Oyashio 親潮
Seiyuu Hondo Kaede (本渡楓) Availability Event Drop
Artist Konishi (コニシ) Implemented on 2016-5-3



No.256 親潮

Kagerou Class Destroyer

DD Oyashio 456 Card
Icon HP HP 16 (18) Icon Gun Firepower 10 (30)
Icon Armor Armor 6 (19) Icon Torpedo Torpedo 24 (68)
Icon Evasion Evasion 44 (79) Icon AA AA 9 (37)
Icon Aircraft Aircraft 0 Icon ASW ASW 23 (47)
Icon Speed Speed Fast Icon LOS LOS 8 (19)
Icon Range Range Short Icon Luck Luck 13 (50)
Resource Consumption
FuelKai Fuel 15 AmmoKai Ammo 20
Build Time Slots
Unbuildable 2
Stock Equipment Space
RedGunLight 12.7cm Twin Gun Mount 0
Torpedo 61cm Quadruple Torpedo Mount 0
- Locked - -
- Locked - -
Extra Statistics
Modernization Bonus
Icon Torpedo+1 Icon Armor+1
Scrap Value
FuelKai 1 AmmoKai 1 SteelKai 6
Category Equipment that can be improved with Oyashio as helper ship not found


Oyashio Kai

No.256 親潮改

Kagerou Class Destroyer

DD Oyashio Kai 362 Card
Icon HP HP 32 (34) Icon Gun Firepower 13 (50)
Icon Armor Armor 14 (49) Icon Torpedo Torpedo 28 (78)
Icon Evasion Evasion 46 (87) Icon AA AA 16 (48)
Icon Aircraft Aircraft 0 Icon ASW ASW 27 (67)
Icon Speed Speed Fast Icon LOS LOS 9 (40)
Icon Range Range Short Icon Luck Luck 14 (64)
Resource Consumption
FuelKai Fuel 15 AmmoKai Ammo 20
Remodel Level Slots
Level 35 3
Stock Equipment Space
RedGunLight 12.7cm Twin Gun Mount Model B Kai 2 0
Torpedo 61cm Quadruple (Oxygen) Torpedo Mount 0
Xx c - Unequipped - 0
- Locked - -
Extra Statistics
Remodel Cost
AmmoKai 140 SteelKai 110
Modernization Bonus
Icon Gun+1 Icon Torpedo+1 Icon AA+1 Icon Armor+1
Scrap Value
FuelKai 1 AmmoKai 2 SteelKai 10
Category Equipment that can be improved with Oyashio Kai as helper ship not found


