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See also: Kancolle Reddit Intermediate players' leveling guide

This is a guide to leveling your ship girls effectively through sorties. Experience (XP) increases the level of ships, which leads to increased Evasion, LOS, ASW, and accuracy (passively). Leveling ships can also unlock remodels at higher levels.

Suggested places to level:Edit

Most Frequently UsedEdit

  • 1-5: [Base XP: 150, Node(s): 3] For lower level admirals who haven't cleared 2-4 yet. Good place to level DD/CL for those HQ level lower than 80.
  • 2-3: [Base XP: 200, Node(s): 2~3] Level up submarines while gaining resources
  • 2-4A: [Base XP: 300, Node(s): 1] Typically used by admirals that have not cleared 2-4 yet.
  • 3-2A: [Base XP: 320, Node(s): 1] Often the default place to level. Features decent xp gain and very easy enemies. Is very versatile and can be used to level all types of ships. A good goal for newer admirals is to clear 2-4 to unlock the path to 3-2 for easy leveling in preparation for events and the following maps.
  • 4-3: [Base XP: 330, Node(s): 3] A more challenging place to level. The main focus is to level a specific ship with ASW capabilities (DD, CL) at a fast pace by placing it as the flagship and achieving MVP.
  • 5-4: [Base XP: 420, Node(s): 3] A relatively easy map in comparison to base XP. Can be cleared for both rank point, HQ xp and Ship xp.
  • 5-4A: [Base XP: 420, Node(s): 1] A good way to level up the expensive Yamato class after PvP. 2 CV/L goes to easier node and SS can be used to tank most of enemy fire.

Less Commonly Used but with their own charmEdit

  • 4-1: [Base XP: 310, Node(s): 1~2 or 2~3] 2~3 nodes version for those who hate seeing red-faced ship. Can be used to level multiple DD. And with more node per sortie it can provide more experience per minute than 3-2 when this place is used and lower bucket consumption rate (especially the 1~2 node method) than 5-4. Rare drop at boss node.
  • 4-2: [Base XP: 320, Node(s): 2~4] rare drop at boss node. suitable for SS levelling or DD levelling.
  • 5-1: [Base XP: 360, Node(s): 1] Levelling DD/CL by reaching SS node. Lower bucket consumption for HQ level 80+ if you keep F5-ing when you cannot reach the SS node. Reportedly higher chance to go to node B with CL in fleet.[1]
  • 5-2: [Base XP: 380, Node(s): 3~4] Some rare drop, can level different kind of ship here, can use the map to rank before reaching 5-4.
  • 5-3: [Base XP: 400, Node(s): 1] For submarines. No need to repair anything as it would be a submarine node on the other side, and thus it also save time for each sortie. Will increase sortie losses.


World 1-5

A relatively easy map. Low XP gain so used early on or for DD/CL which are cheaper to sortie.

Suggested Composition: 4+ DD/CL (Other classes can be included as well but you should include some ASW capable ships to improve ranking).

Equipment: Focus on ASW equipment such as sonars and depth charges as you will only face SS.


  • The first three nodes are relatively easy and it is recommended that you end after 3 nodes. Use formation Line Abreast.
  • 4 or less ships will head to C; more than that will be random. C/D does not matter much if you are just leveling.
  • The boss node can be reached with a fleet of up to 4 ships, with two or less CL and no SS or BB (BBV are allowed and will provide a second shelling phase). Including CVL/AV/CAV/LHA will guarantee routing to boss; having none will make routing random between boss and node G.
  • Non-boss nodes except A/B/C/D contain very powerful ship thus you won't want to go there when leveling unless you have too many buckets/resources spare to repair your ships.
  • This map can also serve as slightly cheesy (and somewhat hilarious) way to easily train low-level SS that can't really fend for themselves, like Maruyu. Simply toss it into the 1-5 hamster wheel and run the first three nodes. Naturally, you will technically lose all three but gain 945 XP for doing absolutely nothing while staying safe and positive on morale, which, in turn, allows you to run the hamster wheel ad nausea. D ranks also don't drop anything, if that annoys you. This method may cause your PvE rating to dip slightly if used too much, but a single sparkling session will easily even it out.


