Shiden Kai 2

Violet Lightning Kai 2

No.55 紫電改二
GreenPlane Carrier-based Fighter Aircraft
Effects: Icon AA+9 Icon Evasion+3
Combat Radius: 3 (Deployment Cost: BauxiteKai 6)

Scrap value: FuelKai 2 AmmoKai 2 BauxiteKai 7 (Buildable)

Shiden Kai 2 055 Card

Shiden Kai 2 055 Character

Shiden Kai 2 055 Equipment

Shiden Kai 2 055 Full

Refittable Class
Coastal Defense Ship Destroyer
Light Cruiser Torpedo Cruiser
Heavy Cruiser Training Cruiser
Aviation Cruiser Fast Battleship
Battleship Aviation Battleship
Light Carrier Standard Carrier
Armored Carrier Seaplane Tender
Submarine Aircraft Carrying Submarine
Submarine Tender Fleet Oiler
Repair Ship Amphibious Assault Ship



The carrier-based variant of the trump card of mainland air defense, a domestically designed fighter, "Shiden Kai". Intended to fill the gap left by the delays in development and deployment of the "Reppuu", its excellent dogfighting capability is due to its high-powered engine and air-flaps. Even if the dawn that the aircraft carrier Shinano was in service, equipped with Reppuu and Reppuu Kai is but a faraway vision... This is the last of the carrier-based fighters that was real.



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  • Icon Evasion+3 was added after the 30 October 2015 update.
  • Quest SB02 offers this as a choice between three rewards. Only available during the 2017 Mackerel Event.
  • Quest B110 offers this as a choice between three rewards.
  • Quest Bs29 offers this as a choice between three rewards. Only available during the 2018 New Year's update.
  • Quest F70 reward.
  • Quest 5A01 offers this as a choice between three rewards. Only available during the Kancolle 5th Anniversary update.
  • Quest Su04 offers this as a choice between three rewards. Only available during the Spring 2018 Mini-Event.


The Kawanishi N1K3-A Shiden Kai 2 (Violet Lightning, Modified 2, Allied reporting name "George") was a proposed carrier-based variant of the Kawanishi N1K2-J. The N1K2-J was a land-based version of the Kawanishi N1K1 Kyoufuu (Strong Wind, Allied reporting name "Rex") floatplane fighter. The N1K was the last production line of fighter planes manufactured and flown by the Japanese Navy Air Service. Both its pilots and opponents considered the N1K-Js to be among the finest land-based fighters of Japan.

Originally developed as a floatplane fighter for forward-operations support where runways would not be available, the N1K1 was introduced to service in 1943. However, at that point Japan was no longer on the offensive, depriving the N1K of its intended role. With its heavy floats, it was at a severe disadvantage against contemporary American fighter planes, leading Kawanishi engineers to propose in 1941 to make a land-based fighter based on the N1K1.

Produced as a private venture by Kawanishi with the more powerful 1,850 hp Nakajima NK9A Homare 11 engine replacing the Mitsubishi MK4C Kasei 13 engine, the prototype N1K fighter flew in December 1942. It still carried the mid-mounted wing of the original floatplane design, which with its large propeller, required a long, stalky landing gear. It had a unique set of automatic combat flaps that were acceleration-sensitive, reducing the likelihood of a stall in combat. However, it was susceptible to entering an unrecoverable spin if handled roughly, making it extremely dangerous for inexperienced pilots.

The NK9 engine, although powerful, was unrefined due to its rush to production. Aside from the problematic engine, poor heat-treatment of the wheels could cause the landing gear to break off when the fighter attempted to land. It was reported that more N1Ks were lost by landing-gear failures than to Allied forces. Despite these problems, the Kawanishi fighter was deemed promising and subsequently evaluated by the Navy. As it was faster than the Mitsubishi A6M5 (Zero-fighter Model 52) in service at the time, had an even longer range than the Mitsubishi J2M Raiden interceptor and the 17-shi project (the Mitsubishi A7M Reppuu) was facing trouble, the prototypes were ordered into production as the N1K1-J. The J suffix indicates a land-based fighter modification, just as a J-prefix indicates a purpose-designed land-based fighter.