Event Japanese English Note
Play Introduction 陽炎型駆逐艦四番艦、親潮です。司令、第十五駆逐隊、どうぞよろしくご指導ください。お願いいたします! Fourth ship of the Kagerou-class destroyers, I'm Oyashio. Commander, Des Div 15 looks forward to your guidance. Please take care of us! Oyashio was assigned to Destroyer Division 15 (Desdiv 15) at the time of Pearl Harbor.
Play Kai 陽炎型駆逐艦四番艦、親潮、参りました。司令、第十五駆逐隊、引き続きよろしくご指導ください。お願いいたします! Fourth ship of the Kagerou-class destroyers, Oyashio is here. Commander, Des Div 15 looks forward to further more of your guidance. Please take care of us!
Play Library 陽炎型駆逐艦、第四番艦、親潮です。舞鶴生まれです。僚艦の黒潮さん達と共に、第十五駆逐隊を編成しました。攻略作戦や航空母艦の護衛、鼠輸送も何度も経験しました。
Fourth ship of the Kagerou-class destroyers, I'm Oyashio. I was born in Maizuru. With my consort ships Kuroshio and others, we formed Destroyer Division 15. I participated in conquering operations, escorted aircraft carriers and experienced many Tokyo Express runs.
On my last sortie... I was with Kuroshio.
Play Secretary 1 司令。親潮、参りました。 Commander. Oyashio, is here.
Play Secretary 2 黒潮さん、用意は良いですか? 第十五駆逐隊、準備万端です! Kuroshio, are you prepared? Desdiv 15, is ready anytime!
Play Secretary 3 何?猫かしら……この感じ、違う! えぇいっ!……ど、どお? えっ、司令!? すみません、あたし、てっきり……。 What? Is it a cat..... this feeling, no! teeei!......di, did I? Wha, commander!? I'm so sorry, I thought......
Play Idle よし、爆雷も問題無し、魚雷もおっけーっと、対空兵装も……大丈夫、これなら……!ふえ……これでいつお呼びがかかっても……あれ?司令?司令……?あれ……?いない……? Alright, depth charges... no problem, torpedoes are OK, anti-air weapons are... OK, this should do.....! Phew... Now, even if I'm called... Huh? Commander? Commander......? Huh.....? He's not here.....?
Play Secretary Married 黒潮さん!少し、時間ある?あの、司令が最近少しお疲れなようで、元気の礼でお洋食を作ろうと思うんだけど、手伝っていただけないでしょうか?あっ、ありがとう。 Kuroshio! Do you have some time? The commander recently seems to be tired and I would like to make a meal to help him/her , could you help me? Ah, Thank you.
Play Wedding 司令?十五駆の報告書なら先程……?あ?違う……?これは……あっ!あ、あの!まさか……!開けてみてもよろしいのでしょうか、司令!?……開けます!はっっ!あ、あの……!く……!あたし……大切に……大切にします! Commander? If its DesDiv 15's report I just said...? wha? Its not...? This is... wha! ma, may I! May I open it commander!?... I'm opening it! wha! Um...! ...! I... I will.. I will treasure this!
Play Looking At Scores 司令! 状況分析ですか?了解です、資料をお持ちいたします。 Commander! Did you want the situation analysis? I understand, I will bring the files.
Play Joining A Fleet 第十五駆逐隊、親潮。出撃します! ヨーソロー! Desdiv 15, Oyashio. Ready to sortie! Steady as she goes! ヨーソロー yousoro usually written ようそろ (kanji: 宜候) is a term used by the IJN and the JMSDF meaning "no problem" or "I understand." Closest English translation is 'steady as she goes'.
