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Destroyer (DD)


DD Kamikaze 471 Card DD Asakaze 472 Card DD Harukaze 473 Card DD Matsukaze 474 Card


DD Mutsuki 001 Card DD Mutsuki Kai Ni 434 Card

DD Kisaragi 002 Card DD Kisaragi Kai Ni 435 Card

DD Yayoi 164 Card DD Uzuki 165 Card

DD Satsuki 028 Card DD Satsuki Kai Ni 418 Card

DD Minazuki 481 Card DD Fumizuki 029 Card DD Nagatsuki 006 Card DD Kikuzuki 030 Card DD Mikazuki 007 Card DD Mochizuki 031 Card


DD Fubuki 009 Card DD Fubuki Kai Ni 426 Card

DD Shirayuki 010 Card DD Hatsuyuki 032 Card DD Miyuki 011 Card

DD Murakumo 033 Card DD Murakumo Kai Ni 420 Card

DD Isonami 012 Card DD Uranami 486 Card


DD Ayanami 013 Card DD Ayanami Kai Ni 195 Card

DD Shikinami 014 Card

DD Oboro 093 Card DD Oboro Kai 230 Card

DD Akebono 015 Card DD Akebono Kai 231 Card

DD Sazanami 094 Card DD Sazanami Kai 232 Card

DD Ushio 016 Card DD Ushio Kai Ni 407 Card


DD Akatsuki 034 Card DD Akatsuki Kai Ni 437 Card

DD Hibiki 035 Card DD Верный 147 Card

DD Ikazuchi 036 Card DD Inazuma 037 Card


DD Hatsuharu 038 Card DD Hatsuharu Kai Ni 326 Card

DD Nenohi 039 Card DD Wakaba 040 Card

DD Hatsushimo 041 Card DD Hatsushimo Kai Ni 419 Card


DD Shiratsuyu 042 Card DD Shiratsuyu Kai 242 Card

DD Shigure 043 Card DD Shigure Kai Ni 145 Card

DD Murasame 044 Card DD Murasame Kai 244 Card

DD Yuudachi 045 Card DD Yuudachi Kai Ni 144 Card

DD Harusame 405 Card DD Harusame Kai 323 Card

DD Samidare 046 Card DD Umikaze 458 Card DD Yamakaze 457 Card

DD Kawakaze 459 Card DD Kawakaze Kai Ni 469 Card

DD Suzukaze 047 Card


DD Asashio 095 Card DD Asashio Kai Ni 463 Card DD Asashio Kai Ni D 468 Card

DD Ooshio 096 Card DD Ooshio Kai Ni 199 Card

DD Michishio 097 Card

DD Arashio 098 Card DD Arashio Kai Ni 490 Card

DD Yamagumo 414 Card DD Asagumo 413 Card DD Arare 048 Card

DD Kasumi 049 Card DD Kasumi Kai Ni 464 Card DD Kasumi Kai Ni B 470 Card


DD Kagerou 017 Card DD Shiranui 018 Card DD Kuroshio 019 Card DD Oyashio 456 Card DD Hatsukaze 190 Card DD Yukikaze 020 Card DD Amatsukaze 181 Card DD Tokitsukaze 186 Card DD Urakaze 168 Card DD Isokaze 167 Card DD Hamakaze 170 Card DD Tanikaze 169 Card DD Nowaki 415 Card DD Arashi 454 Card DD Hagikaze 455 Card DD Maikaze 122 Card DD Akigumo 132 Card


DD Yuugumo 133 Card DD Makigumo 134 Card DD Kazagumo 453 Card DD Naganami 135 Card DD Takanami 424 Card DD Fujinami 485 Card DD Okinami 452 Card DD Asashimo 425 Card DD Hayashimo 409 Card DD Kiyoshimo 410 Card


DD Akizuki 421 Card DD Teruzuki 422 Card DD Hatsuzuki 423 Card


DD Shimakaze 050 Card


DD Libeccio 443 Card

Type 1934-class

DD Z1 174 Card DD Z3 175 Card

Light Cruiser (CL)


CL Tenryuu 051 Card CL Tatsuta 052 Card


CL Kuma 099 Card CL Tama 100 Card CL Kitakami 025 Card CL Ooi 024 Card CL Kiso 101 Card


CL Nagara 021 Card

CL Isuzu 022 Card CL Isuzu Kai Ni 141 Card

CL Natori 053 Card CL Yura 023 Card

CL Kinu 113 Card CL Kinu Kai Ni 487 Card

CL Abukuma 114 Card CL Abukuma Kai Ni 200 Card


CL Sendai 054 Card CL Sendai Kai Ni 158 Card

CL Jintsuu 055 Card CL Jintsuu Kai Ni 159 Card

CL Naka 056 Card CL Naka Kai Ni 160 Card


CL Agano 137 Card CL Noshiro 138 Card

CL Yahagi 139 Card CL Sakawa 140 Card


CL Yuubari 115 Card


CL Ooyodo 183 Card CL Ooyodo Kai 321 Card

Training Cruiser (CT)


CT Katori 154 Card CT Kashima 465 Card

Torpedo Cruiser (CLT)


CLT Kitakami Kai 058 Card CLT Kitakami Kai Ni 119 Card

CLT Ooi Kai 057 Card CLT Ooi Kai Ni 118 Card

CLT Kiso Kai Ni 146 Card

Heavy Cruiser (CA)


