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  • おはようございます。プンプンさま

    I just want to say hello. No need to be in an event for some chat xDD

    what do you think about the rumors of Suzuya becoming CVL? would you like it to happen?

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    • こんにちわ サヴァラくん

      Of course there is no need to be in event to chat, i'm always more than happy to have some talks with you all, event or not CirHappy

      About Suzuya, well, to be honest i never liked Suzuya that much and i always prefer Kumano to her, but if her Kai ni CG it's going to be even remotely like her Christmas one, i will probably go get her again... And about the CVL rumors, since i only keep in my fleet the ships that i like and i dislike both Chitose and Chiyoda, and since in the last 2 event fast CVL's are becoming key ships, i would like to see Suzuya become a fast CVL to add one more CVL to my fleet...

      BTW, i'll like to know what do you think of it as well, would you prefer Suzuya remain CAV or become CVL?


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    • Suyuza's Christmas CG was brutally awesome. If her new form is going to be like that, I don't mind her to becoming whatever they want hahaha. But yeah, I agree, it would be great Suzuza being a sexy fast CVL, fast CVLs are way important theese days and we should appreciate one more. At least until they decides to release Shouhou K2 or (why not) MURICAN or brrrritish CVLs...  But honestly I don't mind her to keep being CAV (Sendai mode: ON -> "YASSSEEEEENNNNN!!!!"). 

      SO... Being a bit greedy, I would want her to be an aberration CAV capable to equip dive bombers, but i guess it's too much xD

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    • Well, maybe it's not too much, dive bombers are not that powerful, and i love when a ship have some unique characteristic like be able to equip some equipment than other ships of the same type can't, it make the game more various and interesting IMO, i think it's not probable but still possible and i'll like that a lot... CirnoCX

      And it's also possible that maybe she will get 2 upgraded version which one lead to a CAV kai ni and the other to CVL in the same way Zui/Shou kai ni CV and Zui/Shou kai ni CVB work, that would make everyone happy CirHappy

      Anyway, i think those are all possible things but in the end we can only wait and see what happen CirThree

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    • UUUUUUHHHH....

      Those teaser pics of Suzuya K2 looks soooo good...

      You should start to think about going to get her again xD

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    • Yep, i know, but i think i'll wait until she came to me randomly again instead of go farm her, because in those days i'm spending my Kancolle time grinding other ships so...

      CirShrug 2

      But if her CG will have exposed armpits too, i will change my mind and farm to get her again... Omgscoots


      Regrets of not having her Intensifies

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    • Are you already at hard cap Pun? 

      I'm a bit worry about my baux

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    • Yeah, i was back at hard cap since like 2 week ago, now my res. are this:


      I don't man, your baux doesn't seems too bad, just get 20/30k more just in case and i think it will be fine... Thinking Admiral Emoji

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    • Ok, you're right 20/30k moar baux and it will be enough

      I NEED Littorio Dropable on this event!!!

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    • It might be droppable, but you know, until the event begin the drops are unknown, but still, i hope she will be droppable so you and many other lads can get her and be happy CirnoCX

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    • Are you waiting for any particular event-only drop? (beside the new incoming girls of course)

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    • Thank god i'm not, i have all the event droppable ships then i care about, so i'm free from those painful event farms, but well, if Prinz will drop somewere again, it will be nice to farm some more FuMO radars and of course i really hope to see a god Maruyu drop spot, i never get tired of getting some free luck, and some Akitsumaru clones too will be nice as well for more daihatsu and ASW planes...


      In the end, even without any particular event-only drop to farm i always end up trowing lots of salt trying to get clones and stuff anyway so... Tanaka always wins i guess...

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    • A Fandom user
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