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Future admirals must create an account on DMM. An English DMM account is fine, as players only need a VPN/ Proxy to connect to the game as well as to enter the lottery. Check out the Proxy Connection guide for more info on how to do this. Please read the FAQ section down below before asking any questions.

In recent tries of acquiring an account from DMM, it says that there is a problem everytime someone tries to verify their e-mail. To solve this, first click the e-mail link to verify your account, then when the page has opened saying there is an error, copy the url of the error page and paste it to a new tab and then hit enter. It sould say that the verification is complete. It seems the site has a bug.

Youtube Link to Tutorial Video on how to Register Only. Refer here:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Entry LotteryEdit

Currently, the entry of new admirals is limited by lottery. The time of the entrance lottery is announced on the official Twitter account and takes place almost daily. For tips on how to win the lottery please go here

Updated Lottery information translated into English can be found on the Kancolle English Community Forums. If you're unable to participate in lotteries, help can also be requested here.

Finding Lottery InfoEdit

You are looking for a message on Twitter that looks like this:



There's only two things you care about in this message:

  • 9/20(金)【12:00】
    • The lottery will take place on September 20 at 12:00 Japan Standard Time (JST)
    • This time is given using the 24-hour clock convention
  • 【8,000名】
    • There will be 8000 slots in the lottery

If the lottery time for the day is not yet available, you will need to look for this:


開放日時:【4/4(金曜日)】夕方以降開放開始 ※調整中



開放サーバ:【鹿屋基地サーバ】他 ※調整中

朝 = morning 昼 = afternoon 夕方 = evening 夜 = night

着任方式:抽選,by lottery / 無抽選着任モード, non-lottery/no lottery required (rare)

調整中 = Time adjustment in progress

Entering the LotteryEdit

Navigate to the game website at the specified time to enter the lottery.

Here are tips from the staff to ensure you have a successful lottery:

  • Before connecting to the site, clear your browser cache. 
  • Set your PC timezone to JST (UTC+09:00, 5 minutes time deviation is ok).
  • Set your browser cache to at least 1024MB (not mandatory, but recommended).
    • Windows Chrome: create another shortcut to Chrome (go to the program folder) and append its "Target" path (right click > properties) with this at the end:
      chrome.exe" --disk-cache-size=1073741824
    • Mac Chrome: create a .command file with the following command (Replace /Applications/Google\\ Chrome with your app location):


/Applications/Google\\ Chrome --disk-cache-size=1073741824 &

  • Remember to close your Chrome (Mac Users must make sure it has Quit) before restarting if you are changing your disk cache size.
  • To verify the current disk cache size of your Chrome, go to this address:
    • chrome://net-internals/#httpCache
    • Look for Max size. It should now be 1073741824.
  • Once you reach the cat waiting screen(refer to the first slide below), refresh the page every 5~10 minutes.
    • 5分 (5 minutes); 10分 (10 minutes).
    • In the recent tweets from the staff, you can also refresh at 3~5 minute intervals. So please check what is advised interval on their official twitter.
  • You made it into the lottery. Keep refreshing every 3~5 or 5~10 minutes.
  • You have won a place, click on server which has a green/blue bar.
  • Server full, you missed the lottery. Please try again tomorrow.
  • You did not make it into the lottery. Please try again tomorrow.
  • A network error has occurred.
  • Game/site is on maintenance.
  • An error


Are there people who is willing to help newbies who is unable to enter the lottery?

  • Check Kancolle forum for lottery help, there are people out there who will help others to make a account for those who did not managed to get into the lottery.

Help! I'm getting a B-001 error when attempting to register!

  • Use a different VPN
  • Clear your cache
  • This can also be fixed by visiting the English website without VPN, logging in there and then turning on your VPN to visit the Japanese website.

This page is not available in your area.

  • Connect to VPN first before opening KanColle.
  • Refresh the page. (It's just a false error from DMM)

I got (or stuck) into the lottery process, although the lottery hasn't started/has ended already.

  • Set your timezone to Japan/JST.

When I connected to the game all the servers were full, what do I do?

  • You missed the lottery process. Follow the lottery process to get into the game, and if you fail, try again in another lottery.

NOTE: If you receive the screen with the servers list and they appear full you may still have gotten a place click on all the servers to make sure. (You must have had entered the lottery obviously) Only servers showing "満" are actually full.

What time does the Lottery start?

  • Check the twitter for the exact time by looking through the lottery info .

Why is it so hard to get in? I have been trying for a few days!

  • You are competing with thousands of other users for spots, keep trying and don't give up hope.
  • Don't be impatient and refresh more often than recommended on the screen, as it will lower your chances.

Do I have to do this every time I want to play?

  • No, you'll have to win the lottery only once.

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