The N1K1 entered service in early 1944 and proved highly effective against American fighters, being the only one of its contemporaries that could match its enemies - F6F Hellcats and F4U Corsairs - and even outperform them with the guidance of an ace pilot. Rare for a Japanese fighter was the N1K's resilience, a significant upgrade from the fragile Zero-fighters. Although formidable, the N1K1-Js were still unreliable - both the troublesome NK9 engine and complicated undercarriage frequently failed. Altogether, 1,007 N1K1-Js were produced, including prototypes.

Merely four days after the N1K1-J's first test flight, the N1K2-J's development had begun. This new design resolved the N1K1-J's teething issues, such as the mid-mounted wing and poor landing gear design. The wings were lowered, facilitating a shorter, conventional undercarriage, while the fuselage was longer and the tail redesigned. The N1K2-J was also designed to be substantially easier to produce with just over a third of the parts of the N1K1-J. The Nakajima NK9 engine was retained as no viable alternative was available, despite its still questionable reliability.

The N1K2-J prototype flew on New Year's of 1944 and completed trials from the Imperial Japanese Navy in April 1944. It was subsequently rushed into production as the Shiden Kai and entered service that same year. In February 1945, a group of N1K2-Js encountered seven Hellcats of the U.S. Navy, downing four with no loss.

The N1K2-J was one of the best dogfighters of World War II, boasting both high speed (greater than 650km/h), incredible agility and a quartet of 20mm cannons. Its performance as bomber interceptor however, was lackluster - it had a poor rate of climb and reduced engine performance at a high altitude. Production difficulties and bombing raids on factories only allowed a mere 415 N1K2-Js to be produced, placing them in the hands of elite units such as the Navy's 343rd Air Group. It was fielded together with Nakajima C6N Saiun reconnaissance planes.

Regardless of the Kawanishi fighters' excellence in firepower, agility and resilience, they were produced too late and in too few numbers to change the favor of the war. It did, however spawn several variants, both prototypes and production, such as the N1K2-Ja Model 21A (a fighter-bomber). The prototypes of the planned N1K3-J series had different engine placement and twin 13.2mm machine guns.

The N1K3-A Shiden Kai Ni as seen in KanColle, was a project designed to be a carrier-based version of the aforementioned N1K3-J. No prototypes of the N1K3-A were ever built. Its name, 「紫電」- "Violet Lightning", likely refers to the pink lightning phenomenon - a common, more violent, louder, pink or purplish colored storm lightning bolt.