  • All the non dead end nodes are composed of SS.
  • F and G are dead end nodes that have strong enemy ships.
  • Use the formation Line Abreast as this is the strongest ASW formation. (Requires a minimum of 4 ships)
  • Third node has the possibility to drop SS with S rank.
  • Going to boss node allows more chances to drop SS. However this also gives a lot of HQ XP, which can make it difficult later as extra operations often increase in difficulty according to HQ level, and it can also severely limit the amount of sortie you can use 1-5 to level your ships before enemy ships become more hazardous and dangerous to your ships.
  • From HQ level 40-80, some would opt to utilize only the first node for leveling, in order to completely avoid the need of repairing ships due to damages done by preemptive attack of enemy subs and also it can lower morale of non-flagship ships quickly (with proper selection of equipment combination and accompanying ships base on their range parameter) and thus help in securing flagship's MVP despite there are only one target.
  • After level 80, the first node will contain an enemy submarine that will launch an opening torpedo strike. It will be likely to damage your ships, dramatically decreasing efficiency. However, some might choose to continue leveling their ships here by using decoy ships.
    • With the introduction of the preemptive ASW strike in the June 30th, 2016 update, TTKs with HQ level 80+ may consider using 1-5A to level any DD or CL that can achieve 100+ ASW. At least four ships should be used to enable Line Abreast. While tedious, rotating and scrapping decoy ships means that leveling one ship this way is extremely cheap. This method also saves on buckets compared to 4-3 leveling.


  • Easy and simple to unlock.
  • Slow to moderate morale drain.


  • Low Base XP.
  • Boring, spent too much time here have caused some player to AFK.
  • Not a good idea to level ships without anti-sub capability here. (See relevant section in Combat page for details.)
  • Difficulty increases according to HQ level.

Notes: Increases in difficulty at HQ levels 40 and 80 with higher chance to get SS as drop. First node switches to Elite SS after level 80 which makes the map more difficult.


2-4 Map

A map that's not too difficult for low level admirals who have the right vessels. This map is generally for leveling ships that are armor and firepower heavy. Eg CA(V), BB(V), CV(L). The node offers a decent amount of exp at the cost of morale so be aware of that. Not as effective as 3-2 so use it as a leveling spot with the goal of clearing 2-4 to advance to 3-2.

Suggested Composition: Place the ship you want to level as flagship (CV or BB recommended). Try to include 1 BB to enter second shelling phase. Include CV/L with bombers to reduce the enemy numbers and allow artillery spotting. Include a SS to absorb damage from enemy CL/DD if you have one (use them in rotation if you have more than one but don't forget to repair them or else sorting when they are taiha would sink them).

Alternate Composition: Use a BB or CV (blue planes) as flagship. Fill the rest of the slots with spare CA drops.


  • Drop Shimakaze and Ooi.
  • The map can be used early on.


  • Lower experience gain per sortie.
  • Heavy Cruiser appear in enemy formation of 2-4-A mean submarines cannot completely absorb enemy damage here like in 3-2-A as Heavy Cruiser do not target sub. This mean it is more likely to damage player's non-submarime ships when submarine is used and increasing the repair cost. Also Heavy Cruisers are harder to kill.


  • Try to utilize artillery spotting if possible. (e.g. 1 seaplane + 2 main guns). Refer to Combat guide for more details on equipment setups.
  • When using carriers and battleships, don't bother sticking them into the repair docks until they hit minor damage to moderate damage. Since minor damage could easily result in a 1hr timer, just bucket them after some damage. Take note that light damage does not put a disadvantage on ships. Only moderate damage does.
  • Enemy fleet does not have any air power, so there is no need for fighter (green) planes: Use torpedo (blue) and dive (red) bombers instead.
  • Never go past the 2nd node. 3rd node will have enemy carriers and battleships and is unsuitable for farming.

Notes: The nodes after the first are progressively more difficult. You can try them out to get a feeling for the difficulty. Take your time to let your ships recover from fatigue.


3-2 Map

An extremely safe and resource friendly node to farm on. Because all of the enemy ships for each pattern are either CL or DD, this is the perfect place to allow a sub to tank all of their attacks. This way, you only have to repair your submarine once it hits red!