Play Equipment 1 これは……この兵装なら! 親潮、艦隊のお役に立てそうです! This is.... With this equipment I can! Oyashio, can be useful for the fleet!
Play Equipment 2 ありがとうございます、司令! 対潜兵装も大切ですよね。 Thank you very much, Commander! Anti -sub equipment is important too.
Play Equipment 3 第十五駆逐隊、問題ありません! DesDiv 15, has no problems!
 ⇧ shared with expedition selection, resource collection, instant repair and development
Play Supply 司令、ありがとうございます。十五駆、直ちに出撃可能です! Commander, Thank you. DesDiv 15 is ready for sortie!
Play Docking Minor 申し訳ありません…あたし、少しだけ後ろに下がります。すぐ出ますから。 I'm terribly sorry... I will retreat for a bit. I will come back soon.
Play Docking Major 司令…大変申し訳ありません。いただいた制服をこんなにしてしまって。次はこんな失敗は絶対にしません。絶対に。 Commander... I'm terribly sorry. I've ruined the uniform you gave me. Next time I absolutely won't fail again. Absolutely won't.
Play Construction 司令、新しい艦の建造が完了いたしました。 Commander, the new ship's construction has been completed.
Play Returning From Sortie 作戦完了! 艦隊、泊地に戻りました。 Operation complete! The fleet has returned to the anchorage.
Play Starting A Sortie 艦隊旗艦、親潮が預かります。旗艦、先頭、艦隊、前へ! I Oyashio will take charge as flagship. Flagship, front side, fleet go forward!
Play Battle Start 敵艦隊発見、合戦準備。 撃ち方ー、はじめっ! Enemy fleet spotted, Get ready for battle. Commence.. Fire!
Play Attack 左舷、砲戦用意。撃て、てーっ! ……やった、いける! Port side, ready the guns. Fire, Fire! ...... Yes, I can do it!
 ⇧ shared with day/night special attacks, support expedition team arrival
Play Night Battle 艦隊再集結!いいですか?夜戦でとどめを刺します。あたしに続いて!行きます! Fleet regroup! Alright? We will finish them off with a night battle. Follow me! Lets go!
Play Night Attack 当たった?いける?…そ、そう…てー! Did it hit? Did I do it? .... O, OK... Fire!
Play MVP うそっ、あたしが!? 司令、本当ですか!? ……や、やった! 黒潮さん、見てましたか? あたし、やりました! No way... me?! Commander, you really mean it?! ......Y-yes! Kuroshio, did you see?! I did it!
Play Minor Damage 1 いやあああ!被弾!?何!?魚雷!?機雷!?な、なに!? Iyaaa! I'm hit!? What was it!? Torpedo!? Mine!? Wha, what!? Oyashio was crippled by a mine during a transport run to Kolombangara. Kagerou and Kuroshio who were with her thought they had been attacked by a submarine and started to deploy their depth charges. This resulted in all three of them hitting mines (with Kuroshio sinking instantly) which allowed American aircraft to finish them off.
Play Minor Damage 2 ひやああああ!…痛ぁ…も、もう! Hyaaa!... Ouch.... I've had enough!
Play Major Damage 後部に直撃!?うそ!?まだ戦える?いける? Direct hit to the stern!? No way!? Can I still fight? Can I go on?
Play Sunk あたし……また沈むのかな……黒潮さん……陽炎姉さん……ごめん……な……さい……。 I... Going to sink again... Kuroshio... Kagerou nee-san... I'm... so...r...ry... Oyashio, Kagerou and Kuroshio (DesDiv 15) all sunk on the same day. DesDiv 15 was disbanded all in one day

