If the Game Servers are down for Maintenance, you will see one of the notices as shown below depending on the platform you are using to access the game.
Browser KanColle Android
KanColle maintenance KanColle Android maintenance
Message on DMM's site indicating that the game is under maintenance. Message on DMM's site indicating that the game is under maintenance. KanColle Android users only

Maintenance ScheduleEdit

Latest Maintenance Next Maintenance
October 10th Saury mini-event
Wikia October 10th Update Banner
Next Maintenance Timer
Time until maintenance starts: Time until maintenance ends:

Maintenance start date and time: October 26 2018 11:00
Expected maintenance end date and time: October 26 2018 20:00
Actual maintenance end date and time: October 26 2018 20:00

Latest UpdateEdit

2018 Saury mini-eventEdit

10th OctoberEdit

For a full debriefing on the game update (including developer tweets), you may wish to refer to this link.

End of Early Fall 2018 EventEdit

End of Summer Seasonal ContentsEdit

  • Summer 2018 CGs and Voicelines have come to an end.
    • The Seasonal CGs are available to view on the Ship Girls Library.

Saury Fishing Mini-EventEdit

Sanma (Saury) 2018 New CGs & VoicelinesEdit

Coastal Defense Ships and Isokaze Limited-Time DropEdit

Limited ship drops
Ship 1-6 3-4 6-1 6-5
IsokazeIsokaze Banner B, J, K
EtorofuEtorofu Banner B, J K
MatsuwaMatsuwa Banner K M
FukaeFukae Banner P M

New Limited-Time Mackerel QuestsEdit

ID Requirements FuelAmmunitionSteelBauxite Rewards Note
SB01 秋刀魚漁:今秋の「秋刀魚」も上々ね!
Saury Fishing : This year's Saury is great as well!
Have 3 Saury Fishes in your Inventory 600 / 0 / 0 / 0 choice between
Development material X4
Searchlight 074 CardSearchlight 074 Card SearchlightSearchlight 074 Card X2
Combat Ration 145 CardCombat Ration 145 Card Combat RationCombat Ration 145 Card X3
choice between
Type 3 Active Sonar 047 CardType 3 Active Sonar 047 Card Type 3 Active SonarType 3 Active Sonar 047 Card X1
Skilled Lookouts 129 CardSkilled Lookouts 129 Card Skilled LookoutsSkilled Lookouts 129 Card X1
Screw X3
Requires: ??
Unlocks: SB02
SB02 秋刀魚漁:大切な漁場、ここは譲れません!
Saury Fishing : We will not yield this important fishery location!
Have 10 Saury Fishes in your Inventory 1000 / 1000 / 0 / 0 choice between
Type 95 Depth Charge 226 CardType 95 Depth Charge 226 Card Type 95 Depth ChargeType 95 Depth Charge 226 Card X2
Daihatsu Landing Craft 068 CardDaihatsu Landing Craft 068 Card Daihatsu Landing CraftDaihatsu Landing Craft 068 Card X2
Action Report Card Action Report X1
choice between
WG42 (Wurfgerät 42) 126 CardWG42 (Wurfgerät 42) 126 Card WG42 (Wurfgerät 42)WG42 (Wurfgerät 42) 126 Card X2
Reinforcement expansion 064 useitemReinforcement Expansion X2
Night Operation Aviation Personnel 258 CardNight Operation Aviation Personnel 258 Card Night Operation Aviation PersonnelNight Operation Aviation Personnel 258 Card X1
Requires: SB01
Unlocks: SB03
SB03 秋刀魚漁:大漁ですね…助かります。
Saury Fishing : Such a big haul... It's very helpful.
Have 30 Saury Fishes in your Inventory 3000 / 3000 / 3000 / 1000 Type 18 Fleet Fishery bannerType 18 Fleet Fishery Banner X1
choice between
GFCS Mk.37 307 CardGFCS Mk.37 307 Card GFCS Mk.37GFCS Mk.37 307 Card
Type 17 Fleet Fishery BannerType 17 Fleet Fishery Banner X1
Type 16 Fleet Fishery Banner 065 Type 16 Fleet Fishery Banner X1
Requires: SB02

Future UpdatesEdit

Coming SoonTMEdit

  • HyuugaHyuuga Banner Kai Ni planned for release this year.
  • Multiple Fletcher-class Destroyers are planned for future release.
  • Implementation of Player-based "friendly fleet" system planned for future release.

Previous UpdatesEdit

Long term futureEdit

See Hinted Content page. (Outdated)

Archived updatesEdit

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Archived Updates
April 23rd (Launch) 26thExtra 28th
June 3rdRank 5th 12th 19th 26th
July 3rd 10th 17th 24th
August 1st(Event) 8th 14th 17th 26th
September 4th 11th 18th 25th
October 4th 16th 23rd
December 4th 11th 24th(Event) 25thExtra
January 8th 15th 22nd 29th
February 14th 26th
March 14th 28th
April 9th 23rd(Event)
May 9th 23rd
June 6th 20th
July 4th 18th 28th
August 8th(Event) 29th
September 12th 26th
October 10th 24th
November 14th(Event) 20th
December 1st 12th 26th
January 1st 9th 23rd
February 6th(Event) 17th Rank 23rd
March 13th 16th DMM 18th Rank 27th
April 7th DMM 10th 17th Rank 23rd 28th(Event)
May 18th 20th Rank 29th
June 12th 19th Rank 26th
July 3rd 17th 21stRank 31stLive
August 10th(Event) 11thLive 13thhotfix 14thhotfix 21stRank
September 7th 20thLive 22ndRank 25th
October 9th 11thLive 20thDMM 21stRank 30th
November 18th(Event) 20thLive 21stLive 24thRank
December 3rdEmergency 8th 22ndRank 24thLive 29th
January 1stLive 19th 22ndRank
February 10th(Event) 12thEmergency•Kure 14thLive 24thRank 29th
March 11th 19thRank
April 1st 9thLive 13thDMM 22nd 25thRank
June 1st 10th 22ndAndroid 26thRank 30th
July 15th 27thRank
September 16th 27thRank
October 5th 21st 26thRank
November 4th 18th(Event) 28thRank
December 9th 22nd 27thLive 28thRank 29thLive
January 1stLive 10th 25th 27thRank
February 11th(Event) 25thRank 28th
March 4thLive 17th 27thRank
April 5th 23rdLive 29thRank
May 2nd(Event) 22nd 29thRank
June 6th 23rd 29thRank
July 14th 28thRank 31st
August 10th(Event) 29thRank
September 12th 28thRank 29th
October 18th 25th 28thRank
November 10thLive 17th(Event) 29thRank
December 11th 22ndRank 27th
January 1stLive 17th 27thRank
February 5th 16th(Event) 28thRank
March 23rd 28thRank
April 6th 23rd 28thRank
May 15th(Mini-Event) 29thRank
June 13th 29thRank
July 12th 30thRank
August 1st 15th (Phase 2) 30thRank
September 8th(Event) 28thRank
October 10th
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