Suggested Compositions:

  • (Flagship) Whatever ship you want to level + 1~2CV(L) + 1~2Anything + 1BB(V) +1SS
  • ex: X/CV(L)/X/X/BB(V)/SS or X/CV(L)/CV(L)/X/BB(V)/SS

Note: If you're extremely low on bauxite, feel free not to use CV(L). However, make sure you take at least 1~2Strong ship(s) + 1BB(V) to secure a second shelling phase

Alternate Compositions:

1. CA (Flagship) + 1BB(V) + 2CA/CL + 1CV(L) + 1SS

  • This setup is for power leveling a CA and can potentially ignore morale of the supporting ships to an extent, but for the supporting CL or CA, rotating them can bring more efficiency in clearing the enemy fleet properly.
  • The BB(V) must either be fully equipped with Large or Small Surface Radars (preferably Type 32 or Type 33 Surface Radar on all slots), have a Cut-In Attack setup while being equipped with a very weak cannon (preferably 14cm, 15.5cm, or 20.3cm Cannon to match the other CA or CL support ships), or have nothing at all. For BBV, you may add in full Seaplane to support Aerial Combat.
  • The supporting CA/CL must have Cut-In setup, as even at low morale, it can potentially one-shot kill the enemy ships with a Critical Hit while not hindering the Flagship CA from obtaining MVP.
  • It is recommended that the Supporting CV(L) start out with only 2 Dive Bomber in the lowest plane slots with 1 Saiun and another Saiun or RADAR in the highest slots until it reaches Red Morale, and then you may equip 3 Dive Bomber and 1 Saiun. However even then, there are chances of the CV(L) stealing MVP from your CA flagship by random if your CA flagship fails to initiate Double Attack for both turns or if the attacks miss.
  • The Yellow (Secondary) Guns can make your supporting CL/CAs attack first before your Flagship during the 1st Shelling Phase which could get rid of the enemy fleets before the Flagship CA has a chance to attack (Usually the case when you face against the Pattern #3 Enemy Fleet). This should be taken into consideration.
  • WARNING: If the Flagship CA fails to initiate Double Attack due to RNG for both 1st and 2nd Shelling Phase, consider the MVP chance lost for the Flagship CA unless Night Battle becomes involved.

2. CA (FLAGSHIP) + 1 BBV + 3 CV(L) + 1SS

  • This setup is for power leveling a CA and can potentially ignore morale of the supporting ships to an extent.
  • The supporting BBV should be equipped with a very weak Main Gun (Ex. 14cm Twin Gun Mount or 15.2 Twin Gun Mount) and a 15.5cm Triple Secondary Gun with Type 0 Recon Seaplane, and a RADAR for Day Cut-in Attack.
  • The supporting BBV may just be equipped with 4 Surface RADARs instead if preferred.
  • The supporting CV(L)s should only start with 1x Type 99 Dive Bomber on each on the lowest numbered Plane Slot (Usually the 4th last slot), while the 1st to 3rd slots are filled with RADARs with good accuracy stats (preferably Surface RADARs), Saiun, or Type 2 Recon Aircraft.
  • 1 Saiun is mandatory to be equipped on one of the supporting CV(L)s.
  • The supporting CV(L)s may start equipping two Type 99 Dive Bomber or Suisei (or mix of both) after their morale becomes very low (Red Face).
  • If the CA's Firepower is Maxed, you may choose Double Line Formation. However if the CA's Firepower is not Maxed, it is recommended that you choose Line Ahead.
  • Double Line Formation helps the Supporting Ships hit the enemy even if they are in 0 morale. However, this may decrease the CA's chance of obtaining MVP due to the lower damage output.
  • WARNING: If the Flagship CA fails to initiate Double Attack due to RNG for both 1st and 2nd Shelling Phase, consider the MVP chance lost for the Flagship CA unless Night Battle becomes involved.

3. CV(L) (Flagship) + 4CV(L) + 1SS

  • This setup is for power leveling a CV or CVL with nearly no rotation at all for the supporting CV(L)s excluding the SS
  • Majority of the time, the enemy fleet will all be defeated during the Aerial Combat phase.
  • The Flagship CV(L) should be equipped with your best Torpedo Bombers and a 15.5cm Triple Gun Mount (Secondary) on the last slot in order to enable first attack.
  • The other supporting CV(L) should be equipped with 2-3 Suisei or Type 99 Dive Bomber with a radar at the last slot, including 1 Saiun on one of the CV(L)s.
  • You may mix Dive Bomber and Torpedo Bomber if preferred for all ships.
  • You may add in 1 BB(V) with only Radars on all slots to enable two turns of attacks while not hindering the flagship from getting MVP.
  • This formation can drain bauxite a bit.
  • You may use Double Line formation to increase accuracy of your flagship's planes to hit the enemy.