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Main Gun Small QF 4.7inch Mk.XII KaiQF 4.7inch Gun Mk.XII Kai 280 Card · 12cm Single12cm Single Gun Mount 001 Card · 120mm Twin120mm Twin Gun Mount 147 Card · 12.7cm Single12.7cm Single Gun Mount 078 Card · 12.7cm Twin12.7cm Twin Gun Mount 002 Card (Model B12.7cm Twin Gun Mount Model B Kai 2 063 Card · Model C12.7cm Twin Gun Mount Model C Kai 2 266 Card · Model D12.7cm Twin Gun Mount Model D Kai 2 267 Card· 130mm B-13 Twin130mm B-13 Twin Gun Mount 282 Card
AA 10cm HA10cm Twin High-angle Gun Mount 003 Card · 12.7cm Single HA12.7cm Single High-angle Gun Mount 048 Card (Late Model12.7cm Single High-angle Gun Mount (Late Model) 229 Card· 12.7cm Twin HA (Late Model)12.7cm Twin High-angle Gun Mount (Late Model) 091 Card · 5inch Single Mk.305inch Single Gun Mount Mk.30 284 Card
AAFD 10cm HA + AAFD10cm Twin High-angle Gun Mount + Anti-Aircraft Fire Director 122 Card
Medium 14cm Single14cm Single Gun Mount 004 Card · 14cm Twin14cm Twin Gun Mount 119 Card · 15.2cm Twin15.2cm Twin Gun Mount 065 Card (Kai15.2cm Twin Gun Mount Kai 139 Card· 15.5cm Triple15.5cm Triple Gun Mount 005 Card (Kai15.5cm Triple Gun Mount Kai 235 Card· 20.3cm20.3cm Twin Gun Mount 006 Card ((No.2)20.3cm (No.2) Twin Gun Mount 090 Card · (No.3)20.3cm (No.3) Twin Gun Mount 050 Card· SKC34 20.3cmSKC34 20.3cm Twin Gun Mount 123 Card · 203mm/53203mm 53 Twin Gun Mount 162 Card
Large 30.5cm Triple30.5cm Triple Gun Mount 231 Card (Kai30.5cm Triple Gun Mount Kai 232 Card· 35.6cm Twin35.6cm Twin Gun Mount 007 Card (Proto 35.6cmPrototype 35.6cm Triple Gun Mount 103 Card · (Dazzle Camo)35.6cm Twin Gun Mount (Dazzle Camouflage) 104 Card· 38cm Twin38cm Twin Gun Mount 076 Card (Kai38cm Twin Gun Mount Kai 114 Card· 38cm Quad38cm Quadruple Gun Mount 245 Card (Kai38cm Quadruple Gun Mount Kai 246 Card· 381mm/50 Triple381mm 50 Triple Gun Mount 133 Card (Kai381mm 50 Triple Gun Mount Kai 137 Card· 38.1cm Twin38.1cm Mk.I Twin Gun Mount 190 Card (/N Kai38.1cm Mk.I N Twin Gun Mount Kai 192 Card· 16inch Mk.716inch Triple Gun Mount Mk.7 161 Card (+ GFCS16inch Triple Gun Mount Mk.7 + GFCS 183 Card· 41cm Twin41cm Twin Gun Mount 008 Card (Proto 41cmPrototype 41cm Triple Gun Mount 105 Card · Kai41cm Triple Gun Mount Kai 236 Card· 46cm Triple46cm Triple Gun Mount 009 Card (Proto 46cmPrototype 46cm Twin Gun Mount 117 Card · Kai46cm Triple Gun Mount Kai 276 Card· 51cm Twin51cm Twin Gun Mount 281 Card (Proto 51cmPrototype 51cm Twin Gun Mount 128 Card)
Secondary Gun 15cm Twin15cm Twin Secondary Gun Mount 077 Card · 15.2cm Single15.2cm Single Gun Mount 011 Card · OTO 152mm TripleOTO 152mm Triple Rapid Fire Gun Mount 134 Card · 15.2cm Triple15.2cm Triple Gun Mount 247 Card · 15.5cm TripleEquipment12-1 (Kai15.5cm Triple Secondary Gun Mount Kai 234 Card)
AA 8cm HA8cm High-angle Gun 066 Card (Kai + Additional Machine Guns8cm High-angle Gun Kai + Additional Machine Guns 220 Card· 10cm HA (Carriage)10cm Twin High-angle Gun Mount (Carriage) 071 Card · 10.5cm Twin10.5cm Twin Gun Mount 160 Card · 12.7cm Twin HA12.7cm Twin High-angle Gun Mount 010 Card