Hourly Notifications (Kai)Edit

Time Japanese English Note
Play 00:00 ちょうど午前0時、この時間は、艦隊も静かですね。司令、本日の司令つき秘書艦は、不肖、この親潮が担当させていただきます。万事お任せください。 It's just Midnight , This time of night, the fleet is quiet. Commander, Today I, Oyashio although unworthy, will be your secretary-ship. Please leave everything to me. She talks with the utmost respect towards the admiral.
Play 01:00 マルヒトマルマル。司令、ご報告です。艦隊泊地に異常なし、静かな夜です。 0100. Commander, I have a report. There are no abnormalities in the fleet anchorage, it's a quiet night.
Play 02:00 マルフタマルマル。司令、ご報告です。提督室を出たところの廊下で……あ、そうですね!司令、了解です。些事はご報告しないようにいたします。 0200. Commander, I have a report. Outside the Admiral Room in the hall... oh, you're right! Commander, I understand. I won't report trivial matters.
Play 03:00 マルサンマルマル。ふぅ…司令、お休みですか?うふふふ!司令の寝顔かわいい。ずっと見ていようかな。あ!そうだ、毛布をかけて差し上げよう。 0300. Phew... Commander, are you asleep? fufufufu! The commander's sleeping face is cute. I could gaze forever. Ah! Yes, I should put this blanket on him/her.
Play 04:00 あ、司令お目覚めですか?あ、はい、ほんの少しだけお休みになられていて。今、時刻はマルヨンマルマルです。まだ、少しお休みになっていてください。 Ah, Commander are you awake? Ah, yes, you were asleep for a bit. Right now it's 0400. Please rest a bit more.
Play 05:00 マルゴーマルマル。司令、ご報告です。親潮、朝食の準備に入ります。今朝の献立は麦飯とほうれん草のお味噌汁、あとは刻み大根の炒め物を予定しています。 0500. Commander, I have a report. Oyashio shall begin preparing breakfast. Today's menu is barley rice, spinach miso soup and stir-fried grated radish.
Play 06:00 マルロクマルマル。司令、ご報告です。艦隊に総員起こしをかけました。おはようございます!本日も共に頑張ってまいりましょう。 0600. Commander, I have a report. I just did the fleet wake-up call. Good morning! Let's give it our best today.
Play 07:00 マルナナマルマル。司令、ご朝食こちらの机にご用意しておきました。今、熱いお茶もお入れしますね。ひと段落したら、召し上がってください。 0700. Commander, your breakfast is prepared on the table. I'll put in some tea as well. Whenever you're ready, please eat.
Play 08:00 マルハチマルマル。司令、ご朝食おかわりもしていただき、あたし!いいえ、この親潮、嬉しい、いいえ、光栄です!ご昼食の用意もどうぞお任せください! 0800. Commander, Thank you for having seconds, I- no, Oyashio is happy, no, honored! Please leave preparing lunch to me as well! She probably uses あたし when referring to herself casually. She is so happy that she momentarily forgets to keep her usual formal tone.
Play 09:00 マルキュウマルマル。司令ご報告です。黒潮、親潮、第15駆逐隊、第一小隊、集合しました。これより第18駆逐隊と合同で訓練を。 0900. Commander, I have a report. Kuroshio, Oyashio and DesDiv 15 1st platoon have gathered. Now we will begin our joint training with DesDiv 18 DesDiv 18 consists of Kagerou, Shiranui, Kasumi and Arare
Play 10:00 ヒトマルマルマル。陽炎姉さん!はい、親潮しっかりやっています!ご安心を。あ、不知火姉さん。あ、はい!ご指導ご鞭撻いつもありがとうございます! 1000. Kagerou nee-san! Yes, Oyashio is doing well! Please don't worry. Ah, Shiranui nee-san. Ah, yes! Thank you always for your guidance and encouragement!
Play 11:00 ヒトヒトマルマル。黒潮さん、よかったらお昼ご一緒しますか? そうですか!司令、構わないでしょうか?わぁ...! はい! ありがとうございます。 1100. Kuroshio, would you like to join us for lunch? Really! Commander, is it alright? Wha..! Yes! Thank you!
Play 12:00 ヒトフタマルマル。司令、黒潮さん、ご昼食は稲荷寿司にしてみました。中身は五目ごはん仕立てです!召し上がってみて下さい。お茶はここに置きますね。 1200. Commander, Kuroshio, for lunch I prepared Inarizushi. Inside is five ingredients rice! Please eat up! Inarizushi is rice wrapped in fried tofu. Five ingredients rice contains chicken, bamboo shoots, carrots, turnips and shiitake mushrooms.
Play 13:00 ヒトサンマルマル。司令、ご報告です。午後の艦隊運営、開始いたしました。遠征部隊の管理についてご相談がありますので、よろしければ会議室で打ち合わせをさせていただいていいでしょうか? 1300. Commander, I have a report. The afternoon's fleet operations have started. I have to consult you about the expedition fleet management so if it's OK could we meet in the meeting room?
Play 14:00 ヒトヨンマルマル。司令、お疲れ様です。遠征部隊による兵站確保についてですが、司令、あ、あの、司令?ああ、よかった。少しお疲れのようです。お休みになりますか? 0400. Commander, thank you for your hard work. About the expedition fleet's securing of military logistics, Commander, Um, Commander? Oh, thank god. You see to be a little tired. Would you like to rest?
Play 15:00 ヒトゴーマルマ…あ!照月さん!お疲れ様です!どうされたんですか?え?このお菓子を差し入れに?おいしそう!ありがとうございます!お茶でもいかがですか? 150... Ah! Teruzuki! Thank you for your hard work! What happened? Huh? Some sweets as a gift? It looks delicious! Thank you very much! How about you have some tea?