  • Always end the sortie once you finish node A.
  • CV(L) generally run 3 Torpedo Bombers + Saiun, but if you equip too many/strong bombers, your CV(L) will be the MVP.
  • Torpedo Bomber creates more higher risk in stealing MVP from your CA flagship.
  • MVP can infinitely continue to run the sortie and will not become fatigued as long as they remain MVP. (If someone else gets MVP for 1 sortie, they will become fatigued).
  • When ships become fatigued, rotate other ships in to continue grinding unless they are the supporting SS or CV(L). Feel free to use a fatigued CV(L) and SS as long as it's not heavily damaged (Red).
  • Always use Line Ahead formation to maximize Firepower, especially when leveling a CA as flagship.


  • Your other ships can still take damage during the torpedo phase if you don't lower all of the enemy fleet's ships to at least Moderately Damaged.
  • It is recommended to not rotate the CV(L) and leave it at Red Morale if you want to avoid it stealing MVP from the your flagship, especially CA.
  • If you would like to level up a non-remodeled CA, it is recommended to use it as a support ship for awhile to help your flagship obtain MVP (preferably a BB(V) flagship).


  • Low repair cost.
  • Allows for a large freedom when choosing the composition.
  • In the long run, helps other supporting ships to gain levels, especially the CV(L).
  • High experience considering it's easy difficulty.
  • Will give a lot of BB, CA, and CV(L) drops to help modernizing your ships as you level them up.


  • Can be tedious.
  • High morale drain.
  • Not optimal for DD or CL as the flagship MVP target, as they have difficulty gaining MVP. Both can be used as support ships to help the flagship obtain MVP, however.
  • Non-remodeled CA flagship will somewhat have a difficult time obtaining MVP in early levels unless its Firepower is fully modernized (not recommended to modernize its firepower if the remodel level is low), and due to Double Attack not being guaranteed when the CA cannot equip a radar due to only having 3 Equipment Slots available before it is remodeled. This can be avoided if the CA starts out as a supporting ship for another flagship.
  • When facing the enemy fleet with only 5 ships total, there are random situations where your CA flagship's MVP gets stolen by your CV(L) and BB(V) due to running out of enemies to fight against.


4-1 Map

This map is similar to 3-2 as it is a multi-purpose map that can train all types of ships. Exp is lower than 3-2 but it compensates by having 2 farmable nodes. This can increase the rate of leveling and also helps with fatigue.


Setup for this map is similar to 3-2 however be sure to bring ASW due to the SS in nodes B and G. The optimal formation is Line ahead on first node, Line abreast on second node. There is a chance that you may be sent to I. Refresh the game if you do not intend to take damage or continue if you dislike using refresh.

The skeleton setup is

  • Ship you intend to level
  • At least 1 BB(V) for 2nd shelling
  • At least 3 ASW capable ships
  • At least 1 SS for tanking






  • Enemy have no Air Power, no fighters needed (except for boss node)
  • Using CVL is recommended as it eliminates enemies that harm your SS and they can also clear enemy SS in the 2nd node.
  • Do not use Seaplane Bombers as they will direct attacks from your BBV/CAV towards SS
  • CLT are recommended as they are guarantee to take out an enemy as well as participate in ASW
  • Node I (Southern path) has Strong enemy BB, so it can be advisable to end sortie after one node if you go SW to node E.
  • You may advance with a red SS if you have enough bombers to completely eliminate the enemy before shelling in the second node. There is still a chance for your SS to sink and the probability is determined by your bombers and luck. Advance at your own risk.
  • There is a low chance of 1 CA in the first node so keep in mind that you may take some damage.


  • 2 farmable nodes
  • SS can tank


  • There may be 1 CA in the first node
  • Slightly lower Exp than 3-2
  • More difficult to control MVP.


4-3 Map

This map is specialized for grinding ASW capable ships, DD, CL, CVL. Grinding this map requires careful planning of ships as well as equipment. The requirements are more specific and there is much less leeway for customization compared to other maps. The nodes we grind in 4-3 are partial submarine nodes escorted by few small vessels (DD, CL), making this optimal for grinding. However there is a chance to be sent to node J which contains deadly BB, CA, or CVL. In order to survive node J, decent equipment, moderately high level and max stats (AA exception) is recommended.

Map Guide:

Branching rules (according to the Kancolle Wikiwiki):

  • Having 2 or more DDs will always direct you to

node A, which has BBs. 1 or less directs you to F or J.

