to check if any line is missed out of a ship table by running /Kai or /Kai Ni check on each line.

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    • "改良".replace(/\s*(改)/, "") is still "改良" (those are Japanese non ASCII ( and )), so not sure why you had this behavior. It was removing Kai without brackets though. I guess a quick way to fix this is to download old and current pages and count 改 and Kai.

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  • Hi, sorry to bother you, I've uploaded the animated version of the event banner if you'd like to add it to the event page. I don't have the user rights to modify the event wiki pages. Filename is:


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  • Hello. I've been working with Ar-cen-ciel for a long time at the FKG Wiki. We've suffered from problems of wrong information popping up in pages due to copy-pasting of data here and there. Currently, a bunch of scripts Ar-cen-ciel uses would generate a big Template call for character pages, then editors/translators would put changes on top of that. (Example: Curcuma's character page). Pages involving data based on those characters, like a List of Shared Abilities, would be done via copy-paste.

    I wanted to alleviate those problems by having a database of some sort for all of the game's characters. The solution I had thought of was to store it all in a couple Lua tables similar to the work in progress that is Module:Character. Before jumping into too much stuff, I thought I'd look at how this Wikia handles its character info. There's some questions I have regarding all this. Some of the questions may have overlapping answers.

    1. Does KanColle's Wikia store its character statistics in Lua tables?

    2. I tried following a character's page to see how the infoboxes were made (Specifically Inazuma). The flow that I could gather was...

    (Inazuma's page)
    {{ {{{subst|safesubst:}}}#invoke:ShipInfo|Infobox}}
    function ShipInfo.Infobox(frame)
    	local args = getArgs{frame = frame:getParent()}
    	return ShipInfoKai:Infobox(args)

    I believe I understand _prepareShipInfoKai(), but not the two lines surrounding it. I'm guessing frame:getParent() jumps up from ShipInfoKaika to Inazuma's page, so it gets the stuff sent to ShipInfoKai, but how does ShipInfoKai:Infobox(args) work? Specifically, I was curious how it would know Inazuma's parameters for the infobox.

    3. A big concern of Ar-cen-ciel and mine is that Lua tables don't seem as user-friendly for editors to update as the Template we use now. Is there a solution or workaround to that? There's some user-inputted data we can get away with only showing on Character pages and nowhere else (like skill name translations), but some information shows up on multiple pages (like English translations of the flower knight's name; there can be multiple).

    4. Are these Templates that safe-substitute a Module invocation what you call a proxy module? What is the purpose of that? Also, if you change any of the Modules, wouldn't that leave the Template-calling page unchanged because of the substitution?

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    • I don't know if Ar-cen-ciel missed my original point or is just using the wrong terminology, but the thing I was talking about with him was the potential performance difference between a single require versus countless requires. The plan was already to have just a single invoke on each of the pages we wanted to automatize.

      Normally I would avoice file I/O (including things such as includes/requires) as much as possible becasuse disk access is the slowest type of memory and the most whimsical in time consumption, but I think that's because I was taught by programmers from an era where that was a big issue and it rubbed off on me.

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    • I mentioned many invokes because that is how you can hit the limits really, otherwise it's kinda hard to reach them, so in comparison it looks good. There are pros to using multiple modules (can load only one table when only one is needed, can have small files instead of few 10-20K LoC files), while cons are not manifested right now (as long as everything works and edit/purge doesn't feel slow, can say that there is no practical dimension for slowness).

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