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  • hello again, i really need to get myself to message you more XD, anyways just wondering but what did you think of the new suzuya kai ni and her cvl version. i personally love both her forms and went to the great length to get 2 of them lol. Her cvl kicks major but in 5-4 runs and steals mvp from real cvs lol

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    • CVL form is good to use in casual runs in earlier maps but for harsh maps such as World 6-5 and Event maps with Wo-class Kai Flagship and Double Tsu-class, she is terrible to use due to her low aircraft slots.

      She is better to use as CAV honestly. 

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    • well thats why i have 2 of her 1 cvl and one cav, but i have a feeling we will be using her in a cvl version for the next event lol. anyways like i said i would like to talk with you more so i hope you dont mind me sending you messages that are more casual conversation type lol. im pretty akward person but tring to break from it. you seem very approachable and friendly

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    • A Fandom user
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