Play 16:00 ヒトロクマルマル。照月さんですか?そうですね。二水戦の一翼としてあの時は、そうですね。あの島、あの海域には何度か行きました、ね。 1600. Teruzuki? Yes we were together as a part of the Second Torpedo Squadron at that time. Yes. I went to that island and that sea area a few times. A reference to the transport missions to Guadalcanal that was led by Teruzuki in which she also was sunk.
Play 17:00 ヒトナナマルマル。司令、ご報告です。夕日がきれいです! 綺麗... 写真に撮っておきたいですね。すみません! 勤務中に... 1700. Commander, I have a report. The sunset is beautiful! beautiful... I would like to take a picture of it. I'm so sorry! On duty...
Play 18:00 ヒトハチマルマル。司令、お夕食もあたし…いえ、親潮がご用意いたします。和洋どちらがよろしいですか?お好みをお知らせください。 1800. Commander, for your dinner I... No, Oyashio will prepare it. Would you like Japanese or western? Please tell me your preference.
Play 19:00 ヒトキュウマルマル。司令、お夕食の用意ができました。こちらのテーブルにいらっしゃってください。今夜の献立は…あ、喜んでいただけてよかったです。頑張った甲斐がありました! 1900. Commander, your dinner is ready. Please come to this table. Tonight's menu is... Ah, I'm glad you are happy. I'm glad I did my best!
Play 20:00 フタマルマルマル。司令、食後はコーヒーになさいますか?それとも紅茶を…あ、はい、了解です!お持ちいたしますね。お待ちください。 2000. Commander, Would you like to have your after meal coffee? Or would you prefer tea?... Ah, yes, I understand! I will bring it. Please wait.
Play 21:00 フタヒトマルマル。司令、ご報告です。三水戦の皆さんが出撃して行き…あ、その報告はいらないのですね。申し訳ありません、了解いたしました。 2100. Commander, I have a report. The 3rd Torpedo Squadron is sorti... Ah, I don't need to report it. I am very sorry, I understand. Sendai is the flagship of the 3rd Torpedo Squadron
Play 22:00 フタフタマルマル。潜水艦ですか?はい、強力な艦艇だと思います。敵としても大きな脅威ですが優秀な潜水艦は味方だったら、とても頼もしい存在だと思います。 2200. Submarines? Yes, I think they are powerful ships. They can be formidable enemies but, I think capable friendly submarines are reliable as well.
Play 23:00 フタサンマルマル。司令、本日も一日大変お疲れ様でした。明日もこの親潮、司令のお力になれればと思います。お忙しいと思いますが、少しでも、お休みになっていただけると嬉しいです。 2300. Commander, Thank you for working hard the whole day today. I Oyashio, hope to be of help tomorrow as well. You may be busy but, I would be happy if you would rest even for a bit.
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この季節は少しだけ心が沈みます。司令?あ、ごめんなさい。大丈夫です。司令に心配かけるわけにはいかない。あたし、がんばります。平気です! This season makes my heart sink a little. Commander? Oh, I'm sorry. I'm feeling alright. I do not intend to cause any worry to the Commander. I'll do my best. I am alright! Oyashio, Kagerou and Kuroshio all sunk in May and were removed from the navy list on the 20th of June 1943. Des Dev 15 was also disbanded on this day.
Rainy Season 2016
Early Summer 2016
黒潮さん、それどうしたの?え?水着?何のためですか?海?海には毎日行っていますが?司令に?見せる?どうしてですか?え?ええ? Kuroshio-san, what's with that? Eh? A swimsuit? What is it for? The sea? But don't we go to the sea everyday? Show it? To the Commander? Why would you? Eh? Eeh?
Mid-Summer 2016
Fall 2016
秋になりました。大鷹さんが就役された季節。また、お会いできると良いな。きっと。 It has become autumn. In this season Taiyou was commissioned. I hope to meet her again. For sure. Taiyou was an aircraft carrier that was commissioned in October. Oyashio once escorted her.
Fall 2016
Sanma 2016
さ、秋刀魚漁、ですか!?了解です!第十五駆逐隊、秋刀魚漁支援に出撃します!黒潮さん、灯りを持って。参りましょう! S- Saury fishing!? Roger! Destroyer Division 15 will sortie on a saury fishing support mission! Kuroshio-san, get the lights. Let's move out!
Christmas 2016
司令!ケーキはこちらに取り分けておきました。あの料理も取ってきますね!…七面鳥……立派な鶏肉ですね、美味しそう…はい!司令、こちらです! Commander! I divided the cake over there. I'll go take some of that food over there! ...Turkey... It's some fine-looking poultry. It looks delicious ... Yes! Commander, over here!
New Year 2017
New Year 2017
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Valentines Day 2017
Valentines Day 2017
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  • Oyashio wears a very similar outfit to the first three members of her class; a white shirt with a vest over it. The color palette for her outfit is different from the first three members of her class, and she also does not wear the bike shorts the first three members of her class wear either; instead, her auxiliary guns are strapped to her bare thighs, along with depth charges. Her hair is black and is secured by a hairpiece on the left side of her hair. She sports white gloves and her torpedo tubes are seen on her back. When damaged, it is revealed that she wears a black bra and has black panties.