AAFD 90mm Single HA90mm Single High-angle Gun Mount 135 Card · 10cm HA Kai + Additional Machine Guns10cm Twin High-angle Gun Mount Kai + Additional Machine Guns 275 Card · 12.7cm HA + AAFD12.7cm High-angle Gun + Anti-Aircraft Fire Director 130 Card · 5inch Twin Mk.28 mod.25inch Twin Gun Mount Mk.28 mod.2 172 Card
Anti-Air Machine Gun 7.7mm7.7mm Machine Gun 037 Card · 12.7mm Single12.7mm Single Machine Gun Mount 038 Card · 2cm Flakvierling 382cm Flakvierling 38 084 Card · 25mm Single25mm Single Autocannon Mount 049 Card (Twin25mm Twin Autocannon Mount 039 Card · Triple25mm Triple Autocannon Mount 040 Card· 3.7cm FlaK M423.7cm FlaK M42 085 Card · Bi Type 40mm TwinBi Type 40mm Twin Autocannon Mount 092 Card · 12cm 30-tube Rocket Launcher12cm 30-tube Rocket Launcher 051 Card (Kai 212cm 30-tube Rocket Launcher Kai Ni 274 Card)
C.D. 25mm Triple (Concentrated Deployment)25mm Triple Autocannon Mount (Concentrated Deployment) 131 Card · Bofors 40mm QuadBofors 40mm Quadruple Autocannon Mount 173 Card · QF 2-pounder OctoQF 2-pounder Octuple Pom-pom Gun Mount 191 Card
Fire Director Type 91 Anti-Aircraft Fire DirectorType 91 Anti-Aircraft Fire Director 120 Card · Type 94 Anti-Aircraft Fire DirectorType 94 Anti-Aircraft Fire Director 121 Card
Torpedo Weapon Torpedo 53cm Twin53cm Twin Torpedo Mount 174 Card · 53cm Oxygen Bow53cm Bow (Oxygen) Torpedo Mount 067 Card · 533mm Triple533mm Triple Torpedo Mount 283 Card · 61cm (Triple61cm Triple Torpedo Mount 013 Card · Quad61cm Quadruple Torpedo Mount 014 Card· 61cm Oxygen (Triple61cm Triple (Oxygen) Torpedo Mount 125 Card (Late Model61cm Triple (Oxygen) Torpedo Mount Late Model 285 Card· Quad61cm Quadruple (Oxygen) Torpedo Mount 015 Card (Late Model61cm Quadruple (Oxygen) Torpedo Mount Late Model 286 Card· Quint61cm Quintuple (Oxygen) Torpedo Mount 058 Card · Proto SextPrototype 61cm Sextuple (Oxygen) Torpedo Mount 179 Card)
Sub Submarine 53cm Bow (8 tubes)Submarine 53cm Bow Torpedo Mount (8 tubes) 095 Card · Prototype FaT Type 95 Oxygen Torpedo KaiPrototype FaT Type 95 Oxygen Torpedo Kai 127 Card · Late Model Bow Torpedo Mount (6 tubes)Late Model Bow Torpedo Mount (6 tubes) 213 Card (+ Skilled Sonar PersonnelSkilled Sonar Personnel + Late Model Bow Torpedo Mount (6 tubes) 214 Card)
Midget Sub KouhyoutekiKouhyouteki 041 Card
Carrier-based Aircraft Fighter Type 96 FighterType 96 Fighter 019 Card (KaiType 96 Fighter Kai 228 Card· Zero (Model 21Type 0 Fighter Model 21 020 Card (SkilledType 0 Fighter Model 21 (Skilled) 096 Card · IwamotoZero Fighter Model 21 (w Iwamoto Flight) 155 Card· Model 32Type 0 Fighter Model 32 181 Card (SkilledType 0 Fighter Model 32 (Skilled) 182 Card· Model 52Type 0 Fighter Model 52 021 Card (SkilledType 0 Fighter Model 52 (Skilled) 152 Card · 52A IwamotoZero Fighter Model 52A (w Iwamoto Flight) 156 Card · 52C 601Zero Fighter Model 52C (601 Air Group) 109 Card · 52C IwaiZero Fighter Model 52C (w Iwai Flight) 153 Card· Model 53 (IwamotoType 0 Fighter Model 53 (Iwamoto Squadron) 157 Card)) · Shiden (Kai 2Shiden Kai 2 055 Card · Kai 4Shiden Kai 4 271 Card· ReppuuReppuu 022 Card (KaiReppuu Kai 053 Card · 601Reppuu (601 Air Group) 110 Card· Shinden KaiShinden Kai 056 Card · Bf 109T KaiBf 109T Kai 158 Card · Fw 190T KaiFw 190T Kai 159 Card · Reggiane (Re.2001 OR KaiRe.2001 OR Kai 184 Card · Re.2005 KaiRe.2005 Kai 189 Card· Wildcat (F4F-3F4F-3 197 Card · F4F-4F4F-4 198 Card· Hellcat (F6F-3F6F-3 205 Card (NF6F-3N 254 Card· F6F-5F6F-5 206 Card (NF6F-5N 255 Card)) · FulmarFulmar 249 Card · Seafire Mk.III KaiSeafire Mk.III Kai 252 Card
Torpedo Bomber Type 97Type 97 Torpedo Bomber 016 Card (SkilledType 97 Torpedo Bomber (Skilled) 098 Card · 931Type 97 Torpedo Bomber (931 Air Group) 082 Card · TomonagaType 97 Torpedo Bomber (Tomonaga Squadron) 093 Card · MurataType 97 Torpedo Bomber (Murata Squadron) 143 Card· TenzanTenzan 017 Card (931Tenzan (931 Air Group) 083 Card · 601Tenzan (601 Air Group) 112 Card · Model 12 TomonagaTenzan Model 12 (Tomonaga Squadron) 094 Card · Model 12 MurataTenzan Model 12 (Murata Squadron) 144 Card· RyuuseiRyuusei 018 Card (KaiRyuusei Kai 052 Card · 601Ryuusei (601 Air Group) 113 Card· Re.2001 G KaiRe.2001 G Kai 188 Card · SwordfishSwordfish 242 Card (Mk.II (Skilled)Swordfish Mk.II (Skilled) 243 Card · Mk.III (Skilled)Swordfish Mk.III (Skilled) 244 Card· TBDTBD 196 Card · TBFTBF 256 Card (TBM-3DTBM-3D 257 Card)
Dive Bomber Type 99Type 99 Dive Bomber 023 Card (SkilledType 99 Dive Bomber (Skilled) 097 Card · EgusaType 99 Dive Bomber (Egusa Squadron) 099 Card· SuiseiSuisei 024 Card (Model 12ASuisei Model 12A 057 Card · EgusaSuisei (Egusa Squadron) 100 Card · 601Suisei (601 Air Group) 111 Card· Type 0 Fighter Model 62 (Fighter-bomber)Type 0 Fighter Model 62 (Fighter-bomber) 060 Card (IwaiZero Fighter Model 62 (Fighter-bomber Iwai Squadron) 154 Card· Type 0 Fighter Model 63 (Fighter-bomber)Type 0 Fighter Model 63 (Fighter-bomber) 219 Card · Prototype NanzanPrototype Nanzan 148 Card · Ju 87C KaiJu 87C Kai 064 Card · SBDSBD 195 Card · F4U-1DF4U-1D 233 Card · FM-2FM-2 277 Card · SkuaSkua 248 Card · SB2USB2U 199 Card
Recon SaiunSaiun 054 Card (Eastern CarolineSaiun (Eastern Caroline Air Group) 212 Card · 4th Recon SquadSaiun (4th Recon Squad) 273 Card· Type 2 ReconType 2 Reconnaissance Aircraft 061 Card · Prototype KeiunPrototype Keiun (Carrier-based Reconnaissance Model) 151 Card
Seaplane Flying Boat Type 2 Large Flying BoatType 2 Large Flying Boat 138 Card · PBY-5A CatalinaPBY-5A Catalina 178 Card
Recon Type 0 ReconType 0 Reconnaissance Seaplane 025 Card (Model 11BType 0 Reconnaissance Seaplane Model 11B 238 Card (SkilledType 0 Reconnaissance Seaplane Model 11B (Skilled) 239 Card)) · Type 0 ObservationType 0 Observation Seaplane 059 Card · ShiunShiun 118 Card · Type 98 Night ReconType 98 Reconnaissance Seaplane (Night Recon) 102 Card · Ar196 KaiAr196 Kai 115 Card · Ro.43 ReconRo.43 Reconnaissance Seaplane 163 Card · OS2UOS2U 171 Card
Bomber ZuiunZuiun 026 Card (631Zuiun (631 Air Group) 207 Card · 634Zuiun (634 Air Group) 079 Card · 634/SkilledZuiun (634 Air Group Skilled) 237 Card · Model 12Zuiun Model 12 080 Card · Model 12 634Zuiun Model 12 (634 Air Group) 081 Card· Seiran (Prototype SeiranPrototype Seiran 062 Card · 631Seiran (631 Air Group) 208 Card· Laté 298BLaté 298B 194 Card
Fighter Ro.44 Seaplane FighterRo.44 Seaplane Fighter 164 Card (bisRo.44 Seaplane Fighter bis 215 Card· Type 2 Seaplane Fighter KaiType 2 Seaplane Fighter Kai 165 Card (SkilledType 2 Seaplane Fighter Kai (Skilled) 216 Card· Kyoufuu KaiKyoufuu Kai 217 Card
Land-based Aircraft Attack Type 96Type 96 Land-based Attack Aircraft 168 Card · Type 1Type 1 Land-based Attack Aircraft 169 Card (NonakaType 1 Land-based Attack Aircraft (Nonaka Squadron) 170 Card · Model 22AType 1 Land-based Attack Aircraft Model 22A 180 Card · Model 34Type 1 Land-based Attack Aircraft Model 34 186 Card· GingaGinga 187 Card
Patrol Toukai (PrototypePrototype Toukai 269 Card · 901Toukai (901 Air Group) 270 Card)
Fighter Interceptor RaidenRaiden 175 Card · Shiden (Model 11Shiden Model 11 201 Card (Model 21Shiden Model 21 Shiden Kai 202 Card · Kai (343) 301st Sq.Shiden Kai (343 Air Group) 301st Fighter Squadron 263 Card))
IJA/Foreign Type 1 Fighter Hayabusa (Model IIType 1 Fighter Hayabusa Model II 221 Card (64th Sq.Type 1 Fighter Hayabusa Model II (64th Squadron) 225 Card· Model III AType 1 Fighter Hayabusa Model III A 222 Card (54th Sq.Type 1 Fighter Hayabusa Model III A (54th Squadron) 223 Card)) · Type 3 Fighter HienType 3 Fighter Hien 176 Card (244Type 3 Fighter Hien (244th Air Combat Group) 177 Card · Model 1DType 3 Fighter Hien Model 1D 185 Card· Type 4 Fighter HayateType 4 Fighter Hayate 218 Card · Spitfire (Mk.ISpitfire Mk.I 250 Card · Mk.VSpitfire Mk.V 251 Card · Mk.IX (Skilled)Spitfire Mk.IX (Skilled) 253 Card)
LBAA-IJA Bomb-carrying Type 1 Fighter Hayabusa Model III Kai (55th Squadron)Bomb-carrying Type 1 Fighter Hayabusa Model III Kai (55th Squadron) 224 Card
Jets Fighter-Bomber Jet Keiun KaiJet Keiun Kai 199 Card · Kikka KaiKikka Kai 200 Card
Anti-submarine Warfare Patroller Ka Type Observation AutogyroKa Type Observation Autogyro 069 Card · Type 3 Command Liaison Aircraft (ASW)Type 3 Command Liaison Aircraft (ASW) 070 Card
Depth Charge Projector Type 94 Depth Charge ProjectorType 94 Depth Charge Projector 044 Card · Type 3 Depth Charge ProjectorType 3 Depth Charge Projector 045 Card ((Concentrated Deployment)Type 3 Depth Charge Projector (Concentrated Deployment) 287 Card· Prototype 15cm 9-tube ASW Rocket LauncherPrototype 15cm 9-tube ASW Rocket Launcher 288 Card
Additional Type 95 Depth ChargeType 95 Depth Charge 226 Card · Type 2 Depth ChargeType 2 Depth Charge 227 Card
Sonar Type 93 Passive SonarType 93 Passive Sonar 046 Card · Type 3 Active SonarType 3 Active Sonar 047 Card · Type 0 Passive SonarType 0 Passive Sonar 132 Card · Type 4 Passive SonarType 4 Passive Sonar 149 Card · ASDIC (Type124 ASDICType124 ASDIC 260 Card · Type144/147 ASDICType144 147 ASDIC 261 Card · HF/DF + Type144/147 ASDICHF DF + Type144 147 ASDIC 262 Card)
Shell Type 3 ShellType 3 Shell 035 Card · Type 91 Armor Piercing ShellType 91 Armor Piercing Shell 036 Card · Type 1 Armor Piercing ShellType 1 Armor Piercing Shell 116 Card
Anti-Ground WG42 (Wurfgerät 42)WG42 (Wurfgerät 42) 126 Card
