• I don´t know about you fellow TTK´s but the new Shelling Cap is broken and is just raining salt everywhere,epecially EO maps,at least from todays sorties on EO maps for me..


    EO 3-5

    Fleet setup: 3 CV 3 CA (all +80lvl),all rare equpment,401 Air Power,Maya AACI setup,Sanshiki on Ashigara and Haguro

    Kaga Kai

    Ashigara K2

    Haguro K2

    Maya K2

    Hiryu K2

    Souryu K2

    1st sortie(North route):

    1st battle: No casualties(all sparkled)

    2nd battle: Ashigara Taiha´d from full hp to 2HP! - Forced retreat.

    2nd sortie(North route):

    1 st battle: Ashigara taiha´d from full HP to 7HP!(AGAIN) - Forced retreat

    3rd sortie:

    1st battle:   Haguro taiha´d from full HP to 4HP!

    This is ridiculous,even with sparkled ships,the most dmg u can get from the enemy Ta-class BB is chuuha-near taiha..I dont know what to say.I would appriciate opinions about the new modified day shelling cap.

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    • Ta's firepower is nowhere close to the cap (she didn't reach it even before this update). The only time Ta passes the old cap is if you meet her in Green-T, so the raise in the shelling cap literally doesn't matter in Parallel, Head-on and Red-T engagements.

      Even if Ta did reach cap, it would actually be better for you because of the way overkill mechanics work. Unmarried Ashigara's chance to taiha is 16.07% when hit with 181 firepower, and 36.08% when hit with 130 firepower.

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    • Well i did quest to sortie to 3-5, 4-4 and 6-2 and didn't see much difference (at least from their side). Ta class oneshot me in 6-5 diamond formation before patch so ur just being unlucky and trolled by RNG.

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    • If a few disastrous tries in 3-5 are enough to make you question the damage mechanics of this game, you may wanna take a closer look at how much power each abyssal enemy has. Your example isn't representative of how dangerous and/or beneficial the cap lifting is.

      Out of all the non-boss enemies, only Re-Elite and Wo-Flag/Kai variant II and more actually get a significant firepower boost, assuming Parallel engagement of course.

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