CA Furutaka 059 Card CA Furutaka Kai Ni 416 Card

CA Kako 060 Card CA Kako Kai Ni 417 Card


CA Aoba 061 Card

CA Kinugasa 123 Card CA Kinugasa Kai Ni 142 Card


CA Myoukou 062 Card CA Myoukou Kai Ni 319 Card

CA Nachi 063 Card CA Nachi Kai Ni 192 Card

CA Ashigara 064 Card CA Ashigara Kai Ni 193 Card

CA Haguro 065 Card CA Haguro Kai Ni 194 Card


CA Takao 066 Card CA Atago 067 Card

CA Maya 068 Card CA Maya Kai Ni 428 Card

CA Choukai 069 Card CA Choukai Kai Ni 427 Card


CA Mogami 070 Card CA Mikuma 120 Card

CA Suzuya 124 Card CA Kumano 125 Card


CA Tone 071 Card CA Chikuma 072 Card


CA Zara 448 Card CA Pola 449 Card

Admiral Hipper-class

CA Prinz Eugen 176 Card CA Prinz Eugen Kai 177 Card

Aviation Cruiser (CAV)


CAV Mogami Kai 073 Card CAV Mikuma Kai 121 Card

CAV Suzuya Kai 129 Card CAV Kumano Kai 130 Card


CAV Tone Kai Ni 188 Card CAV Chikuma Kai Ni 189 Card

Battleship (BB)


FBB Kongou 078 Card FBB Kongou Kai Ni 149 Card

FBB Hiei 086 Card FBB Hiei Kai Ni 150 Card

FBB Haruna 079 Card FBB Haruna Kai Ni 151 Card

FBB Kirishima 085 Card FBB Kirishima Kai Ni 152 Card


BB Fusou 026 Card BB Yamashiro 027 Card


BB Ise 077 Card BB Hyuuga 087 Card


BB Nagato 080 Card BB Mutsu 081 Card


BB Yamato 131 Card BB Musashi 143 Card

Queen Elizabeth-class

BB Warspite 439 Card

Vittorio Veneto-class

FBB Littorio 441 Card FBB Roma 442 Card


FBB Bismarck 171 Card FBB Bismarck drei 178 Card


FBB Iowa 440 Card

Aviation Battleship (BBV)


BBV Fusou Kai 286 Card BBV Fusou Kai Ni 411 Card

BBV Yamashiro Kai 287 Card BBV Yamashiro Kai Ni 412 Card


BBV Ise Kai 082 Card BBV Hyuuga Kai 088 Card

Light Aircraft Carrier (CVL)

Light Carriers (Various Types)

CVL Houshou 089 Card

CVL Ryuujou 076 Card CVL Ryuujou Kai 281 Card CVL Ryuujou Kai Ni 157 Card

CVL Ryuuhou 185 Card CVL Ryuuhou Kai 318 Card


CVL Hiyou 075 Card CVL Hiyou Kai 283 Card

CVL Junyou 092 Card CVL Junyou Kai Ni 408 Card


CVL Shouhou 074 Card CVL Shouhou Kai 282 Card

CVL Zuihou 116 Card CVL Zuihou Kai 117 Card


CVL Chitose Carrier 108 Card CVL Chitose Carrier Kai Ni 296 Card

CVL Chiyoda Carrier 109 Card CVL Chiyoda Carrier Kai Ni 297 Card

Regular Aircraft Carrier (CV)

Aircraft Carriers (Various Types)

CV Akagi 083 Card CV Kaga 084 Card

CV Souryuu 090 Card CV Souryuu Kai Ni 197 Card

CV Hiryuu 091 Card CV Hiryuu Kai Ni 196 Card


CV Shoukaku 110 Card CV Shoukaku Kai Ni 461 Card

CV Zuikaku 111 Card CV Zuikaku Kai 112 Card CV Zuikaku Kai Ni 462 Card


CV Unryuu 404 Card CV Unryuu Kai 406 Card

CV Amagi 331 Card CV Amagi Kai 429 Card

CV Katsuragi 332 Card CV Katsuragi Kai 430 Card


CV Saratoga 433 Card CV Saratoga Kai 438 Card

Graf Zeppelin-class

CV Graf Zeppelin 432 Card


CV Aquila 444 Card

Armored Aircraft Carrier (CVB)


CVB Shoukaku Kai Ni A 466 Card CVB Zuikaku Kai Ni A 467 Card


CVB Taihou 153 Card CVB Taihou Kai 156 Card

Submarine Aircraft Carrier (SSV)

Junsen III Type (J3)

SSV I-8 Kai 400 Card

Type-B (B1)

SSV I-19 Kai 401 Card SSV I-26 Kai 367 Card

Type-B Mod.2 (B3)

SSV I-58 Kai 399 Card

Type AM

SSV I-13 494 Card SSV I-14 495 Card


SSV I-401 155 Card

Submarine (SS)

Type Kaidai VIa (KD6)

SS I-168 126 Card

Junsen III Type (J3)

SS I-8 128 Card

Type-B (B1)

SS I-19 191 Card SS I-26 483 Card

Type-B Mod.2 (B3)

SS I-58 127 Card


SS Ro-500 436 Card

Type 3 Submergence Transport Vehicle

SS Maruyu 163 Card

Type IXC

SS U-511 431 Card

Seaplane Tender (AV)


AV Chitose 102 Card AV Chitose Kai 104 Card

AV Chiyoda 103 Card AV Chiyoda Kai 105 Card


AV Mizuho 451 Card


AV Akitsushima 445 Card

Commandant Teste

AV Commandant Teste 491 Card

Submarine Tender (AS)

AS Taigei 184 Card

Amphibious Assault Ship (LHA)

Akitsu Maru-class

LHA Akitsu Maru 161 Card LHA Akitsu Maru Kai 166 Card

Fleet Oiler (AO)

Revised Kazahaya-class

AO Hayasui 460 Card

Repair Ship (AR)


AR Akashi 182 Card AR Akashi Kai 187 Card

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