  • You MUST have 2+ CAs (not CAV) to go from F->G.
  • Having 1 or more CAV/AV will direct you from J->K. Similarly, 1 or more CAV/AV will direct you from B->D.
  • Any other setups will result in random zig-zags.

Ship Setup:

  • Ship you intend to level as flagship (DD, CL)
    • Also possible to level CVL, but there are alternative ways to level them such as 3-2. (They are also commonly used for accompanying ships in a variety of leveling setups.)
  • 2CVL – for opening bombing and ASW support
  • 1 BB(V) – for 2nd shelling and killing any stray ships that survives opening bombing
  • 2 Wildcards that will not fulfill any branching rule above


  • Flagship –ASW (Sonar + Depth Charge combo)
  • CVL
    • Enough fighters for AS (72)
    • It is not recommended to aim for AS+ (144) as it will reduce damage output
    • Bombers should prioritize ASW rather than Torp or Dive Bomb stats
    • Saiun is recommend
    • You may use Type 3/Autogyro for lower slots (≤8)
  • BB(V) – Artillery spotting setup, no seaplane bombers
  • DD, CL – ASW (No Sonar + Depth Charge combo)
  • CLT – Midget Sub + Torp + ASW (No Sonar + Depth Charge combo)


  • Flagship should have Sonar + Depth Charge combo while other ASW ships should not. This is to ensure the Flagship secures MVP.
  • CVL should have dual purpose for opening bombing and ASW
    • Use low firepower aircrafts to prevent CVL doing 100+ damage if nodes contain CL
  • CLT can be important for minimizing damage in node J, as well as assist in ASW
  • Bringing SS can minimize damage in node J
  • End sortie after completing the two easy SS nodes


  • Relatively high rate of Exp for small vessels (DD, CL)
  • 2 grinding nodes


  • Require careful planning and complex setup
  • CVL is prone to steal MVP
  • Node J contain BB, CA, or CVL depending on pattern and may critically damage your ships
  • For low level admirals, compare to 1-5, this map consume more bucket and can only train fewer amount of DD/CL together at the same time.

Overview: [Edit]

5-2 Map
A good place to level DD, CL, CV & CVL with higher base XP and possibly some rare drops (Taigei, Mutsu, Zuikaku, Zuihou). This map is similar to 4-1 or 4-2, having 2 or more farmable nodes with medium-level ships (i.e. 30 or above, suggested post-remodel including maximum firepower and armor stats) if you survived the first node.

Suggested Compositions:

  • (Flagship) Whatever ship you want to level with ASW capability + 2 CV + 1 CVL + 1~2 BB(V) + any other ships (ASW capability unnecessary for this) if you still have empty slot in your fleet.
  • X are DD or CL, Y are all ships types except CV(L).
  • Example: X/BB(V)/Y/CVL/CV/CV or X/BB(V)/CV/CV/CVL/Y

Note: The first node has at least a Ri flagship CA that can easily rekt your low-level ship in a shot, hence medium-level ships or above have better chance to survive. The 2nd node not always give you all-submarine enemy pattern, fighter planes still necessary to increase survivability.


  • You can end the sortie on 2nd, 3rd or boss node, depending on fleet composition.
  • Fleet setup is similar to 4-1, be sure to bring ASW equipments to farm submarines in B or F node.
  • If you intend to reach the boss after 2nd node, ensure better fighter planes equipped (i.e. Reppuu/Shiden Kai 2) to handle air superiority and better guns for shelling.


  • Easy for medium-level ships.
  • Higher base XP.
  • All submarine enemy fleet always ensures flagship MVP with sparkle.


  • 1~2 flagship CA on first node.
  • 1 flagship CV/BB on third node.
  • Not bucket friendly (for boss node run).
  • Difficult to control MVP even in submarine nodes.


Note: Keep in mind that 3rd node selection is random, hence you may encounter flagship CV or flagship BB there. Using anti-air cut-in setup will slightly reduce enemy CV chance to rekt your weak ships (DD/CL/CA(V)).


5-3 Map

Good place to level submarines, especially low level like Maruyu.

Suggested Composition: 1-6 SS


  • retreat after first battle.
  • Slow fleet has 80% chance to go to submarine node
  • As submarines cannot attack other subs, your subs won't be damaged, this will result in Rank D Defeat. D Rank gives 840 XP to flagship and 280 to other ships. Night battle between two submarine fleets finishes very quickly.
  • If sent to node C, submarine will need to be repaired (low level submarines are very cheap and quick to repair)


  • Very fast leveling for submarines


  • Very negative affects on Win/Loss ratio in sorties, which is a common requirement for participation in events (typically 75% win ratio is required).



