• I want to go but I kinda don't want to go because of the the other weebs who'll be attending lol

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    • I wouldn't for that exact reason. Rips probably out real soon anyway. Edit: Whoops, sorry, didn't mean to butt in, was just doing some random browsing thru the wiki's tabs and thought this was a regular forum post...

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    • I watched it anyway so i dont need to LUL 

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    • I'd go just to see how many other Oklahomans are willing to out themselves as boatfuckers.

      From what I've seen of the plot, I wouldn't stick around for the movie though.

      EDIT: why do User Wall posts even show up on the main page?

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    • No worries opinions are welcomed.

      I bought the tickets, rip. ima boatfucker nao

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    • I'd go sure. I was crazy enough to go with a friend to League of Legends stream in a local cinema at 7 am. When the whole mart was literally closed. There were like... 10 of us in there. We didn't care %)

      But the day Siberian movie theaters have kancolle movies, we'll stop having snow in winters. So... idk, too unrealistic. 

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    • oh a party on my wall, cool. I haven't been out to see movie since like 2004 but even still, I wouldn't pay to see something I could download a day later. 

      When you do go, snap some pics of the people there... I wanna see what a room fulla those people looks like. I hope someone is in an admiral uniform.

      Only poped in to see Sazuyas new art, haven't played since I finished the last event and I doubt I'll even do this upcoming one.....

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    • On location boys. It's screening at a performing arts center and the contrast between regular theaterfag and weebs is striking.

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    • Was the movie worth watching?

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    • I honestly didn't know what I was expecting. The movie was really short and kinda meh. Not worth it if you're gonna drive 30 minutes there just to watch the movie. The exclusive freebies however, I dunno but I think those redeemed the ticket price a bit, me being a collector of weeb shit and all. Just wait for the DVD/Blu-ray release. I'll post some pics later.

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    • yeah can't expect much from the show when the shit ttk wifes fubuki..... I'll probably still download it at some point though.

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    • LOOT:

      IMG 0407

      epoxy pin

      IMG 0406

      clear folder

      IMG 0409

      35mm filmstrip in here

      IMG 0410

      I got a shot of fubuki

      Here's pics of weeaboos: (got a surprise for ya at the end)

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    • That's actually some pretty cool stuff though. Too bad you got fubuki....

      That gallery is the most glorious shit I've seen in ages. Its exactly what I'd imagined and could not possibly been more perfect. Catching weebs in the wild is always a treat, props to you for getting those priceless pics.

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    • Now I kinda want those goodies too.. Can't find a showing in the states. where are you from and how possible would it be to go back, get me some prizes and ship it for like 50usd? Though I hardly touch kancolle anymore I would like some sort of legit merch to honor my girls.

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    • Screenshot 20170406-175538
      I'm from Mareshia desu. It was a one day only screening so unfortunately that would be impossible. You need to get in touch with some Filipino or Indonesian admirals for that as theirs isn't showing yet. Filipino might be your best bet as their screening has been postponed the fuck out to May 6th (Check the latest comment on the Kancolle Movie page here).

      But come on dude, if you want merch you gotta start being a buyfag. Here is the guide. Who's your waifu? Get a majestic scaled figure worthy of her presence plus all the useless merchandise with her picture plastered on it.

      Fubuki is alright. She's my starter ship after all. And she's bland, just like the movie. Who was your starter though?

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    • Aww that's lame... Its really only the poster I like, there's no way I'd buy a figure... That's a line I just cant cross. 

      My waifu? I've got like 13 or so.. Though some are strictly business. Its a coin flip between nagato and ryuuhou. My starter ship was murakumo.

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    • A FANDOM user
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