• Seen someone misbehaving on the wikia? Were they flaming and offensive, using harsh words or bad language? Were they vandalizing articles? Any violation to the policy or general internet ethics? Report them here so that the staff can review and apply appropriate actions.

    Sometimes, you just want your comment deleted, or a page you created by mistake? You may also post deletion requests here.

    • If you do not need speedy deletion, you may just use the {{Delete}} template.
      • This can also be applied to photos and other media files.
      • Does not apply to comments. If you want to delete your comment, you'll need to post here.
    • Please do not include the wikia daily arguments, only report when it gets out of hand, or if you foresee it going that way. We've seen alot of healthy arguments which are fairly informative.
    • The thread will be moderated so that quarrels won't get continued here. Any party who do so might get a couple of hours ban just to stop them from infiltrating this thread further.
    • Examples of misbehavior, old misbehavior report thread and how to report may be found here and here.
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