Boasting one of the highest Base XP, the first node of 5-4 is still quite manageable. Out of 3 enemy compositions only 2 can not be tanked completely with an SS. This makes 5-4A one of the best spots to level up the expensive Yamato class. A few CA can be brought along for levels as well.

Suggested Composition: Yamato-class, 2 CA or CL, 2 CVL, 1 SS.

Alternate Compositions:

  • 2 CV, BB, 2 CA/CL/CLT, SS
  • 3 CV, 3SS


  • 2 CV/L are required for branching to easier A node. 72 Air Power will assure AS+, 36 assures AS.
  • At least one BB should be taken in order to gain a second shelling phase turn, unless you are using the 3 CV, 3 SS composition.
  • It is recommended to use 1-3 torpedo bombers on each CV/L to ensure the enemy fleet is wiped by the end of shelling phase. Ryuusei or slightly lower grade plane will suffice. Saiun and a radar or a secondary gun is recommended in remaining slots. If you feel confident in your fleet's ability to get S-Rank in day battle, defensive options such as boilers can also be used. Type 2 Recon Aircraft is also viable in combination with torpedo bombers.
  • Utilize artillery spotting. Cut-in setup advised on supporting CA/BB to prevent them from stealing MVP.
  • Use 3 sets of 2 CV/L and cycle ships to regenerate morale.
  • Can also be done with various alternate compositions similar to 3-2A.
  • Double Line increases accuracy, but Line Ahead can also be chosen for higher damage


  • High XP rate makes it efficient to level higher cost ships and multiple ships at the same time. For those looking to Kai their Maruyu for luck modernization, this is especially notable and allows one to get maximum advantage of her tanking potential while leveling her to Kai fast.
  • Low repair cost such as in 3-2-A. While ships other than the SS can get heavily damaged, it is not very common.
  • Able to level SLOW ships, such as the Yamato-class, Nagato-class or BBV. Allows for more freedom when choosing composition when compared to traditional 5-4 three nodes grinding.


  • High morale drain. Cycling ships to allow previously deployed ships to regenerate morale is advisable. This is more important here than at the 3-2-A variant, as there is a chance for your other ships to get damaged and due to most enemy ships being of flagship or elite variant, thus having higher survivability.
  • Can get quite tedious.
  • Slightly more difficult to control MVP when compared to 3-2-A when it comes to grinding CA(V).



This map is primarily used for farming HQ Exp, however it is somewhat possible to level certain ships by modifying the standard setup. Due to branching rules, you may only level FAST ships in this map. There is another method that allow you to level SLOW ships on this map, which will be written in another section.


There are many different variations to farm this map. All of them work well and it's up to your play style which one you use. Here are some examples:

  • XX, FBB, 3CV, drum mule
  • XX, 2FBB, 2CV, drum mule
  • XX, FBB, CLT, 2CV, drum mule

Where XX is the ship you are leveling, "drum mule" is a CAV or 4 slot CL who will be carrying 4 drums.

There must be at least one BB for 2nd shelling in the first node. This is to ensure the Flagship CA/CL/DD are dead before the closing torpedo salvo as they have high torpedo stats.
There should be at least 1 CV if using Shiden K2 +7 and better Fighters or 2 CV if using low tier Fighters. This is to ensure AS/AS+ to enable Artillery Spotting and protect ships from Opening bombing.
There should be one ship carrying 4 drums for the sake of branching.
Any of these ships can also double as the ship you are leveling.


BB(V)/CA(V)/CL: Artillery Spotting Setup, consider AA Radar for auxiliary
CAV (if there is a DD holding 3 drums): 2 Red guns, Seaplane, Drum

CV: Enough fighters for AS+, 1 saiun, +7 planes recommended but not necessary
In case of CV stealing MVP from BB, use +0 rank planes or limit the # of bombers to 1-2 each.