Amphibious and Transport Landing Craft Daihatsu Landing CraftDaihatsu Landing Craft 068 Card ((Type 89 Medium Tank & Landing Force)Daihatsu Landing Craft (Type 89 Medium Tank & Landing Force) 166 Card· Toku Daihatsu Landing CraftToku Daihatsu Landing Craft 193 Card (+ 11th Tank RegimentToku Daihatsu Landing Craft + 11th Tank Regiment 230 Card)
Tank Special Type 2 Amphibious TankSpecial Type 2 Amphibious Tank 167 Card
Drum Drum Canister (Transport Use)Drum Canister (Transport Use) 075 Card
Material Saiun (Disassembled for Transport)Saiun (Disassembled for Transport) 209 Card
Radar Small Air Type 13 Air RadarType 13 Air Radar 027 Card (KaiType 13 Air Radar Kai 106 Card)
Large Air Type 21 Air RadarType 21 Air Radar 030 Card (KaiType 21 Air Radar Kai 089 Card· Type 14 Air RadarType 14 Air Radar 032 Card · 15m Duplex Rangefinder + Type 21 Radar Kai 215m Duplex Rangefinder + Type 21 Radar Kai Ni 142 Card · FuMO25 RadarFuMO25 Radar 124 Card · SK RadarSK Radar 278 Card (+ SGSK + SG Radar 279 Card)
Small Surface Type 22 Surface RadarType 22 Surface Radar 028 Card (Kai 4Type 22 Surface Radar Kai 4 088 Card · Calibrated ModelType 22 Surface Radar Kai 4 (Calibrated Late Model) 240 Card· Type 33 Surface RadarType 33 Surface Radar 029 Card
Large Surface Type 32 Surface RadarType 32 Surface Radar 031 Card (KaiType 32 Surface Radar Kai 141 Card)
Submarine Submarine Radar (& Waterproof TelescopeSubmarine Radar & Waterproof Telescope 210 Card · & Passive Radiolocator (E27)Submarine Radar & Passive Radiolocator (E27) 211 Card)
Engine Turbine Improved Kanhon Type TurbineImproved Kanhon Type Turbine 033 Card
Boiler Enhanced Kanhon Type BoilerEnhanced Kanhon Type Boiler 034 Card · New Model High Temperature High Pressure BoilerNew Model High Temperature High Pressure Boiler 087 Card
Bulge Anti-torpedo Bulge (MediumAnti-torpedo Bulge (Medium) 072 Card · LargeAnti-torpedo Bulge (Large) 073 Card· New Kanhon Design (MediumNew Kanhon Design Anti-torpedo Bulge (Medium) 203 Card · LargeNew Kanhon Design Anti-torpedo Bulge (Large) 204 Card· Pugliese Underwater Protection BulkheadPugliese Underwater Protection Bulkhead 136 Card · Arctic Camouflage (+ Arctic Equipment)Arctic Camouflage (+ Arctic Equipment) 268 Card
Night Battle Aid SearchlightSearchlight 074 Card · Type 96 150cm SearchlightType 96 150cm Searchlight 140 Card · Star ShellStar Shell 101 Card
Support Item Emergency Repair PersonnelEmergency Repair Personnel 042 Card (Repair GoddessEmergency Repair Goddess 043 Card· Combat RationCombat Ration 145 Card ((Special Onigiri)Combat Ration (Special Onigiri) 241 Card · Canned MackerelCanned Mackerel 150 Card· Underway ReplenishmentEquipment146-1
Personnel and Facility Fleet Command FacilityFleet Command Facility 107 Card · Striking Force Fleet Command FacilityStriking Force Fleet Command Facility 272 Card · Ship Repair FacilityShip Repair Facility 086 Card · Skilled Carrier-based Aircraft Maintenance PersonnelSkilled Carrier-based Aircraft Maintenance Personnel 108 Card · Night Operation Aviation PersonnelNight Operation Aviation Personnel 258 Card (+ Skilled DeckhandsNight Operation Aviation Personnel + Skilled Deckhands 259 Card· Skilled LookoutsSkilled Lookouts 129 Card