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01 Nice to meet you, Commander!
(初めまして!司令官!, "Hajimemasite! Shireikan!"?)
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Fubuki arrives at the naval base as a newcomer to the Third Torpedo Squadron, where she is introduced by Mutsuki to the rest of her squadron. After an abrupt meeting and exchange of greetings with Akagi of the First Carrier Division during her flight drills, Fubuki spends recreational time with her new squad-mates. Meanwhile, the Fourth Fleet locates the base of the enemy abyssal fleet, and the admiral orders a fleet assembled to commence an assault as the Fourth Fleet retreats. The First Carrier Task Force, Second Support Fleet and Third Torpedo Squadron are summarily sortied, however to the dismay of Fubuki's squadron, they learn that Fubuki has never engaged in battle before. The squadron encounters and engages a group of enemy destroyers, and just as Fubuki is close to being annihilated by one, the enemy group is destroyed by aircraft of the First Carrier Division.

02 Without Dissent, Without Shame, Without Regret!
(悖らず、恥じず、憾まず!, "Motorazu、Hajizu、Uramazu!"?)
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Fubuki has decided to become as strong as Akagi, so she can fight in the same fleet as her. Fubuki is then given a series of training sessions from other kanmusu; including but not limited to; balancing, target practice, and confidence boosting. Meanwhile, Akagi is having a target practice training session with Kaga supervising. During the school session, Ashigara punishes Yūdachi for not doing her homework by giving her more homework. Ashigara then gives the destroyer a question about Type 93 Torpedoes only for Fubuki to whisper the answer in order to cheat, but Ashigara accepts the answer anyway. Ashigara then gives Fubuki a question about oxygen torpedoes, as the destroyer answers it correctly. Not long after school, after many attempts of balancing training from Sendai, Fubuki decided to talk to Akagi at the hot springs only to run into the recently-repaired Atago instead. Fubuki would later attempt to smile with Naka as her trainer, much to her embarrassment, as she would later be sleepless and get sleepy the next day. Fubuki would later continue her balancing training with Sendai as night falls.

03 Operation Capture W Island!
(W島攻略作戦!, "W Tou Kouryaku Sakusen!"?)
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Fubuki's squadron, the 3rd Torpedo Squadron, and the 4th Torpedo Squadron consisting of Yūbari, Kuma, Tama, Mochizuki, Yayoi, and Kisaragi are sent to an operation to defeat an enemy torpedo squadron residing in the W island by luring them out during night. Fubuki becomes nervous about the operation as she is still not confident in her abilities. However her friends cheer her up and wishes her good luck in the operation, and in the morning, Fubuki meets Akagi during morning practice. Akagi gives Fubuki some inspiring advice as a Kanmusu, letting Fubuki gain more confidence in herself. The 3rd and 4th Torpedo Squadron are sent to the operation during daytime in order to do reconnaissance over the enemy fleet until night time to initiate their mission. However their operation is put on halt when two enemy Nu-class Light Aircraft Carriers discover the location of Fubuki's squadron, forcing them to retreat and run away from the enemy torpedo squadron who starts chasing after them, while facing several numbers of Abyssal enemy aircraft. Through the efforts of Fubuki's squadron, the 4th Torpedo Squadron, and thanks to the reinforcements by the Second Fleet consisting of Kongō, Hiei, Haruna, and Kirishima, who had arrived after an expedition, the enemy torpedo squadron is forced to retreat and the enemy Nu-class Light Aircraft Carriers are defeated, but Kisaragi is sunk by a bomber while patrolling alone.