DD: AA Cut-in (optional) or Drum canister

CL: Artillery Spotting (if your going for MVP) or Drum canister


  • This map is good for leveling ships who have difficulty obtaining MVP, particularly CA. With high base Exp, this map is one of the best way for leveling those ships.
  • Considering using lower leveled CV/BB as the nodes are all pretty easy while very rewarding. This way those ships can leech exp.
  • The higher powered kai-2 CA/V are reasonably effective on this map.
  • Node H has the highest Air power of all nodes. AS+ requirements are of the following:
    • Pattern 1: 348
    • Pattern 2: 300 (suggested: 305)
    • Pattern 3: 249 (alternative: 254)
      • For the best performance to cost ratio, configure your CV loadout to fulfill these AS+ requirements. Higher Air power means lower damage so do some experimenting on your own to find the optimal setup for you. It typically isn't worth bringing 3 CV/L to meet AS requirements, so Kaga can be helpful to bring with her high slots.
      • For reference, 220 Air power spread over four +7 Fighters (~25 Air each), seven +7 Bombers (~6 Air each), and one +7 saiun (0? Air) for the total of approx. 362+/-5% Air power will guarantee AS+ on all nodes including Pattern 1 on H.


  • High base Exp
  • Many rare drops
  • Many CV/CVL drops for those AA modernization material
  • Simultaneously farm HQ Exp
  • Good place to rank up planes


  • Unless you're leveling a BB or CV, she is very unlikely to get MVP
  • Not bucket friendly
  • Requires more bauxite depending on the number of bombers fielded. (Could be 100+ on certain setups)

General TipsEdit

  • Maps have a base XP, which is typically the same for all nodes. Higher base XP maps can be faster leveling and/or more resource efficient.
  • Leveling speed, cycling ships
  • Resource cost: Submarines, Destroyers and Light Cruisers have relatively low consumption.
  • Modernization: Improves the primary four stats of your ships. AA tends to be difficult to modernize but also the least effective for farming XP. Firepower and armor can help the most. Stats gained during modernization are lost upon remodel, so typically modernization is used after the first remodel.
  • For more experienced Admirals that do not need ships drops, leveling speed can also be increased by sortieing with maxed out ship slots so that you do not waste time getting new ships.
  • Using spare level 1 ship drops can help reduce the cost of sorties. This is usually used with the objective of focusing XP on a single ship as it takes other slots away from being able to gain XP. When the ship is heavily damaged or runs out of supplies (fuel/ammo), they can be used as modernization fodder or scrapped.
    • Spare BB can be used (e.g Map 3-2A) to grant double shelling without having to resupply them.
    • BB/CV + spare ships can be used in 2-4


Avoid sinking ships by ending sorties if a ship is heavily damaged. Do not deploy ships that are heavily damaged. Ships entering a new node at Medium damage will not sink, having flagship heavily damaged during sortie will force your fleet return to base and needs immediate repair/change to continue.

Submarines as tanksEdit

Submarines draw fire from all ships that can target it (DD, CL) This helps to prevent damage to other ships and lowers your repair costs as submarines have very low repair costs. Early on, submarines can be obtained through construction or on the map 1-5. They have low sortie costs.

Morale considerationsEdit

Morale affects ship performance like accuracy and evasion which can affect rank and help influence MVP -CVL preemptive strike is not influenced by morale

Sortie for loss Edit

  • For a non-critically damaged ship close to level, it is possible to solo a node at 5-5 for D rank of 945 XP and also unlocks damaged art if not already unlocked.
  • 5-3 can be used for low level SS (80% to SS node for quick D rank XP)
  • This will reduce your sortie win ratio, which can effect your event participation eligibility. (Try to maintain ~85% win rate to be safe)

Experience MechanicsEdit

Tips to Maximize ExperienceEdit

  • Flagship gives 50% extra XP.
  • MVP gives double XP. Can be combined with Flagship bonus for total of 3x bonus.
  • MVP is awarded to the ship that does the most total damage with ties going to ship in highest slot.
  • S rank gives 20% extra XP; C/D- ranks have XP penalty
  • Placing a ship at flagship and achieving MVP grants the most XP. This is useful for quickly leveling up a single ship or focusing XP on more resource expensive ships to reduce the resource costs of leveling it up.
  • Night battle can increase rank and resulting XP. This is recommended for losing ranks (C-) but not for winning ranks (B+). Night battles increase fatigue and cost 1 bar of ammo. An exception can be when you want to give your flagship another chance to get MVP.
  • For a combined fleet, entering the night battle will automatically reset the damage dealt by the first fleet, which means the flagship of first fleet will get MVP by default.

Difference between HQ XP and Ship XPEdit

  • HQ XP and ship XP are different things.
  • HQ XP increases the most when you achieve victory at a boss node.
  • Earlier on, It can help to try to reduce HQ XP gain as certain maps like event maps can get more difficult at certain HQ tiers.
  • More details on the topic can be found on the Experience and Rankings page.

Equipment ConfigurationEdit

Artillery Spotting Edit

  • Artillery spotting helps increase the chances of doing damage and the amount of damage done.
  • Achieve air superiority in air phase to utilize it.
  • Double attack, Mixed and Cut-in will vary damage outputs (trigger chances and multiplIers).
  • Typically put Double attack (with Radar) or Mixed (AP) on the ship you want to MVP.
  • Common Double Attack Setup: (RedGunMediumRedGunMediumSeaplane)
  • Cut-in setup can be good for supporting ships as it helps boost accuracy and damage slightly but does not have chance for high amounts of damage like the other modes. (RedGunMediumYellowGunSeaplane)

Carrier Equipment Configuration Edit

  • Torpedo bombers Torpbomb icon tend to do more damage on average.
  • Dive bombers Divebomb icon have more consistent damage.
  • Both contribute similar amounts to shelling damage (Dive bomb stat adds +2 firepower and Torpedo stat adds 1.5 firepower).
  • You can place torpedo bombers on a carrier you want to MVP, and weaker or less bombers on other carriers.
  • A Saiun YellowPlane on any carrier avoids getting T crossed (both sides do much less damage). It is often useful to help you achieve consistent results.


  • Formations can help you achieve the best results. Double line reduces firepower but can help if you are having issues with accuracy (Carriers tend to be less accurate in shelling).
  • Formations can also be used to help influence damage and be used to help certain ships be more likely to achieve MVP.

Range Edit

Range determines which ships attack first. This can be influenced by the range of equipment such as SCAMP and secondary guns. Increasing the range can help influence which ships have a better chance of MVP.

Other ways to levelEdit

  • PvP - can give high amounts of XP with no need to repair and low HQ xp gained.
    • Only refreshes twice a day for a maximum of 10 opponents per day.
    • Targeted admiral might change his or her fleet composition while you are initiating attack.
    • Different ship types may appear with various base XP gain depending on battle rank achievement and total level of 2 first ships on your opponent fleet.
    • Having CT, i.e. KatoriCT Katori 154 Battle and/or KashimaCT Kashima 465 Battle, in your fleet provides additional XP after each battle which helps in leveling multiple ships at the same time. It is not mandatory to put them as the flagship but doing so increase XP gain rate
    • Especially recommended to high resources consumption ships, like Yamato-Class or Vittorio Veneto-Class Battleships, as it is the most resource efficienct way to level them and placing them in flagship position would not be hard to obtain MVP.
    • However other players could have leave low level ships in their fleet's flagship position which would result in very low experience gain. Experience gain from PVP are calculatable from various calculators available online.
    • It's not recommended to attack admirals that have a same or lower HQ level. You might gain few EXP after PvP-ing with them.
    • There are nice admirals who puts one his or her favourite ship as a flagship or admirals who only put submarines on his or her fleet. Try PvP-ing them and you'll get a sparkled fleet if you succeeded PvP-ing them!
      • However, beware of someone who put his or fleet with strong AA or AACI ships (Fubuki Kai Ni, Shigure Kai Ni, Maya Kai Ni or tons of CV/CVL) in their fleet. It is not recommended to attack them with your CV/CVL, as you will suffer severe consequences: lose tons of sacred bauxite for resupplying your fallen planes, your bombers lose their proficiency. Proceed at your own risk!
  • Expeditions - Can be a source of XP for lower level ships.
    • Expeditions 22, 23, 32 focus on XP instead of resources, but these specific expeditions are not recommended in general as they are very slow and resource inefficient as well as taking away the use of a fleet in gathering resources.
    • These expeditions can be considered if you are less active, don't need so much resources, or can spare a fleet to run them.
    • You don't need to worry how to level weak or difficult ships using expeditions.
    • Sparkling can help achieve Great Success, which doubles the XP gain
      • It can be useful to combine leveling with sparkling to help increase your resources.
      • Normal success and Great Success have a chance (~50% ?) to grant double XP.
    • Failure grants normal XP with no chance of double XP.
      • You can send not fully resupplied ships to expeditions for failure as long as they have a single bar of fuel and ammo to reduce resupply costs. (Probably not worth the xp loss for cheaper cost ships)
    • Katori's expedition (32) is a good way to level up your low-level ships. However, this expedition takes one day to complete.

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