The Reinforcement Expansion is an item added in the August 10th 2015 update along with the Summer Event. Having the item allows you to reinforce a ship to permanently add an additional consumable equipment slot.

The reinforcement will remain after a remodel. This means you can equip a ship with valuable equipment like Damecons without compromising the main equipment.

Currently, the Reinforcement Expansion is available as an event map reward, as a quest reward from B90 , B103 and B104 or through the Shop for 500 DMM points.


  • Your Kanmusu's level must be at least Level 30 to install the Reinforcement Expansion.

There is no button install Reinforcement Expansion for ship under level 30.


To use the Reinforcement Expansion:

Reinforcement Expansion Select
  • Go into the equipment menu
  • Select the ship you wish to add a slot to
  • Mouse over the portrait at the right to the Kanmusu's name label but not the "remodeled" word: 改/改二/甲/zwei/drei/etc. You should see some words appearing in the portrait when you have done it right. Once those words appear, left click.
Reinforcement Expansion Confirm
  • Confirm with the left button (cancel with the right)
  • The additional slot is shown in the red circle.
  • The additional slot is carried over the remodel.
  • The additional slot with Emergency Repair Personnel.
  • The extra slot will appear over the portrait
  • When properly equipped and when the flagship is heavily damaged during a sortie, the following screenshot is presented. In this case, it's with the Emergency Repair Goddess.


This additional slot can be used for certain consumables:

The slot can also be used for certain equipment, including: