• Recently, I tried to play KanColle as usual. But, it does not show the game page as usual, it is showing the login page. I logged in with correct email and password. But it keep direct me to password reset page (As showed below). In a loop. How should I do?

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    • didn't you get your acc banned ?

      change language to eng first of all to see what you get when login

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    • I can't read all of it, says it's temporariliy locked for safety purposes i think. I don't believe it gives a time frame unfortunately.  Maybe you input a wrong password too many times?

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    • I got the same message too and I can confirm that you were not banned, In my case, I think it happened because I tried to acces to the account at the same time from my tablet and pc several times, but I easily got the account back by doing the same steps you did

      Now this is not the first time I've heard about this, in the past a lot of players reported having the same password reset loop you're experiencing and I think no one ever talked about if they fixed and how they did it

      And I used firefox for the account recovery, so try doing the recovery on firefox, or try clearing all the browsing data of Chrome, because I think that maybe it's a issue of Chrome and one of it's settings, or maybe it has something to do with the stored browsing data

      Now here I have a screenshot of the notice I got in case someone want to check it:
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    • I had something similar happen late last year.  I happened to check my e-mail and found a message from DMM asking to confirm that it was still my active e-mail adress and after using the confirmation link everything worked fine again.

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