  • Oyashio talks with utmost respect towards her Commander/Admiral and speaks with a formal tone. She has somewhat of a sister complex towards Kuroshio, the third destroyer of her class. She looks forward to her Commander/Admiral's guidance, as shown in her introductory line. She also has a rather interesting need to report just about everything, even the most trivial things like watching the sunset.


  • Name means Parental Tide, named after the Oyashio Current.
    • In her JMSDF incarnation, she becomes a submarine twice (as SS-511 and SS-590), and is currently the training submarine of her own class.
  • Sunk 8th May 1943 along with the rest of DesDiv15 while on a troop transport run to Kolombangara due to hitting mines leaving her dead in the water then consequently struck by air attacks.
  • All members of Destroyer Division 15 (including Kagerou) had all sunk by May 1943 and DesDiv 15 was disbanded by June. This makes it one of the earliest disbandment of a DesDiv during the pacific war. This also makes Des Div 15 the only Des Div to stay a part of the Second Torpedo Squadron until its end.

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Type 1934 Z1 · Z3
Maestrale Libeccio
Light Cruiser Tenryuu Tenryuu · Tatsuta
Kuma Kuma · Tama · Kitakami · Ooi · Kiso
Nagara Nagara · Isuzu · Yura · Natori · Kinu · Abukuma
Sendai Sendai · Jintsuu · Naka
Yuubari Yuubari
Agano Agano · Noshiro · Yahagi · Sakawa
Ooyodo Ooyodo
Torpedo Cruiser Kuma Kitakami · Ooi · Kiso
Heavy Cruiser Furutaka Furutaka · Kako
Aoba Aoba · Kinugasa
Myoukou Myoukou · Nachi · Ashigara · Haguro
Takao Takao · Atago · Maya · Choukai
Mogami Mogami · Mikuma · Suzuya · Kumano
Tone Tone · Chikuma
Admiral Hipper Prinz Eugen
Zara Zara · Pola
Aviation Cruiser Mogami Mogami · Mikuma · Suzuya · Kumano
Tone Tone · Chikuma
Battleship Fast Battleship Kongou Kongou · Hiei · Kirishima · Haruna
Bismarck Bismarck
Vittorio Veneto Littorio/Italia · Roma
Iowa Iowa
Gangut Gangut/Гангут/Октябрьская революция
Richelieu Richelieu
Battleship Fusou Fusou · Yamashiro
Ise Ise · Hyuuga
Nagato Nagato · Mutsu
Yamato Yamato · Musashi
Queen Elizabeth Warspite
Aviation Battleship Fusou Fusou · Yamashiro
Ise Ise · Hyuuga
Carrier Light Carrier Houshou Houshou
Ryuujou Ryuujou
Kasuga Maru Kasuga Maru
Taiyou Taiyou
Shouhou Shouhou · Zuihou
Hiyou Hiyou · Jun'you
Ryuuhou Ryuuhou
Chitose Chitose · Chiyoda
Mogami Suzuya · Kumano
Standard Carrier Akagi Akagi
Kaga Kaga
Souryuu Souryuu
Hiryuu Hiryuu
Shoukaku Shoukaku · Zuikaku
Unryuu Unryuu · Amagi · Katsuragi
Graf Zeppelin Graf Zeppelin
Aquila Aquila
Lexington Saratoga
Ark Royal Ark Royal
Armored Carrier Shoukaku Shoukaku · Zuikaku
Taihou Taihou
Submarine Kaidai VI I-168
Junsen 3 I-8
Junsen Type A Kai Ni I-13 · I-14
Junsen Type B I-19 · I-26
Junsen Type B Kai Ni I-58
Sentoku (I-400) I-400 · I-401
Type 3 S.T.V. Maruyu
Type IXC U-511
Ro-series Ro-500
Marconi Luigi Torelli/UIT-25/I-504
Seaplane Tender Kamoi Kamoi
Chitose Chitose · Chiyoda
Mizuho Mizuho
Akitsushima Akitsushima
Commandant Teste Commandant Teste
Auxiliary Ship Training Cruiser Katori Katori · Kashima
Amphibious Assault Ship Hei Akitsu Maru
Submarine Tender Taigei Taigei
Repair Ship Akashi Akashi
Fleet Oiler Kamoi Kamoi
Revised Kazahaya Hayasui